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The night, the wine and the roses...

Liquid Gold is an English group formed by Ray Knott and Ellie Hope, who were quickly joined by Wally Rothe and Syd Twynham.

Group which signed with the Creole Records label, a label which allowed them to release a first Single in 1978 called “Anyway you do it”, a Single which gave them their first entry success throughout the Old Continent.

A year later, it was with the title “My baby’s baby” that the group found favor with the American public in 1979, it must be said that the title was only released there.

But it was above all the year 1980 that brought them fame and fortune with the release of the enormous Single “Dance yourself dizzy”, a Single which was a real global hit and which we found on their and only album “Liquid gold” which will be released the same year.

New success the following year with the release in 1981 of the Single “Don’t panic”, a Single with less success but success all the same.

The year 1982 saw the successful release of the Single “Where did we go wrong” and the year 1983 saw the successful release of the title “What’s she got”.

Titles which will be their last major successes.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others...) :

70s  Decade :

  • Anyway you do it 1978

  • My baby’s baby 1979

  • Mr groovy (It feels so nice) 1979

80s  Decade :

  • Dance yourself dizzy 1980

  • Substitute 1980

  • The night, the wine and the roses 1980

  • Don’t panic 1981

  • One of us fell in love 1981

  • Where did we go wrong 1982

  • What’s she got 1983

  • Turn the tables 1984


Tracks :

1978...a particularly rhythmic first title which will propel them to the forefront in a resounding way, to say the least. An ideal start as they say...

1979...a title that will only work on the North American continent. It must be said that it will only come out there, which explains that... paradoxical as it may seem, this title will go somewhat unnoticed, despite the group's fanfare start...

1980...a slight air hole which will not last thanks to the arrival of this title. A title which will quite simply offer them the biggest success of their entire discography on the Charts side but also their direct ticket to posterity. HU-GE !

1980...a year 1980 which saw them at the best of their form even if this title will not be able to compete with its predecessor. It must be said that the bar has been set particularly high previously...

1980...whatever happens, 3 titles will be released during this year 1980 and all 3 will be classified. Certainly at different levels but classified all the same...

1981...a great adventure which continued the following year even if the level of success will no longer have much to do with what they experienced during 1980...

1981...after an uninterrupted series of Dance titles, they arrived in Intimist mode with this title full of finesse and lightness. Good work which will go completely unnoticed unfortunately... picks up somewhat the following year and de facto shows that everything is still possible regarding them...

1983...a title which will have its moment of glory in the United States and only there. They will be more than happy with it, that's for sure... adventure which is already coming to an end. They will not have managed to exceed 10 years of career but will still have produced titles of more than certain quality...



Greatest Hits :

Discography :

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