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The bad seeds...

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds is an Australian band formed in Melbourne in 1983 and originally composed of Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Blixa Bargeld. Starting trio which will be quickly joined by Hugo Race and Barry Adamson.

The group released his first album "From her to eternity" in 1984, an album which only found favor with the public across the Channel and which produced only a minor hit with the title "In the ghetto".

New album "The firstborn is dead" a year later in 1985, an album which will go completely unnoticed. The albums "Kicking against the pricks" and "Your Funeral...My trial" will go less unnoticed in 1986 but will be unable to produce any major hits.

Another relative failure in 1988 with the release of the album "Tender prey" which will save the furniture only thanks to the Single "The mercy seat", Single which will be unanimously hailed by the critics. The album "The good son" had a much more favorable fate in 1990, but once again produced only a minor hit with the Single "The ship song".

They will have to wait for 1992 and a much more rock-oriented change of tone to see their efforts over the years finally rewarded with the release of the album "Henry's Dream". Album which offered them their first real global success and produced two high-caliber Singles that are "Straight to you" and "I had a dream, Joe". A year 1992 which ended ideally with the enormous success of the title "What a wonderful world", title which they interpreted in duet with Shane MacGowan of the Pogues.

A dynamic of success that gained momentum in 1994 when the album "Let love in" was released. Album which will know an even more important success than its predecessor thanks to titles like "Do you love me ?" and "Red right hand".

A success that grew again a year later in 1995 when the biggest Single of their entire record was released, namely "Where the wild roses grow", a title they performed in duet this time with Kylie Minogue. Flagship title that will be found on the enormous album "Murder ballads" which will be released the following year in 1996.

An incredible adventure which continued the following year with the release in 1997 of the album "The Boatman's call". Album carried at arm's length by the enormous Single "Into my arms", a Single which further amplifies the group's worldwide fame.

A reputation that will continue to grow over the following decade. As incredible as it may seem because for most of the others, it will be just the opposite that will happen.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • In the ghetto 1984

  • Tupelo 1985

  • The singer 1986

  • The mercy seat 1988

  • Deanna 1988

90s Decade :

  • The ship song 1990

  • The wheeping song 1990

  • Straight to you 1992

  • I had a dream, Joe 1992

  • What a wonderful world 1992

  • Do you love me ? 1994

  • Loverman 1994

  • Red right hand 1994

  • Where the wild roses grow 1995

  • Henry Lee 1996

  • Into my arms 1997

  • (Are you) The one that I've been waiting for ? 1997

2000s Decade :

  • As I sat sadly by her side 2001

  • Fifteen feet of pure white snow 2001

  • Love letter 2002

  • Bring it on 2003

  • Baby I'm on fire 2003

  • Rock of Gibraltar 2003

  • Nature boy 2004

  • Breathless 2004

  • Get ready for love 2005

  • Dig, Lazarus, dig !!! 2008

  • More news from nowhere 2008

  • Midnight man 2008

2010s Decade :

  • We no who U R 2012

  • Jubilee Street 2013

  • Mermaids 2013

  • Animal X 2013

  • Give us a kiss 2014

  • Jesus alone 2016

  • Skeleton tree 2016

  • I need you 2017

  • Spinning song 2019


Tracks :

1984 ... a career start in ease with this luxury cover of Elvis' title dating from 1969. Anyway, it at least allows the group to obtain his first ranked title

1985...a somewhat muddled sequel that sends the band back into complete anonymity. If the group does not react and quickly, the exit door risks arriving faster than expected...

1986...after a year in 1985 when not much interesting happened then, the group returned in fairly average form in 1986. All on a new luxurious cover, this time of the title of Johnny Cash dating from 1968. A cover that will go somewhat unnoticed...

1988 ... new air gap in 1987. Business therefore resumed in this year 1988 but recovered at least slowly. The group really needs to raise its level of play to be able to hope to reach the big leagues ...

1988... the rise in power will not take place on this title in any case. A title that will pass somewhat 'through' and which once again shows that the road to success is long...

1990 ... 1989 will be another odd year where nothing will happen. So back to the beginning of the new decade and this time in Intimist mode, an area where we had not yet seen them. And my faith, the result is not that bad ...

1990...a title that works, a title that passes 'through', such is the current average of the group. Since the previous title worked rather well, we can imagine the fate of this one...

1992 ... since odd years really don't suit them, nothing will happen in 1991. Back in 1992 in Olympic form, a form that allows them to gain momentum in an impressive way ...

1992 ... a much more messy title but which still allows the group to continue its ascent to the top. Like what, there is something for all tastes ...

1992 ... a totally improbable duo for a totally improbable cover. And yet, this luxury cover of Louis Armstrong's title dating from 1956 will allow the group to obtain one of its biggest successes. Astonishing no...!

1994 ... of course, once again, we skip the odd year. Back in 1994 in sufficient shape to stay in touch with the best. Nothing extraordinary, like all their discography, but sufficient quality to maintain themselves at the highest level ...

1994 ... from start to finish, it was impossible to really define the band's style. A mixture of everything and especially anything ...

1994 ... this group will have mixed all possible and imaginable influences and styles. With the result of surprising titles, even very surprising. Including this one !

1995 ... then THIS title comes ! A new duo, to say the least, improbable and which will still offer them the biggest success of all their discography. MAS-TER-FUL !

1996 ... the group will never have reached the peaks as much as singing in duet mode. Once again the proof with this title. Astonishing paradox, but a miracle recipe in any case ...

1997 ... like what, the odd years succeed them better in the end than the even years. Here they get their 2nd biggest success and at the same time land a direct ticket to posterity. HU-GE !

1997 ... in the end, they will never have been as good as on the Intimist songs. A group not really cut out for this kind of field and yet the results are there !

2001 ... the adventure will continue during the 2000s. With the key to a new major success and this always in the Intimist field. Their favorite field now ...

2001...unfortunately the machine will begin to seize from this title. After a very successful end of the 90s, the beginning of the 2000s will see the group mark time...

2002 ... a magnificent ballad which literally floats in the air and which proves, if it was still necessary, that this group really has a particular gift in so-called 'emotional' titles. MA-GIC !

2003... the group still manages to classify its titles but the deceleration in the Charts is confirmed title after title. Attention danger...

2003... strong deceleration and titles which pass 'through', nothing goes any more on the planet Cave. The group will therefore have to ask the right questions and quickly, otherwise going off the road may be inevitable...

2003...they will succeed in saving the end of the year 2003 in extremis with this title, but only just. Times are getting harder and harder for the group...

2004 ... the exception that makes the rule. Surprisingly, the band's last notorious hit will be a punchy track to say the least. The loop is now perfectly closed ...

2004... last notorious hit but surely not end of the adventure. Even if the best years are now behind him, the group absolutely does not intend to stop there...

2005... fortunately England still grants him its favors on the Singles side but it is the last country to do so. On the other hand, on the albums side, the basic fans of all countries are always there at first sight...

2008...he will manage to classify this title in extremis in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. But this time it will be the last time...

2008...regardless of the results on the Singles side, as long as the core fans are still there there is no reason for the band to throw in the towel prematurely. Who would blame him... adventure that has already lasted for more than 20 years and which is not ready to stop at first sight. Only the most gifted of each generation last as they say...

2012...and here they are again. After going through the 80s, then the 90s, then the 2000s, welcome to them in the 2010s !

2013...a production of titles that remains impressive to say the least despite the weight of the years. An inspiration that is constantly regenerated and has been for nearly 4 decades...

2013...there is quantity but also quality, which does not spoil anything. Admittedly, the style and the sound do not particularly stick to the latest musical trends of the moment, but it doesn't matter...

2013...a group with a truly unique style that will be their hallmark until the end. We won't remake them again as they say...

2014...a title full of finesse and lightness that only asks to be listened to as they say. And we're not going to be shy about doing it... adventure that lasts, that, that lasts. The group impresses with its desire to go as far as he can and undoubtedly commands respect...

2016...another nice title of which they have the secret. The group will never have done anything like the others without denying the quality of what he has produced over the years... the same vein. A decade 2010 which will have seen the group in a much more peaceful and more subdued register as they say... opus, one more ! The level of productivity of the group is once again impressive and necessarily augurs well for the rest of the events...

2019...unstoppable little guys ! They make it a point of honor to come back every decade and we therefore imagine that they are likely to come back the following decade... last title to end a decade that will have allowed them to stay afloat without too much difficulty. At least on the albums side...


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