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From a million miles...

Single Gun Theory is an Australian group formed in 1986 in Sydney and originally consisting of Jacqui Hunt, Kath Power and Peter Rivett-Carnac.

It was by winning a tele-hook on Double J radio that the group was offered a recording session, a session which allowed them to produce a first album "Exorcise his wasteland" in 1987. Album which was somewhat popular unfortunately unnoticed...

They will have to wait 4 years and more and the release in 1991 of the album “Millions, like stars in my hands, the daggers in my heart wage war” (!) to finally see their efforts rewarded in particular thanks to the Single “From a million miles.” Album and Single which will allow them to finally make themselves known in the land of kangaroos…

New album “Flow, river of my soul” three years later in 1994, an album which will reach the same level of success as its predecessor and which will mainly produce the flagship Single “Fall”.

Album which will unfortunately be the last for the group.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Exorcise this wasteland 1987

  • Open the skies 1987

  • Halo, halo 1987

  • The red sunshine 1987

90s Decade :

  • Surrender 1991

  • From a million miles 1991

  • I am what I see 1992

  • Fall 1994

  • Motherland 1995

  • Metaphysical 1995


Tracks :

1987...the sound and the style are trendy but that will not be enough to bring the group from the shadows to the light at this stage...

1987...after all, not all groups experience immediate success, that's clear. So let's be a little more patient...

1987...what is still reassuring is that the basics are there and above all they are good. So this will inevitably end up paying off... won't be for this first opus but it could be that the next one will be the right one. We will say that the best is yet to come for them... will still take them 4 more years to succeed in releasing this new opus. Several years which will in any case allow them to finally achieve the first successes that they have been waiting for since their beginnings...

1991...of course they are not going to classify dozens of titles but at least a few, starting with this one. At least it's done...

1992...on this opus they will only manage to classify one title which is better than nothing as they say. The album will also be classified so the group will still have progressed down the line... title classified and unfortunately already the last. And yes, the group will produce its last album in the middle of the 90s... adventure that was fleeting to say the least, even if it lasted almost 10 years. Afterwards there will have been quality from start to finish which is already a feat in itself...

1995...we would have liked them to extend the adventure a little further but that will not be the case unfortunately. Hard law of the profession...


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