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Missing Persons is an American group formed in 1980 in Los Angeles by Warren Cuccurullo, Dale Bozzio and Terry Bozzio (then husband and wife). Group that will build a large part of its reputation around the voice and extraordinary look of its singer Dale Bozzio.

The year of their training, they released an eponymous mini-album and made multiple appearances, either at concerts or outright in films like Lunch Wagon. Thus ensuring the single "Mental Hopscotch" a leading promotion and the mini-album a significant success.

Things really got going two years later in 1982 when the album "Spring session M" (actually an anagram of Missing Persons) was released. Album which is a real hit and which will produce no less than 4 hits ! With in mind the title "Words", flagship title carried by a clip where special effects are all the rage for their innovative side.

Dazzling success but fleeting success because the two albums which would be released subsequently, "Rhyme & Reason" in 1984 and "Color in your life" in 1986, were only very successful.

So much so that the tour following the release of "Color in Life" will end in fiasco and will see the separation of Dale and Terry Bozzio, as well as the dislocation of the group in the wake !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Mental hopscotch 1982

  • Words 1982

  • Destination unknown 1982

  • Windows 1983

  • Walking in L.A. 1983

  • Give 1984

  • Right now 1984

  • Surrender your heart 1984

  • I can’t think about dancing 1986

  • Colour in your life 1986


Clips :

1982 ... a promising start, with a particularly successful first track and a very trendy sound. All good !

1982 ... and quality pays off. Result of the races : here they land their first global top hit. A deserved reward !

1982 ... for a first year, it's a HUGE year with no less than 3 titles including 2 top global hits. Class !

1983 ... after a start that will be described as a smashing start, the rest will be a step below. Predictable as the starting level was high ...

1983 ... but even if it's a notch below, it's still well above average !

1984 ... an extraordinary journey and yet we are already at the last notorious hit. A shattering success but a fall of the same level ...

1984 ... a new year with 3 titles but which will not have the same level of success as 1982, it is clear. Too bad, because quality is always essential ...

1984 ... the excessiveness of the group and in particular of its singer is no longer enough to create the event. And yet, it is not for lack of trying ...

1986 ... a 1985 empty year. We find them a year more on a title that offers them their very last hit. An end of the adventure which is fast approaching ...

1986 ... come on, a little last for the road. Always so rock, always so typical US. But that's what makes them successful too ...


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