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The voice of an angel ...

Whitney Houston was an American singer, so the special feature, apart from an exceptional voice, is that of being Dionne Warwick's cousin. From childhood, she sang in the choir of the Newark Baptist Church and performed her first solos from the age of 11. As a teenager, she was already a chorister of renowned artists such as Chaka Khan, Jermaine Jackson or the Neville Brothers. While doing modeling, allowing the luxury of covering magazines such as Glamor or Seventeen in 1981. She signed her first contract in 1983 with the record company Arista. And it was 2 years later that his first album was released, at least three of which went up to the top spot, notably "Saving all my love for you" and "How will I Know". The sales of the album are colossal for a 1st album. And success was still there in 1987 and 1988 with the album "Whitney" which notably contained "I wanna dance with somebody". The artist is then the first to line up seven consecutive No. 1 in the Top40, doing better than the Beatles and the Bee Gees ! The year 1990 will see the release of the album "I’m your baby tonight" which still contains 2 flagship titles, "I’m your baby tonight" and "All the man that I need". Album which will experience less success than the previous ones. But it was in 1992, when she was not yet 30 years old, that the supreme consecration arrived with the film "Bodyguard" which contained in her soundtrack the now cult "I will always love you" but also "I 'm every woman "and" I have nothing ". Six years will pass before the release of the following album "My love is your love", released in 1998. Six years mainly devoted to cinema. The album is still a success including the masterly duet with Maria Carey "When you believe". 1998 unfortunately rhymes with the beginning of the artist's slow decline, which will end in the drama we know, namely his death in 2012 at the age of 48. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Hold me 1984

• Thinking about you 1985

• You give good love 1985

• All at once 1985

• Saving all my love for you 1985

• How will I know 1985

• The Greatest love of all 1986

• I wanna dance with somebody 1987

• Didn't we almost have it all 1987

• So emotional 1987

• Where do broken hearts go 1988

• Love will save the day 1988

• One moment in time 1988

• I know him so well 1988

• It isn't, it wasn't, it ain't never gonna be 1989

• I’m your baby tonight 1990

• All the man that I need 1990

• Miracle 1991

• My name is not Susan 1991

• I belong to you 1991

• I will always love you 1992

• I’m every woman 1993

• I have nothing 1993

• Run to you 1993

• Queen of the night 1993

• Exhale 1995

• Count on me 1996

• I believe in you and me 1996

• Step by step 1997

• When you believe 1998

• Heartbreak hotel 1998

• It’s not right but it’s OK 1998

• My love is your love 1998

• I learned from the best 2000

• Could I have this kiss forever 2000

• If I told you that 2000

• Same script, different cast 2000

• Whatchulookinat 2002

• One of those days 2002

• Try it on my own 2003

• Love that man 2003

• I look to you 2009

• Million dollar Bill 2009

• Celebrate 2012


Clips :

1984 ... the debut of a young unknown with very promising talent. Nobody imagines yet at that time the absolutely HUGE suite which is announced on the horizon ...

1985 ... a suite which combines again with 2. A duo of shock, but also of charm which, like on the previous title, works particularly well. An ideal career start !

1985 ... right from the start, she demonstrated extraordinary skills for the intimate world. No one yet realizes at this point how talented she is and especially what she will be able to achieve in this area !

1985 ... totally extraordinary skills which are confirmed by this absolutely sumptuous title. But that's nothing compared to what will follow ...

1985 ... then comes THIS title. The HUGE title which will really reveal her and raise her One Shot to the rank of planetary star. The legend is now on the move and nothing and no one will be able to stop it. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... an year 1985 that really ends in an incredible way with 2 mega planetary hits back to back. And this time, in the Dance register. A talent with formidable versatility and which will very quickly surpass, even crush, any form of competition

1986 ... as paradoxical as it may seem, she will deliver only one title in this year 1986. After a year 1985 plethoric in terms of titles, there is something to surprise. Anyway, when we see the quality of the title she delivers, we will be largely satisfied ! MA-GIC !

1987 ... here she comes back in force in this new year 1987 and in what way ! She simply delivers here one of the biggest hits of the decade and undoubtedly becomes one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. And that's just the beginning. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1987 ... she alternates Intimist titles and Dance titles with unequaled virtuosity. It is literally impossible for the competition to compete in anything as the bar is high !

1987 ... 3 titles for the year 1987 = 3 mega planetary hits. Everything she touches, or at least everything she sings, immediately turns into solid gold. Incredible but true !

1988 ... the year 1988 starts on the same basis as the previous year. A dynamic of success truly astounding and rarely seen until then, all decades combined. But she owes it to only one thing : her absolutely exceptional talent !

1988 ... a rhythm of hell, a perfectly calibrated melody, the perfect mixture for a result of very high level. An inspiration which is constantly renewed and which does wonders whatever the tempo and the musical orientation. Unique in it's genre !

1988 ... once again time stands still ... and nothing matters anymore. Each piece she delivers in the Intimist domain is truly amazing and takes us to musical regions that we did not even suspect. MA-GIC, once again !!

1988 ... new duo of shock and charm to end a decade that will have seen her literally explode under the dumbfounded eyes of billions of individuals. A star is born and she shines brightly. At least for now ...

1989 ... exceptional, nothing for her that year but an appearance of luxury on the title of Aretha Franklin. And the result is the same as with its own titles : guaranteed success !

1990 ... one might have feared a shortness of breath, or even a certain difficulty in adapting to the very specific requirements of this new decade. No, it will be the complete opposite. Rain of planetary mega hits in anticipation ! Including this one. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1990 ... she unrolls with such a disconcerting facility that one almost comes to wonder if she is really human as her level of talent surpasses all that we have seen until then. A real alien !

1991 ... year after year, decade after decade, the legend is written in a masterful way. Each title released is an event in itself and we wonder how far she will be able to take us. Up to the stars, quite simply !

1991 ... a sound always in perfect harmony with its time, one of the fundamental keys to this sparkling success. There is Her and the rest of the world ...

1991 ... it happens for her from time to time, extremely rare, to produce a 'small' hit. Small hit which, for the competition, would correspond to a mega hit. But she definitely does not play in the same category as the others ...

1992 ... then comes the WONDER of WONDERS ! We thought she had arrived at the height of her possibilities, it was very bad to know her. Flagship title of the soundtrack of the film Bodyguard in which she plays one of the main roles, she surely signs here what will remain as one of the most emblematic pieces of this XXth century. A unique musical monument of its kind and almost unequaled to this day. We are reaching ultimate perfection with this pure MAS-TER-PIE-CE !

1993 ... she will have delivered only one title in 1992 but what a title ! We find her a year later in a form, once again, Olympic. But how does she manage to maintain herself at such a level with such ease. Here she signs a new exceptional Dance title, one more. A discography properly amazing and which does not end there ...

1993 ... the year 1985 was exceptional just like 1987, just like 1988, just like 1990, just like 1991, just like 1992. In your opinion, how will 1993 be ? Exceptional of course, once again !

1993 ... the proof with this new title, 4th extract from the soundtrack of the film Bodyguard. When extraordinary inspiration puts itself at the service of a voice that is no less so, the result can only be exceptional. Did you still doubt it ?

1993 ... 4 mega planetary hits for this year 1993, the minimum union rate for her. And always this exceptional alternation of Dance and Intimist titles which intermingle with an ease rarely achieved !

1995 ... after an empty year 1994, an exceptional fact, we find her for a unique title in this year 1995. Could we witness a beginning of decline after 10 years at the height of success and fame ? Not so sure ...

1996 ... new duo of charm ... and charm. When 2 of the purest female voices of the moment come together, the result is necessarily up to par. SOMP-TUOUS !

1996 ... a year 1996 which will not necessarily remain as its best but the level remains all the same particularly high. It is also normal that at some point, the level drops, it is inevitable ...

1997 ... an aptitude to stick to the air of the time truly amazing. She does not go out of fashion a bit and competes without any complex with little young girls who are at least 10 years younger than her and who only want one thing : that she finally leaves them a few crumbs of the cake !

1998 ... when 2 of the greatest voices of this XXth century join the time of a title, we imagine the level which will be reached. Even if the result is sumptuous once again, it will not remain as the biggest success of the 2 singers. Like what...

1998 ... 2 + 1 is even better. This time, the adventure is combined with 3, just to add a little spice to the case. A trio that works perfectly and offers us a magnificent title. What more !

1998 ... mega hit, mega hit, nothing but mega hit ! The singer is a real war machine that nothing can stop even after 2 decades at the top. What talent !

1998 ... decidedly, she does not like the years ending in 9. No title in 1989 and no title either in 1999. She therefore ends the decade with this title but again, what a title. Will we find it the following decade in the same form ? Case to follow ...

2000 ... she learned from the best, that is the title of the song. But it is rather the opposite that occurs with her as the level she has reached outperforms the competition. Decade after decade, she continues to prove that no one can compete with her as the level reached is supernatural !

2000 ... in each decade she signs one, even several exceptional duets. For this 2000 decade, we start with one of the most fashionable singers of the moment. A title in Latin lover mode that sparks !

2000 ... a succession of absolutely HUGE duets with the best representatives of the male music side. This title will work a little less well than the previous one but the level remains very, very high !

2000 ... another magnificent duo where time is once again suspended. Rarely in the musical history of the XXth century has an artist shone so much in the Intimist domain. It is simply amazing !

2002 ... after an empty year 2001, a rather worrying fact concerning her, here she is back in 2002 and it is clear that she is still in good shape. And who says good shape says major success. Very large scale !

2002 ... in the end a beautiful year 2002 with a new top hit. Even if we feel the beginning of a decline, she still manages to maintain a level of excellence in Premium quality. Not sure that it lasts a very long time ...

2003 ... almost 20 years after her startling debut, she still manages to produce Intimist titles of an incredible level. An almost unique know-how that will forever remain its trademark !

2003 ... she doesn't have to be ashamed of the quality of the Dance titles which she continues to deliver year after year and which adhere perfectly to the standards of the moment, whatever the eras

2009 ... this time, we are witnessing a 6 years air hole. We are getting closer to the end in an increasingly obvious way but who would have thought that the fabulous story of Whitney was going to end the way it will end at the beginning of 2012 ...

2009 ... the last single, at least during his lifetime. An incredible career that could and should have gone on for years and years. Unfortunately, fate will have decided otherwise. Terrible destiny, which will have given her everything without giving her the essential, namely happiness, quite simply ...

2012 ... a last posthumous success and which shows that everything was still possible. Life will have decided otherwise ...


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