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Together in electric dreams ...

The Human League is an English group founded in 1978 by singer Phil Oakey and keyboardists Martyn Ware and Ian Marsh. Originally, it was singer Glenn Gregory who was targeted but who ultimately opted for the group Heaven 17. Their first single "Being boiled" came out the year of the group's creation and met with esteem success. But the group did not manage to transform the essay during the 2 following years despite the release of a first album in 1979, then a second in 1980. And it was the implosion at the end of 1980 with the departure of Martyn Ware and Ian Marsh. 1981 was the year that changed everything for the group's destiny with the providential arrival of 2 young choristers, Joanne Catherall and Suzanne Sullezy, from a Sheffield nightclub, as well as the reinforcement of bass player Ian Burden and guitarist Jo Callis. In its new form, the group released the album "Dare". Album which will finish triple platinum disc and which contains one of the flagship titles of the 80s namely "Don’t you want me". Single which will quickly reach the place of N ° 1 in the Top20 that year. The years 1982 and 1983 will prove to be more difficult for the group, with less success despite interesting singles like "Mirror man" in 1982 and "Fascination" in 1983. The group will face the full force of Heaven 17 competition in 1983 and will be partially overshadowed. A third album "Hysteria" was released in 1984 (astonishing title given in reference to the bad atmosphere throughout the recording of the album…!) And experienced only relative success despite the presence of interesting titles like "The Lebanon", "Life on your own" ... Phil Oakey will save the furniture at the end of the year with the soundtrack for the film "Electric dreams", made in collaboration with Giorgio Moroder. It was in 1986 that the band experienced their last success with "Human" from the album "Crash". The group will implode shortly after. To be reborn from its ashes in 1995 with an unexpected album "Octopus" which will offer them a last stand-off with the single "Tell me when". Single who will allow himself the luxury of going to the top of the hits. The Human League will be remembered as one of the major groups in the English new wave, and as such it largely deserves to be included in the Top 20 major groups of the decade. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Being boiled 1978

• Empire state human 1979

• Boys and girls 1981

• The sound of the crown 1981

• Love action (I believe in love) 1981

• Open your heart 1981

• Don’t you want me 1981

• Mirror man 1982

• (Keep feeling) Fascination 1983

• The Lebanon 1984

• Life on your own 1984

• Louise 1984

• Together in electric dreams 1984

• Human 1986

• I need your loving 1986

• Love is all that matters 1988

• Heart like a wheel 1990

• Tell me when 1995

• One man in my heart 1995

• Filling up with heaven 1995

• Stay with me tonight 1996

• All I ever wanted 2001

• Love me madly ? 2003

• Night people 2010

• Never let me go 2011

• Egomaniac 2011

• Sky 2011


Clips :

1978 ... the arrival of the first synthesizers and especially the use that was made of them. A model of its kind to launch the career of a group that will make talk about him in the years that follow ...

1979... the rise in power is slow but certain. The group has everything it takes to do great things and the future will prove it brilliantly...

1981 ... the first classified hit. Admittedly, success is limited to England, but the group has just laid the cornerstone ...

1981 ... an incredible summary of the typical atmosphere linked to the beginning of the 1980s. The sound, the look, the decor, the style. So 80's !

1981 ... a continuation of certain quality which confirms the undeniable talent of the group. And which offers him especially his first planetary hit. That's it, the rocket has just taken off !

1981 ... an exceptional year 1981 with no less than 5 hits on the clock. We are on the 4th, the 5th remains to come. And what a 5th !

1981 ... the INTERGALACTIC hit that will change everything ! The group here simply signs one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s and becomes one of the biggest planetary phenomena of the moment. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... an incredible dynamic now carries the group which will fly from mega hit to mega hit. A colossal success at the height of their talent !

1983 ... an inspiration constantly renewed and which hardly weakens despite the years. Even if the year 1983 will be single title, when we see the quality of the latter, we are largely satisfied !

1984 ... which will undoubtedly remain one of their best titles. Very large caliber despite a slightly declining level of success

1984 ... dropping out is a bit more important on this track. And yet it is not without quality, far from it !

1984 ... after the mega Dance hits, the group successfully tries out slightly more intimate songs. And my faith, they are also good in this area !

1986 ... after an empty year 1985, the group returns in great shape in this year 1986 and delivers a new Intimist piece absolutely sumptuous. Title which will be their last notorious mega hit. MA-GIC !

1986 ... a year 1986 cut in half. With mega hit on one side and everything coming from the other. You can well imagine in which category this title falls there ...

1988 ... empty new year in 1987. Nice return in 1988 with this title which will not remain as their most famous but which largely holds the road

1990 ... a passage to the 90s which is done in the best conditions thanks to this particularly inspired title. The group still has some under the pedal, it's undeniable !

1995 ... there, it is downright an air hole of 5 years which we are witnessing. Then the Phoenix rises from the ashes and gives us a new high class piece. Like what, nothing is never finished ...

1995 ... BIG year 1995 with a plethora of titles and quality on all floors. It was well worth waiting 5 years !

1995 ... yes, success is now mainly limited to England, but better than nothing at all as they say !

1996 ... it is not quite the end of the adventure but we are getting closer and closer. An adventure which has seen this group touch the stars on several occasions and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most outstanding groups of the decade

Top Bonus 1984 ... when 2 stars of the moment meet ... they inevitably deliver us a title which will remain as one of the biggest hits of that year


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