The Wolf and his pack...

Kingdom Come is an American group formed in 1987 in Los Angeles by Lenny Wolf, a German expatriate in the United States and ex Stone Fury. Which will be joined quickly by Danny Stag, Rick Steier, James Kottak and Johnny B. Frank.

Their self-titled debut album was released a year later in 1988 and for a first try, it was a master stroke. In particular thanks to the success of the enormous single "Get it on" which is a real hit.

Followed by a few "What love can be" and "Living out of touch", two singles which also make a nice breakthrough in the Charts. The album will be certified Platinum in the United States, Germany and Canada, just that !

It was barely a year before the album "In your face" was released in 1989. Album with less success (which despite everything will sell 486,000 copies !) But which nevertheless produced two hits which are "Who do you love" and especially "Do you like it", a flagship title which will make a nice breakthrough across the Channel .

But this underperformance will be fatal to the group which separates in the process. To be better reborn in 1991… with a totally new team.

New team released the album "Hands of Time" in 1991. Despite an obvious quality, the group was unable to find its original audience and the album was far from recording the sales scores of its predecessors.

So much so that Wolf decided in 1993 to return to his country of origin to reform a third Kingdom Come with exclusively local musicians.

Other albums of certain quality would be released later, but the band would never regain the same level of excellence they experienced on their debut album.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Get it on 1988

  • What love can be 1988

  • Living out of touch 1988

  • Now forever after 1988

  • Who do you love 1989

  • Do you like it 1989

  • Overrated 1989

  • Hands of time 1991

  • You'll never know 1991

  • Should I 1991

  • Friends 1991

  • Outsider 1993

  • Mad queen 1993

  • Twilight cruiser 1995

  • Thank you all 1995

  • Rather be on my own 1995

  • Can’t fake affections 1997

  • Get up my friend 1997

  • Too late 2000

  • Waiting 2000

  • Didn't understand 2002

  • Forever 2002

  • Free bird 2004

  • Removed the sting 2006

  • Friends in spirit 2006

Clips :

1988 ... are not there to laugh the little guys ! From the outset, it beats hard ! A beating that will benefit them since they get here the biggest success of their career quite simply. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... and then suddenly, the tempo slows down drastically ... Ooh, we don't understand a thing ... So, sweet crazy people or crazy sweet people...? In any case, the title is purely and simply MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1988 ... ok, it re-accelerates direct. Everything is already clearer. Their style is to hit as hard as possible. Phew we were scared ...

1988 ... a 4th title to end the year in style. And my faith, this one is surely the best commercially speaking. After that, not sure that the purists appreciate more than that ...

1989 ... a year that got off to a flying start. It always hits so hard ! But hey, it is also their Factory brand so no wonder !

1989 ... it's still going so fast. A group that had everything to do great things and yet will not remain as one of the best known. Astonishing ...

1989 ... still rocking, still punchy, still going strong ! We won't do them again as they say. And who would blame them ...

1991 ... change of decade and change of team. Something has changed, that's for sure. But that will not be enough...the fans have indeed gone to other horizons ...

1991 ... a know-how in the Intimist more than obvious. As very often for groups from this musical field, however particularly punchy ...

1991 ... a much more refined sound, that's obvious. And one constant : it always beats so much ! But when the beating is of good quality, who would complain ?

1991 ... another excellent track which shows that this group really had talent. A talent not necessarily recognized at its fair value ...

1993 ... new new team. Well, for now, we don't really see the difference with the one before ... To be continued ...

1993 ... the case followed and nothing changes. Everything is stable. For good or for bad...? Anyway, the work is always of high quality and that's the main thing !

1995 ... we like it or we don't like this strong style ... But what is certain is that the group will have produced titles of certain quality. Including this one !

1995 ... an inspiration that hardly weakens since their beginnings. Too bad that the 90s did not devote them to the height of their talent ...

1995 ... a new title with finesse. And again, with them, when we talk about finesse, everything is relative. But it is above all the quality of the title that makes all the difference !

1997 ... a year 1997 a little less inspired than the previous ones. The level of the group remains high but we feel like a slight drop in speed ...

1997 ... anyway, the group continues its adventure for whatever reason and still believes in it. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else ...

2000 ... surely one of their best titles ! Everything is here ! A perfect balance between strength and softness. Like what, with them, nothing is ever finished !

2000 ... but that's without counting on this one ! The group has always excelled in the Intimist since the beginning. And it's not about to stop !

2002 ... each new album that comes out contains its share of quality more than certain. Starting with this one ...

2002 ... almost 15 years after their debut, the group is still there and maintains himself at a level of quality that is to say the least impressive. Frankly unfortunate that the general public has not followed for a long time ...

2004 ... and it just goes on. Of course, this year 2004 will not be remembered as their best vintage, but the main thing is to believe in it as they say !

2006 ... a longevity to say the least exceptional and which commands respect. With the result a quality that will have remained almost constant throughout their career !

2006 ... almost 20 years after their debut, the little guys are still here ! And the adventure did not come to an end. So to follow ...

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