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The true truth...

The Real Thing is an English group formed in 1970 by Chris Amoo, Dave Smith, Kenny Davis and Ray Lake.

Their first singles were released in 1972 and 1973 and met with very little success despite their obvious quality.

It was not until 1976 and the release of the single "You to me are everything" that they finally took off. The single is a real hit across the Channel and also ranks very well in the American Charts. Fate in stride "Can’t get by without you" with less success but which will also make a good journey.

Their first album "Real thing" was also released in 1976, an album from which a third hit with the single "You’ll never know what you’re missing" will be released.

In 1977 the album "Four from eight" was released, followed in 1978 by the album "Step into our world".

The hits will succeed from 1977 to 1981 making this group a sure value of the beginning of the decade 80.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Vicious circle 1972

  • Plastic man 1973

  • Daddy dear 1974

  • Stone cold love affair 1975

  • You to me are everything 1976

  • Can’t get by without you 1976

  • Love's such a wonderful thing 1977

  • You'll Never Know What You're Missing 1977

  • Lightning strikes again 1977

  • Whenever You Want My Love 1978

  • Let's go Disco 1978

  • Rainin' through my sunshine 1978

  • Can you feel the force ? 1979

  • Boogie down (Get funky now) 1979

  • Give me your love 1980

  • She’s a groovy freak 1980

  • I believe in you 1981

  • Love takes tears 1982

  • Seen to smile 1982

  • We got love 1984

  • Straight to the heart 1986

  • Hard times 1987

  • The crime of love 1989

  • So much love to give 2005

  • Hang on never let go 2020

  • Hope 2020


Clips : the genesis of the beginning. The sound and style are trendy but that won't be enough to bring the group out into the open...

1973...a sequel which is very generic series but which will not do better than the previous title in terms of notoriety. They still have to work...

1974... for the moment it still doesn't want even if they put an obvious good will to it. We'll have to be a little patient...

1975... here they are in full Disco mode. The rise in power is obvious and it is certain that it will produce something important later...

1976...then comes THIS title ! A HUGE Dance title that will explode their notoriety and will remain as their one and only planetary mega hit. MAS-TER-FUL !

1976 ... a continuation which will not be able to compete with the preceding title so much the bar was raised. But whatever, the dynamics of success are now well in place and that's the main thing !

1977 ... in the 70s, any group worthy of the name had to have in their repertoire a Ultimate Slow of high caliber. Here is a first !

1977 ... this group is really talented, that's clear. Inspired songs, Dance to perfection and that work perfectly...

1977 ... every title that comes out now is classified. Admittedly, we no longer speak of planetary hits, but they are at least ranked on their native land, which is still the main thing...

1978 ... the best of the Disco period. An extreme summary of this now legendary musical style which will have reigned supreme over the 1970s...

1978...certainly they will never be able to reproduce the feat achieved on 'You to me are everything' but what they continue to offer largely holds up, that's clear...

1978 ... the great adventure continues with this title half Dance, half Intimist, and which shows above all their versatility

1979 ... at the crossroads between the end of the Disco period and the start of the Funky period. They simply sign here their second biggest success and at the same time offer themselves a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... the end of the decade under the sign of Dance once again. Not necessarily their best title but a dynamic that does not weaken, it's clear ...

1980 ... a change of decade perfectly negotiated with an excellent title which will not even be classified. Go figure !

1980 ... pure Funk as we like. A reference in the matter ! The group returns to success but it will be good one of the last times ...

1981 ... and it continues ! This group will have produced an impressive number of titles of very large caliber. Even if most of them will no longer be classified ...

1982 ... this time, the tempo slows down for a song with finesse. And it works, again !

1982 ... we go back to Dance, their favorite field and in which they excel, it's undeniable !

1984... the group continues to believe in it in any case even if the level of success is very limited in this middle of the decade. Who would blame them...

1986 ... the years go by and the group is still in the running. Admittedly, far from the top of the Charts but whatever, quality is always in order !

1987 ... the last notorious hit. After more than 15 years of career, bravo gentlemen ! Longevity worthy of the greatest !

1989... come on, the adventure is not quite over. We end the decade in style with this title which will pass somewhat under the radar but the essential is elsewhere as they say...

2005 ... when we thought the case was definitely folded, here they are back thanks to the young generation. Like what, in music, everything is always possible...

2020...they disappear again and this for almost 15 years. But here they are again, to the delight of the basic fans...

2020...nearly 50 years after their debut, still there the little guys. A career of exceptional longevity and which may not yet be quite finished, it's up to them to prove it to us...


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