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This is Radio Clash...

The Clash, originally called London SS, is an English group born in London in 1976 in the middle of the punk wave. It was originally composed of Mick Jones and Paul Simonon, who were to poach "The 101’ers" singer Joe Strummer (real name John Graham Mellor). The same Joe Strummer who got "the revelation" at a Sex Pistols concert. The beginnings are rather chaotic and the critics of the specialized press are hardly tender with their services. The single "White Riot / 1977" and the album "The Clash" were released in 1977. And there sales take off. The group quickly stood out for its protest side and an atypical look. And the troubles with the police are increasing. The 2nd album "Give‘ Em enough ’rope" was released in 1978 and had an honest success, especially with the title "Tommy gun". But it is the third album "London calling", released in 1979, which will break the barrack especially with the single of the same name. 1980 will see the release of the triple album “Sandinista! Which contains in particular the flagship title "The magnificent seven". But the critics are bursting. And tensions arise within the group. A final album will be released in 1982 from which the now cult "Rock the Casbah" and "Should I stay or should I go" come from. The following years will unfortunately be one of decline. With hindsight, The Clash is considered today as one of the major groups of the 1980s, both for the trade press and for fans. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• White riot 1977

• Tommy gun 1978

• London calling 1979

• Train in vain 1979

• Bankrobber 1980

• The call up 1980

• Hitsville U.K. 1980

• The magnificent seven 1981

• This is radio Clash 1981

• Rock the casbah 1982

• Should I stay or should I go 1982

• This is England 1985

• I fought the law 1988



Clips :

1977 ... the start of the saga. What is certain is that with them, it will be 100, 1.000, 10.000 % Rock !

1978 ... progress is constant. Admittedly, it is always a bit messy and the beating in order on the rhythmic side is still as violent but it is evolving, it's clear

1979 ... the hit that will reveal them to the eyes of the whole world. The punk surge is on...and nothing and no one can stop her

1980 ... here they are in the 1980s. It is clear that the group is doing everything to evolve and stick to the new musical standards that are coming up ...

1980 ... a BIG 80's with a plethora of titles that will experience various fortunes. This will be classified in those which will have worked rather well ...

1980 ... their first global top hit of the decade. And tops hits, there are going to be some now that the group has definitely found its style and sound !

1981 ... the group delivers here a piece completely out of step with their style and which does not correspond in any way to what they had produced until then. Very surprising...

1981 ... then comes THIS title. The group delivers here what will undoubtedly remain one of its most emblematic titles. A first consecration which comes to reward a group with obvious talent ! HU-GE !

1981 ... a year 1981 which makes them one of the biggest musical phenomena of the moment across the Channel. Each title released is almost sure to be successful. Afterwards, small success, great success, it fluctuates ...

1982 ... the HUGE hit which definitively consecrates the group on a planetary level and makes him enter definitively into the musical history of the 80s. Totally wacky but totally effective. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... which will remain as one of their Masterpieces. A title that sums up all the English musical movement of this early 80s. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1985 ... small air hole of 3 years followed by a strong return which allows them to stick in extremis to the leading pack. When you see where they come from and where they are today, the evolution is truly incredible !

1988 ... a little more than 10 years after their debut, the group delivers here one of its latest titles. The circle is complete, the group started rock, it ends the same way just to end in style !


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