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Jellybean, whose real name is John Benitez, is an American DJ, composer and producer whose nickname actually comes from his sister, partly by his initials JB and especially by the expression "Know what I mean, jellybean ?".

Artist who will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "Who found who" which will be released in 1987.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to him.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • The mexican 1984

  • Sidewalk talk 1984

  • Who found who 1987

  • The real thing 1987

  • Jingo 1987

  • Just a mirage 1988

  • Coming back for more 1988

  • What it gonna be 1991

  • Spillin’ the beans 1991

  • New York house 2006

  • Secret and lies 2008

  • You bring me joy 2009


Clips :

1984...first title and already first success. Certainly limited exclusively to the US Dance Charts but it's still better than nothing as they say...

1984... the success of the second will be much more consistent to the point of offering the artist his first planetary top hit. A career start on the wheel hats as they say...

1987...curiously, we will lose sight of him for almost 3 years. But it is to better return in this year 1987 and to offer especially by the same occasion the biggest success of all his discography. HU-GE !

1987...for the moment everything is going perfectly and above all in an ideal way. The top hits follow one after the other and make the artist one of the phenomena of the moment. What more...

1987 ... three titles released during this year 1987 which will all end up in the best places in the Charts. This is called an overall success !

1988...unfortunately, the artist's rise was too rapid and the descent was going to be violent, to say the least. Not on this title but especially afterwards...

1988...he will limit the breakage in this year 1988 but it will be the last time that he will appear in a good position in the Charts. Hard law of the trade...

1991... he will attempt the transition to the 90s but it will not succeed more than that. The best years are now behind and nothing, no one, nor will be able to change anything...

1991...his last classified title. He will not have managed to exceed 10 years of career but will always be able to boast of having produced titles of very, very high caliber. Isn't that the main thing...

2006... when we thought the case was definitely over, here he is back 15 years later. To do what, that, only him knows precisely...

2008...a comeback that will go unnoticed to say the least. It must be said that 15 years of absence have relegated him to oblivion, oblivion from which he will never manage to come out unfortunately...

2009...this time the adventure won't go any further. Afterwards, with him, nothing is ever final so we might find him again at one time or another...


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