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Rose Royce is an American band formed in Los Angeles in 1973 and originally composed of Gwen Dickey, Henry Garner, Terral Santiel, Lequeint Jobe, Michael Moore, Kenny Copeland, Kenji Brown, Freddie Dunn, Victor Nix and Rose Norwalt.

It is a film, namely Car Wash, which will propel them in 1976 in a shattering fashion on the front of the stage thanks to the title of the same name which is found on the soundtrack of the film. Soundtrack produced by the group and which will be a real global hit.

Success was confirmed the following year in 1977 when the album "In full bloom" was released. Album which will remain as the best classified of all in the United States thanks to 2 singles of big caliber which are "Do your dance (Part 1)" and especially "Wishing on a star".

The group reached the climax of their career with the release of the album "Strikes again" in 1978, album of the planetary consecration which will be extracted mainly from the enormous single "Love don’t live here anymore".

Having reached the peaks, the group therefore begins its slow deceleration with the album "Rainbow connection IV" which was released the following year in 1979. Album with necessarily less success and which only comes out thanks to the large-caliber single "Is it love you're after".

The year 1980 saw the release of the album "Golden Touch", an album which was unable to produce any global class single. Only the title of the album name will save the furniture across the Atlantic.

The album "Jump Street" which came out a year later in 1981 did not meet with more success than the album which preceded it but nevertheless produced their last major single with the title "RR Express".

Other albums and other singles would come out later, but the band would never regain the incredible level of success reached at the end of the 1970s ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Car wash 1976

  • I wanna get next to you 1977

  • I'm going down 1977

  • Do your dance (Part 1) 1977

  • Ooh boy 1977

  • Wishing on a star 1978

  • Love don't live here anymore 1978

  • Is it love you’re after 1979

  • Pop your fingers 1980

  • Golden touch 1981

  • R.R. express 1981

  • Best love 1982

  • Magic touch 1984

  • Love me right now 1985

  • I'm ready for your love 1985

  • Doesn't Have to Be This Way 1986

  • Lonely road 1987

  • Il walls could talk 1987

  • Perfect lover 1989

Clips :

1976 ... first title and...entry planetary tidal wave ! The group simply signs here the biggest success of all its discography and enters in a totally sensational way on the international music scene. With the key to a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1977 ... as a rule, the ultimate Slow of reference arrives rather in the middle of discography. On this one, it is from the start. A daring bet but a bet won in view of the success encountered in the Charts !

1977 ... two big caliber Ultimate Slows for the price of one, what more could you ask for ! This one will not have the same Aura as its predecessor but does not have to be ashamed of the comparison, it is clear ...

1977 ... back to pure dance. With the key to a nice success of esteem for this title which confirms the status of sure value of the moment of the group

1977 ... a huge year 1977 with no less than 4 top hits on the clock. For a second year of existence, this is called a full box !

1978 ... the group confirms with this title that he is really not there by chance. A title full of finesse which literally floats in the air and which allows them to add a new star to their prize list. MA-GIC !

1978 ... a know-how in the titles 'With emotions' among the best of the moment. The group obtains here its second biggest success and returns definitively in the musical legend of the Eighties. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... they prove with this title that their versatility is extreme and that they are as good in Dance as in Intimist. Versatility that is only found with the best, of course. Especially since this title will be taken up a few years later by a certain group called S'Express. Group that will make it one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s, just that !

1988 ... the version of S'Express. This revisited version will quite simply set fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet and undoubtedly remains as one of the major titles of the end of the 1980s. CULT !

1980 ... after 3 exceptional years which saw the group literally explode on the international scene, the transition to the 80s will be much more complicated to manage than expected. Cruel turnaround ...

1981 ... the level of success is in free fall and the group can no longer be situated at the musical level. And it is not with this kind of title, moreover yet very nice, that they will be able to reverse the course of time ...

1981 ... the group suddenly finds color thanks to this title. Of course, they will never find the top of the Charts again, but they will at least save the honor, that's already it !

1982 ... a resurrection which is confirmed with this title. The group is finally starting to stick to the latest musical trends of the moment. It was time !

1984 ... the upturn was unfortunately short-lived. The group plunges once again into the Charts. A Yoyo game that will be their daily life until the end ...

1985 ... even if the success has nothing to do with what it was the previous decade, the group continues on its way. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else ...

1985 ... wrong at first glance because more and more titles pass under the radar. And yet, quality remains essential. But when it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1986 ... furtive return of success and again only in the American R&B Charts. But as they say, this is better than nothing at all ...

1987 ... back in Intimist mode, an area in which they have always excelled. Even if this title will not remain as their best in the category, it is well worth the detour ...

1987 ... a year 1987 which will allow them to exist a little bit on the American music scene. For how long, that's another story ...

1989 ... this time, the adventure is indeed coming to an end. A magnificent adventure which saw them produce several mega planetary hits of which they can be proud. Just for that reason, respect as they say !

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