The Grand Duke...

George Duke was an American singer-songwriter who has worked as much for him as for many popular artists.

Little is known about him except that he was a prolific composer, his discography being particularly extensive.

We will especially remember the huge hits that are "Reach for it" released in 1977, "Shine on" in 1982 and "Reach out" in 1983.

The artist will leave us definitively on August 5, 2013 at the age of 67 as a result of chronic lymphoid leukemia.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • You and me 1977

  • Reach for it 1977

  • Come on and boogie 1978

  • I am for real 1978

  • Party down 1979

  • I want you for myself 1980

  • Sweet baby 1981

  • Shine on 1982

  • Ride on love 1982

  • Reach out 1983

  • Born to love you 1983

  • Heroes 1983

  • Secret rendez vous 1984

  • Thief in the night 1985

  • I surrender 1985

  • Broken glass 1986

  • Good friend 1986

  • Guilty 1989

  • Lady 1990

  • Fame 1992

  • Love can be so cold 1995

Clips :

1977 ... the early 1970s. A hint of Disco, a hint of Funk. Things are slowly but surely coming into place ...

1977 ... efforts that pay in any case because the artist obtains his first classified title. An inexorable rise in power which will produce, in the following decade, very large caliber titles

1978 ... funk, funk, funk before time. Unfortunately, an advance on his time which does not allow him for the moment to take off more than that. Let's be patient ...

1979 ... this time it's Disco madness. An alternation of style my faith very sympathetic but which still does not produce a major hit. He will still have to work ...

1980 ... a passage to the following decade which sees the sound, just like the style, being refined. Music is like wine, you have to give time to time ...

1981 ... we leave the Dancefloor for a magnificent foray into the Intimist world. A sumptuous title which combines with 2 and which shows the great versatility of the artist. MA-GIC !

1982 ... then comes THIS title, the artist simply signs one of the biggest Funk hits of the 80s. A dynamic of success now well in place and which is not about to falter. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... one of the best Funk sounds of the moment, the Duke style is now fully operational and just waiting to be rolled out. And to unroll, it will unroll !

1983 ... but that is without counting on this title, a HUGE Dance title which will undoubtedly remain one of the most emblematic of the decade. The artist obtains a widely deserved worldwide recognition which definitively consecrates him as one of the best artists of the moment. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... the Ultimate Slow, an essential title for any good discography. And the least we can say is that this one is particularly successful. MAG-NI-FI-CENT !

1983 ... new adventure with friend Stanley Clarke, an association that works perfectly and that produces a new title with more than certain quality !

1984 ... back to Dance. And the least we can say is that it is still as effective ! The artist now masters his subject perfectly and we see the result !

1985 ... we feel the typical sound evolution of the mid-80s. An necessary adaptation to stay in the race. And it pays !

1985 ... the artist is now in a first class Dance dynamic and each title released works immediately. And it doesn't matter that the titles are not even classified, like this one ...

1986 ... big delirium version Daft Punk Vs Art of Noise. A totally crazy and frankly disconcerting exercise in style !

1986 ... which does not prevent him from signing some Intimist title of all beauty. Extremely efficient versatility and among the best around. MA-GIC !

1989 ... it's funky, it's groovy but it is clear that the end of the decade does not necessarily rhyme with great inspiration. Can do better !

1990 ... he begins the new decade very gently and finely. Where the competition is walking on completely unrestrained tempos, he chooses the party of the slowly but surely. And why not...

1992 ... in collective delirium mode. Admittedly, there are beautiful people but that is unfortunately not enough to produce an exceptional title. Quantity does not necessarily rhyme with quality ...

1995 ... the last hit. Almost 20 years after his debut, he signs here a last high quality Intimist title. One more !

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