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The finer things...

Beargarden is an Australian band formed in 1982 in Melbourne and composed of Sam Sejavka, Mick Lewis, Carl Manuell, Gus Till and Ross Farnell. Group which was born with the dissolution of the group The Ears.

The group INXS will notice them first and allow them to go on one of their tour. A media exposure that allows them to sign a first contract with the RCA label. This did not prevent the group from exploding soon after ...

To reform the following year in 1983 and above all adopt a pop sound much more in line with the times. But we will still have to wait the following year to see their first single "The finer things" released. Single which will unfortunately go unnoticed.

It was 1985 that finally rewarded their efforts with their first success on the title "I write the news". Admittedly, success limited to Australia, but success nonetheless. Unfortunately short-lived success because the single that follows "Drink drink drink" does not allow the group to remain at the top of the bill.

There follows a complete drift of the group with behavior on stage bordering on indecency. By itself resulting in the inevitable fall of the latter.

Their only album "All that fall", just like the single "A seaside song" which will be released a year later in 1986 will not change anything in the final fall of the group.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The finer things 1984

  • Drink drink drink 1985

  • I write the news 1985

  • The tell tale heart 1985

  • This time tomorrow 1985

  • A seaside song 1986


Clips :

1984 ... a first title which immediately sets the trend : there is talent in this group. It remains to be seen now what they will do with it ...

1985 ... well, this is not the title that we are going to know a little more about. A slightly messy title which shows that there is still work to be done, it's clear

1985 ... then THIS title comes ! Admittedly, it will not be the planetary mega hit of the year but the group is finally getting the recognition after which he has been chasing since its inception. Good job !

1985 ... a group which will not remain as the most brilliant of the Australian groups but which will have all the same produced several titles of certain quality. It's already that !

1986 ... a most ephemeral adventure for a group with a certain talent but which did not know how to impose himself, and especially to find the unique style which could have made the difference ...


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