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The Beloved and their sweet harmony...

The Beloved is an English group formed in 1986 by Jon Marsh, Steve Waddington, Tim Havard and Guy Gausden.

As the story goes, Jon Marsh reportedly ran the following ad in 1983 : “I'm Jon Marsh, founding member of Beloved. If you too want to do something incredible, I suggest you meet in exactly 3 years at 11am at the Diana’s Diner in Covent Garden ”… He will indeed meet Waddington and Havard there !

After rather sluggish beginnings and a forced evolution of their sound towards a more electronic sound, they will experience their first success in 1989 with the title "The sun rising".

Followed a year later in 1990 by the title "Hello" which will do even better than its predecessor and will become their first international hit. As well as "Time after time" and "It’s alright now", two excellent titles which will also perform well in the Charts. The album "Happiness" which came out the same year was also a notable success.

We had to wait 3 years and the year 1993 to see the release of the album "Conscience". Album of all records for the group because it remains to this day their best ranking in the Charts.

But also and above all, it offers them the biggest hit of all their discography, namely "Sweet harmony". Huge title that will go around the world and raise them to the rank of planetary stars. Title which owes its fame in part thanks to its music video which caused a sensation at the time because of the very naked aspect of most of the characters appearing there.

The other singles taken from the same album will unfortunately not experience the same enthusiasm, far from it. Ditto for the album "X" which will be released in 1996 and which will produce only one major hit with the title "Satellite".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • A hundred words 1986

  • Surprise me 1987

  • The sun rising 1989

  • Hello 1990

  • I love you more 1990

  • It’s alright now 1990

  • Your love takes me higher 1990

  • Time after time 1990

  • Sweet harmony 1993

  • You’ve got me thinking 1993

  • Satellite 1996

  • For your love 1996

  • Ease the pressure 1996

  • A Dream within a dream 1996

  • The only girl 2005


Clips :

1986 ... debuts that are made on the independent scene with a trendy sound but not necessarily General Public ...

1987 ... a good job there may be nothing transcendental yet. But it will come, you just have to be patient ...

1989 ... something has changed, that's obvious. The sound is not at all the same, just like the voice. Success is now within reach ...

1990 ... a change of decade which will allow the group to reveal himself as never before. It only remains to unroll !

1990 ... it is now an uninterrupted series of high caliber hits. While waiting for the mega which is fast approaching ...

1990 ... the songs are more and more inspired and the style becomes really unique. Better and better !

1990 ... fame becomes global, as does success. The talent of the group bursts the screen and makes them one of the best groups of the moment

1990 ... an incredible 1990 where top caliber titles followed one another at an impressive speed. The group literally walks on water ...

1993 ... then nothing for 3 years. It is better to come back to 1993. And my faith, what a return ! Here they are simply signing their Masterpiece, a HUGE title that will ignite all Dancefloor on the planet and definitively consecrate them as one of the best groups of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1993 ... 1990 was a big year. 1993 will also bring its share of extraordinary titles. Difficult to compete with the previous title as the bar is high, but the quality of this new title is obvious, it's clear !

1996 ... new air hole for 3 years. The group is reborn once again from its ashes but it is clear that the sound has changed, once again. A change of sound that benefits the group moderately ...

1996 ... on the other hand, this one is much more inspired than its predecessor. A track which works perfectly and which shows, once again, that the group really has talent !

1996 ... a year 1996 resolutely placed under the sign of Dance. And there is some good, to say the least !

1996 ... the exception that makes the rule. The group signs here a magnificent foray into the Intimist which allows them to demonstrate once again all their versatility ...

2005 ... another decade change. And a recipe that still works very well. Talent is like cycling, you can't forget it ...


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