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Something got them started...

Simply Red is an English group formed in 1985 by Mick Hucknall and quickly joined by David Fryman, Tony Bowers, Fritz McIntyre, Tim Kellet and Chris Joyce.

The group’s name is said to refer to Hucknall’s nickname “Red” in relation to his hair color.

The group's first single "Money’s too tight (To mention)", a cover of the soul song of the "Valentine Brothers" was released the same year and quickly became a worldwide hit. Single followed shortly by the album "Picture book".

In 1986, they re-offend with the title "Holding back the years", a cover of a title of "Frantic Elevators" which is none other than the former group of Hucknall. Single which in turn smashes everything in its path.

The album "Men and women" was released a year later in 1987 and coincided with a change in the look of the band members as well as a change in sound.

Album from which the hit "The right thing" will be mainly extracted.

In 1989 he released the album "A new flame" which produced a new global hit with the single "If you don’t know me by now", a sumptuous cover of Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. Single which will be one of the biggest commercial sales of the year and their biggest success to date. Not to mention the excellent "It’s only love" which will also go a long way.

This global success will unfortunately rise to the head of Hucknall and create more and more tensions within the group. So much so that Bowers and Joyce prefer to leave the group.

The ultimate consecration came in 1991 with the release of the album "Stars" which would become the biggest album sale in Europe of the next two years with flagship titles like "Something got me started" or "Stars".

Four years passed before the album "Life" was released, which produced the mega hit "Fairground", an album which sold over a million copies across the Channel.

In 1996, new success with the single "Angel", cover of a title by Aretha Franklin dating from 1973. Single which will be the last major success of the group, the group never finding again the same level of excellent despite the subsequent release of very well made titles, especially in 2003.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Money's too tight (To mention) 1985

  • Come to my aid 1985

  • Holding back the years 1985

  • Jericho 1986

  • Open up the red box 1986

  • The right thing 1987

  • Infidelity 1987

  • Maybe someday 1987

  • Every time we say goodbye 1987

  • It’s only love 1989

  • If you don't know me by now 1989

  • A new flame 1989

  • You've got it 1989

  • Something got me started 1991

  • Stars 1991

  • For your babies 1992

  • Thrill me 1992

  • Your mirror 1992

  • Fairground 1995

  • Remembering the first time 1995

  • Never never love 1996

  • We’re in this together 1996

  • Angel 1996

  • Night nurse 1997

  • Say you love me 1998

  • The air that I breath 1998

  • Ghetto girl 1998

  • Mellow my mind 1998

  • Ain't that a lot of love 1999

  • Fake 2003

  • Sunrise 2003

  • You make me feel brand new 2003

  • Home 2004

  • A song for you 2006

  • Oh ! What a girl ! 2006

  • So not over you 2007

  • Stay 2007

  • The world and you tonight 2007

  • Go now 2008

  • I have the love 2010

  • Shine on 2015

  • Big love 2015

  • Love gave me more 2015

  • Thinking of you 2019

  • Sweet child 2019

  • Tonight 2019

  • Earth in a lonely space 2021


Clips :

1985 ... for his first title, the group signed here quite simply one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. A shocking arrival for a group that will quickly establish himself as one of the best of its generation. HU-GE !

1985 ... difficult to compete with the previous steamroller but what is certain is that the group confirms that he is not there to do only some figuration, far from it

1985 ... a magnificent cover of the Frantic Elevators where the art of self-recovery since this title originally comes from the former group of Hucknall. Anyway, this 'cover' assures them a 2nd planetary top hit and opens to them in a masterful way the doors of glory and fame !

1986 ... after an exceptional year 1985 in all respects, the year 1986 seems to start on more or less the same basis. And that's just the beginning !

1986 ... 3 mega hits in this one year, 1986 will have been even stronger than the previous year in the end. A rise in power that nothing and no one can stop ...

1987 ... the group undoubtedly becomes one of the biggest phenomena of the moment on a planetary level. Every title that comes out now turns immediately into gold !

1987 ... a style and a voice that hits home every time. The group seems to have found the miracle recipe for success. Or do they simply have an extraordinary talent ...

1987 ... a nice title which will be the 'little' hit of the year. The inspiration is however present but the public seems not to have hung on this title which did not lack interest, it is clear ...

1987 ... a sweet break where time stands still. In a style that has nothing to do with what they have been able to offer so far. Astonishing ...

1989 ... the 2nd mega interplanetary hit. HUGE title that brings the group definitively into the musical legend of the 80s. A well-deserved consecration. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... yet another world class revival, this time on a title by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes dating from 1972. And the result is quite simply amazing. Result of the races : biggest success of all their discography, just that. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1989 ... back to pure and hard Dance to end a year, and especially a decade, absolutely incredible for the group. What does the 1990s hold for them ? Only good things !

1989 ... a very last title in this year 1989 which sees the group venturing once again into the Intimist register. Until then, it has been rather successful, there is no reason why it should change !

1991 ... after an empty year in 1990, we find them in dazzling form in this new decade. So dazzling that this title will smash everything in its path. Unlimited talent !

1991 ... only 2 titles in this year 1991 but what titles ! They sign here two of their biggest successes and prove vividly that we will have to count on them again for the years to come !

1992 ... the group plays more and more the Intimist card, just to vary the pleasures as much as possible. Versatility worthy of the greatest. They have been part of it for a long time !

1992 ... a 'little' hit, and yes, it happens to them. The proof with this title to certain quality but given what they are capable of producing, it looks a little pale ...

1992 ... after a euphoric year 1991, one cannot say that 1992 is unfortunately of the same caliber. The group remains in the leading pack, of course, but he will have to be careful when going off the road ...

1995 ... new air hole of 3 years. And a new comeback with this title which allows them to prove in a striking way that they still have some under the pedal. 10 years have passed since their first mega hit. Here's a new one ! An exceptional duration at the top but they are worth it !

1995 ... the group adapts to the new sounds and thus remains in the race despite the competition of small youngsters with teeth that line the floor ...

1996 ... the 'little' hit of 1996. It is clear that they cannot align mega hit with mega hit for decades. We will be largely satisfied !

1996 ... another sweet break. It will not necessarily be their best title in the 'emotional' register but we will largely be satisfied

1996 ... past Masters in the art of cover. Thank you Aretha ! A year 1996 decidedly under the sign of relaxation ...

1997 ... in reggae mode. Ah, that one, they hadn't done it to us yet. And why not ? It will always add a new string to the bow of their enormous talent

1998 ... the decade 90 will undoubtedly remain that of a Simply Red in gentle mode. An astonishing bias, and above all risky, but which allows them for the moment to remain among the best. Bet therefore won !

1998 ... in the same vein. But where did their incredible talent that produced so many Dance hits go ? Evaporated at first sight ...

1998 ... a title totally outside the trends of the moment. A daring bet on the part of the group but that they will pay cash with a result in the Charts of the most modest ...

1998 ... it will not even be classified, difficult to understand. All in finesse, all softness, and in spite of all that, a title that goes by the wayside. Frankly damage ...

1999 ... return to Dance and as if by chance, return of a frank and massive success. Like what, it was enough not much. We still feel like a certain breathlessness. Will they survive the next decade ? Hum, hum, good question ...

2003 ... another change of decade and the group still succeeds in the feat of delivering a title of very very large caliber. That therefore answers the previous question and very well !

2003 ... the ultimate cover which offers them one of their most beautiful titles. One of the biggest hits of the 2000s. Thank you Hall & Oates and especially their cult title 'I can't go fot that (No can do)' dating from 1981 !

2003 ... an enormous year 2003 which will undoubtedly remain as one of their best vintages. It must be said that this revisited version of the title of Stylistics dating from 1974 is a real marvel and contributes greatly to it ...

2004 ... almost 20 years after their beginnings, the group continues to deliver titles of a bluffing quality level. Certainly essentially in the Intimist register but it doesn't matter, we take, we take !

2006 ... how can titles like that experience such unflattering results in Charts ? This revisited version of Leon Russell's title from 1970 is a marvel of finesse and lightness and will go almost unnoticed. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

2006 .... the tempo accelerates drastically and allows the group to find color in the Charts. We came close to the anticipated departure from the road ...

2007 ... still a nice title of which they have the secret. The number of titles released in the 'emotional' register concerning them is truly mind-blowing. And what premium quality !

2007 ... the relapse into the Charts will be brutal from this title. The group will never find the top of the Charts again and will now have to be content to produce titles more for the glory than anything else ...

2007 ... anyway, the adventure continues and above all it continues to be beautiful. The qualitative level remains at the top and allows the group to maintain himself without too much difficulty in the planetary elite at the musical level ...

2008 ... a 2008 vintage which will not remain as the most prolific of the group with only one title on the clock. On the other hand, this revisited version of the title of Bessie Banks dating from 1964 will know a nice success of esteem on both sides of the Atlantic, it is always better than nothing as they say ...

2010 ... here they are entering their 4th decade with the obvious desire to continue to do well. The proof with this title which literally floats in the air and which simply feels good ...

2015 ... big air hole of 5 years and they are back in this year 2015 in mode...Funky music ! A Dance title that reminds us of the band's heyday and that takes us back to an era that we necessarily adored ...

2015 ... after the effort the comfort ! What better way to recover from the previous title than this title full of finesse which soothes the senses. All good once again little guys !

2015 ... a third title which is the perfect mix between the first title of the year and the second. It swings but all in restraint, which frankly does not spoil anything, quite the contrary ...

2019 ... four years will separate this title from the previous one. The group returns in this year 2019 in a form that we will qualify as certain given the rhythm of this track to say the least frantic ...

2019 ... a mastery of alternating frenzied rhythm and much milder rhythm which will forever remain their trademark. This is also how we recognize the most talented !

2019 ... but that, talent, they have to spare and this since their beginnings. And the difference with most bands of their generation is that they're still here. And not the others ...

2021 ... and here they are in this decade of 2020, who would have believed it ! A desire to believe in it over and over again that commands respect. So, gentlemen, when will the next title be ...?


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