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The favorite of young people...

Jocelyn Brown is an American singer who first played choristers in the late 70s in groups like "Revanche", "Musique", "Inner life", "Cerrone", "Bad girls", "Chic", "Change", "Salsoul Orchestra", "Soiree" and other "Dazzle".

She experienced her first personal success in 1984 with the title "Somebody else’s guy", taken from her album with the same name and released the same year.

She did it again in 1985 with the single "Love’s gonna get you" which in turn made a good run in the US charts.

Despite a few hits, her career never really took off and this is how she continued to play choristers during the 80s, especially with groups like Culture Club.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Keep on jumpin' 1978 (Musique)

  • In the bush 1978 (Musique)

  • Walk before you run 1979 (Dazzle)

  • I’m caught up 1979 (Inner Life)

  • I want to give you me 1980 (Inner Life)

  • Sadie (She smokes) 1980 (Joe Bataan)

  • It's a girl affair 1980

  • You are the one 1981 (Cerrone)

  • My look 1981 (Cerrone)

  • Letter to my mother 1981 (Cerrone)

  • Someone to love 1981 (Cerrone)

  • Hooked on you 1981 (Cerrone)

  • Ain’t no mountain high enough 1981 (Inner Life)

  • (Knock out) Let's go another round 1981 (Inner Life)

  • If I can't have your love 1981

  • Take some time out 1982 (Salsoul Orchestra)

  • Moment of my life 1982 (Inner Life)

  • I like it like that 1982 (Inner Life)

  • No way 1983

  • Let's change it up 1984 (Inner Life)

  • Hands off 1984

  • Somebody’s else guy 1984

  • I wish you would 1984

  • So in love 1984

  • Love’s gonna get you 1985

  • Your love 1986 (Inner Life)

  • Caught in the act 1987

  • Whatever satisfies you 1987

  • Ego maniac 1987

  • R-U-Lonely 1988

  • Mysterious 1989

  • Freedom 1990

  • Feel like making love 1990

  • Turn out the lights 1990

  • Mindbuster 1991

  • Gypsy rhythm 1991

  • Always there 1991

  • Got to get away 1991

  • I wanna know what love is 1991

  • Don’t talk just kiss 1991

  • She got soul 1991

  • My sun will get you 1992

  • Take me up 1992

  • Got me dancin' 1992

  • Permanent love 1993

  • Magic man 1993

  • Can't stop the rhythm 1993

  • No more tears (Enough is enough) 1994

  • Gimme all your lovin' 1994

  • Black skinned, blue eyed boy 1995

  • Keep on jumpin' 1996

  • Somethin' going on 1997

  • It's alright, I fell it 1997

  • I am the black gold of the sun 1997

  • Special love 1997

  • Happiness 1997

  • Real man 1997

  • Give me back your love 1997

  • Embrace the power 1997

  • Fun 1998

  • Show you love 1998

  • I believe 1999

  • It's all good 1999

  • Nights over Egypt 1999

  • Believe 1999

  • Goodlife 2001

  • Suspicious 2002

  • I'm a woman 2002

  • That's how good your love is 2002

  • A better world 2003

  • Hold me up 2003

  • Riding on the wings 2004

  • Beautiful day 2005

  • Sing 2005

  • Something's gotta give 2006

  • Buttaflies 2006

  • That's just me 2006

  • I don't want you anymore 2007

  • All about the music 2007

  • The Lollipop 2008

  • Set me free 2010

  • True praises 2010

  • Stand up 2010

  • In the middle 2011


Clips :

1978 ... 100 % Disco, 100 % Dance debut. In a style so typical of that time. A reference in the matter !

1978 ... and what to say about it. It is this title that will bring her her first global mega hit. Certainly, for the moment she is still in the Musique group so we will say that it is a collective success ...

1979...after 2 first titles which will not go unnoticed, far from it, this title on the contrary will pass completely under the radar. Strange...

1979 ... this time we find her within the Inner Life group. In a style always 100 % Dance and especially in a style 100 % effective !

1980 ... some titles make talking about them and others not at all despite a certain quality. This one will be part of the second category unfortunately...

1980 ... from the start, the young singer will multiply the partnerships. A particularity that will allow her to last, very, very long...

1980 ... little foray into the Change group. And even if this title will meet only a limited success, the quality is essential, it is clear

1981 ... a shocking duo for a title that is no less. We suspected that by combining the 2 the result would be explosive. The Dancefloor still remember !

1981 ... a collaboration with Cerrone which will produce several high-caliber singles during this year 1981. Collaboration for the less fruitful ...

1981... the king of Dance who does in finesse, who could have imagined it. And yet he delivers here one of the most successful Intimist titles, it is clear...

1981...we suspected that the Intimist page would not last long. Here they are back in pure Dance mode and the opposite would have been frankly surprising...

1981...despite a certain quality, most of the titles made with Cerrone only met with a limited level of success. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand...

1981 ... back with Inner Life. An amazing and atypical group alternation because she has everything you need to take on a solo career. Whatever the case, and whoever or the partners, the result is the same : guaranteed success !

1981... the number of titles where she will appear during this year 1981 is impressive to say the least. Not everyone will know the favors of the public but all the same...

1981...she multiplies the partnerships but she also multiplies the changes of rhythm. A versatility that can only benefit her, it's clear...

1982 ... this time, it will be with Salsoul Orchestra. She loves changing partners, it has to be said...

1982 ... after the 100 % Disco, here comes the 100 % Funky. Anyway, we stay in the Dance pure and hard. A musical orientation that has become its trademark over time and which it will be difficult to change

1982 ... the Inner Life adventure continues slowly but surely. Even if this adventure will not produce any major hit, the set remains of quality and it would have been a shame to hide it

1983 ... a single title year, extremely rare for her. Usually it's 2, 3, 4, 5 or more titles in one year. We must therefore be satisfied with this one !

1984... as much as the year 1983 will have been poor in title, the year 1984 will be its complete opposite. With a number of titles to say the least plethoric...

1984...a year 1984 plethoric in titles but which will also reward the singer finally at the height of her merits. Not on this track but on the next one...

1984 ... then comes THIS title. The title of the consecration and this time, icing on the cake, solo. She signs here what will surely remain her best title and undoubtedly one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a decidedly exceptional year with a second top hit in the process. There are years like this where everything succeeds. Hope it lasts ...

1984... this title will go much more unnoticed but no matter, the singer has finally been consecrated after several years of waiting and that's the most important thing...

1985 ... a single title year, but sometimes quality is better than quantity. Which will be the case here. A great adventure that continues and it's far from over

1986...a 1986 that will not stay as her best Vintage, far from it. No title will be classified despite an obvious desire to do well...

1987...a much more favorable year for the singer with a return to success on the Charts side. We suspected that business was bound to pick up...

1987... in an ocean of Dance titles, here comes a new tender break. Admittedly, this title there will not remain as her most famous but it holds the road, it is clear. What more !

1987 ... after a frankly disappointing year in 1986, it is clear that the singer is particularly in good shape in this year 1987. She delivers here a title which, once again, serious groove. Quite simply a good job ! single title year. As a general rule, years that benefit her since she manages to classify each time the little out of those years...

1989...the exception that makes the rule. This time her only title of the year 1989 will not bring her more than that. Years ago like this...

1990...a 3rd decade of career which begins for the singer always and still in Dance mode. We remake her again as they say...

1990 ... the singer loves to play with others, it's been like that since the beginning of her career. And it succeeds rather well, the proof with this title which allows her to start the decade 90 in the best way

1990 ... shocking duo, but above all charming, on an Intimist track that works perfectly and which allows the 2 artists to give the best of themselves

1991... the Dance version will be much less successful for them. It's a good try but the mayonnaise will not take on this one unfortunately...

1991...a beginning of the 90s which sees her in particularly good shape and which above all sees her again multiplying the various and varied partnerships. With more or less success as always...

1991 ... already 3 decades on the clock and still the same energy. An energy that pays off since she obtains one of its biggest successes here. HU-GE ! much as the previous title was popular with the public, this one will go unnoticed to say the least. As always with her, mega successes are often followed by unexpected underperformances... she delivers an original Dance version of Foreigner's cult track from 1984. Nice try but her version won't really have the same level of impact as the original...

1991 ... when the decade 70 meets the decade 90. And my faith, the result is not that bad. And one more mega hit on the clock !

1991 ... rarely an artist will have multiplied partnerships to this point. She almost never sang alone. An almost unique bias !

1992...a year 1992 which will not really resemble the year 1991 in terms of success in the Charts. Background trend or temporary slack, the future will tell us...

1992 ... here she arrived in EuroDance mode, an incredible big gap when you remember that in her early days, she collaborated with Cerrone in full Disco euphoria. Two major musical trends at the end of the 20th century, but the opposite of each other !

1992...all the titles that will be released from now on will be made in collaboration with other partners. A near record in this area...

1993...a year 1993 which will resemble almost exactly the year 1992. Good work as always but which will not be rewarded more than that...

1993... what the singer likes at first sight is to produce things together. After success or not, it doesn't matter... long as she takes pleasure in what she does, isn't that the main thing. Especially since all the projects in which she participates are far from being devoid of interest...

1994 ... and it continues. Nothing and no one seems to be able to stop her. She will have perfectly mastered the transitions between the decades 70, 80 and 90, something extremely rare at this level !

1994...daring to cover ZZ Top's flagship title dating from 1983 and make it an ultra Dance title is an extremely daring bet. Audacious but not so badly successful as that...

1995 ... usually the single title years are quite successful for her. On this one, it will not really be the case, despite an obvious desire to do well...

1996 ... an exceptional longevity which she owes only to one thing : its talent. If the young generation wants to have her by their side, there are reasons !

1997 ... with each new appearance we say that it will necessarily be the last. No, she comes back, and comes back, and comes back. An insatiable thirst to perform and simply continue the adventure

1997...another plethoric year in terms of titles produced. With her it's all one or all the other and this since her beginnings...

1997...all the titles produced during this year 1997 will not be classified but a certain number all the same. Which shows that she is still in the race, almost 20 years after her debut !

1997...rarely has a singer from the 80s been so favored by artists from the following generations. Respect as they say !

1997...she will have gone through all Dance musical currents, all fashions without being one Iota out of fashion. A mighty feat !

1997...she will participate in no less than 6 musical projects and appear in 9 titles in this year 1997 alone. An almost record !

1997...this will be her last prolific year. It must be said that continuing at such a rate of production of titles would have been a superhuman feat...

1997... who could have predicted such a career for her when she started her career in 1978 ? Not many people that's for sure...

1998 ... a truly incredible number of partnerships. Even if few will reach the heights of the Charts, the fact remains that the discography of the singer is amazing !

1998 ... the "favorite" of the young generation. Rarely has an artist from the 70s been asked as much during the 90s as a showcase. Mighty prowess and above all mighty recognition !

1999...a 90s decade which saw her maintain a level of notoriety and success that was unexpected to say the least. She can say a big thank you to all these young artists who will have included her in their projects, that's for sure...

1999...a last title to end a decade that will have allowed her to show the eyes of the whole world that she is still there. And it's far from over for her...

1999 ... she is about to start its 4th decade without being old-fashioned in the least, extremely rare. She will return during the 2000s, but this time it will be the end of a truly phenomenal adventure !

1999...plethora of titles and quality at all levels, what more could you ask for. She may change partners almost on each title, but the quality level remains constant... begins her 4th career but we are not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind her. But that won't stop her from continuing to believe in it...

2002...the years pass, just like the decades, but she always and again manages to stick to the latest musical trends of the moment. Respect again...

2002...she will even manage to classify a few titles here and there. We are no longer talking about global success but all the same...

2002...another BIG year with a plethora of titles once again and some nice successes landed in extremis. An adventure that lasts, that lasts, that lasts and in a very beautiful way...

2003...this time we'll talk about a 'little' year. Few titles and none will be favored by the public. Hard law of the trade...

2003...after she appears in so many titles that not everyone can finish No.1 in the Charts, that's obvious. But every time it's a good job anyway...

2004...furtive return of success with this title. As very often before, the single title years benefit her rather well...

2005...the second half of the decade will be much more complicated to manage than expected. Because she's going to do more some figuration there than anything else...

2005...on the production side of titles, the pace will not slow down but it is above all on the success side that things will really deteriorate. Attention danger...

2006 ... exceptionally we will find her solo on certain titles during this decade 2000. And even solo, she performs as usual !

2006...she will take the opportunity to highlight certain titles that were close to her heart. And as always, quality is once again in the game...

2006...a mid-decade that sees her particularly active on the solo side. And whether she is alone or accompanied, it works as always...

2007...the end of the adventure is fast approaching. This year 2007 will be the last multi title year and it is clear that this time, there will be no return to favor...

2007... anyway, given the incredible prize list of the singer, she can only be proud of everything she has accomplished. Knowing that it's not quite over yet...

2008...from now on there will only be one title per year. But you still have to remember that she started her career 30 years ago and that she can boast hands down that she's still there !

2010...she will even allow herself the luxury of moving on to the next decade. As always for some time we say that this title will be the last. And she comes back again and again, and again, and again... she is again solo on a very personal album. Astonishing how she can go from one extreme to another so easily...

2010... it is clear that this kind of titles, and especially of album, is only intended for an audience that is convinced to say the least. A truly amazing career in every way...

2011...logically this title should be the last. But as with her everything is possible, it could be that we find her anyway later. But what a career !


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