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Berlin is an American group formed in Los Angeles in 1978 by John Crawford. Quickly joined by David Diamond, Ric Olsen, Matt Reid and Rod Learned.

Their first single "A matter of time" was released in 1979. Single with very modest success. The album "Information" released a year later in 1980 will do little better.

The year 1980 still reserves a happy surprise for the group which sees the arrival of the singer Terri Nunn. Angel arrival which will quickly bear fruit.

First with the release in 1981 of the single "The Metro" which offers the group its first title classified in the Charts.

Followed in 1982 by their first major success with the release of the single "Sex (I’m a ...)", a controversial title which will be outright banned from the air by some radio stations.

Another success a year later in 1983 when the album "Pleasure victim" was released. Ditto for the album "Love life" in 1984. From which will be extracted the single hit "No more words". And to a lesser extent “Dancing in Berlin”.

The planetary consecration arrived in 1986 with the release of the intergalactic hit "Take my breath away", cult BO from the cult film Top Gun. The reputation of the group exploded overnight.

In the aftermath came the album "Count 3 and pray" which took full advantage of the suction effect caused by the release of the single. It’s a huge global success. From the same album will be extracted in 1987 a second top hit namely "Like flames". And to a lesser extent "You don’t know".

Despite this series of successes, tensions between members regarding the course to follow will undermine the group to the point of exploding the same year.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • A matter of time 1979

  • Fascination 1980

  • The metro 1981

  • Sex (I'm A...) 1982

  • Pleasure victim 1982

  • Masquerade 1983

  • No more words 1984

  • Now it’s my turn 1984

  • Dancing in Berlin 1984

  • Touch 1984

  • Take my breath away 1986

  • Like flames 1987

  • You don’t know 1987

  • Pink and velvet 1987

  • Blink of an eye 2002

  • With a touch 2003

  • It's the way 2013

  • Animal 2014

Clips :

1979 ... the first steps. There is potential in this group, that's clear. But there is also a little work before they can join the big leagues, that too is clear ...

1980 ... and it is not this title which is likely to change the situation unfortunately. The group still cannot produce THE title that will propel them to the front of the stage ...

1981 ... this time will be the right one. The group finally landed its first success, certainly limited to the United States but it is still better than nothing as they say !

1982 ... a sudden rise in power which allows them to obtain their first planetary success. It now remains to confirm that this result is not an accident ...

1982 ... unfortunately, the bellows falls as quickly as it was assembled. The group will really have to work in depth to hope to last ...

1983 ... a sound quality that evolves in an obvious way. We are finally starting to discover all the - true - potential of the group ...

1984 ... better and better, it's obvious. New planetary top hit that allows the group to get back to the leading pack and plan the next phase in the best conditions

1984 ... the group confirms an undeniable talent which makes him one of the very best American groups of the moment. We suspected that at some point there were going to happen beautiful things, even very beautiful things !

1984 ... a BIG year 1984 with a plethora of titles and quality on all floors. The group is coming of age and you can hear it !

1984 ... the titles follow each other but do not necessarily look alike. This title will pass completely under the radars while it is far from demerit. Go figure ...

1986 ... then this title arrives ! The WONDER which consecrates them definitively at the planetary level and offers them a direct ticket for posterity. They simply sign here one of the most emblematic titles of this decade, even of the end of the XXth century. MAG-NI-FI-CENT !

1987 ... the group takes advantage of the enormous suction effect generated by the previous steamroller. With the key a new top hit. Hope it lasts ...

1987 ... unfortunately, the fall will be somewhat brutal. After reaching the top of the mountain, it is clear that you have to descend again. But we did not imagine that it would be done at such a speed ...

1987 ... a nice title which will unfortunately pass completely under the radars. And that precedes the end of a magnificent adventure which nevertheless allowed the group to write one of the most beautiful musical pages of the decade, just that !

2002 ... the adventure is not really over in truth. The group will try an impossible return during this decade 2000. And even if the result in the Charts will be very disappointing, the quality of the song, it, is certain !

2003 ... the titles released during this decade will go almost unnoticed unfortunately. The young generation absolutely does not know the pedigree of this group and will not be interested in it any more than that ...

2013 ... the relative failure of the previous decade will not have cooled them, far from it. Here they are again in this new decade of 2010 and what they offer is breathtaking to say the least. Despite the obvious quality of this title, it will not change the situation unfortunately ...

2014 ... when we think back to their beginnings at the end of the 1970s, it is clear that there is a galaxy of differences between what they proposed at the time and what they now offer. But time has passed, as has success. Cruel contrast...

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