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Private conversations...

Val Young, whose real name is Valaria Young, is an American singer who started out as a backing vocalist for the group 'Brides Of Funkenstein', one of the many groups launched by producer George Clinton.

We then find her again as a backing vocalist alongside Roy Ayers, then in 'The Gap Band'.

But it is the meeting with Rick James that will change everything, a providential meeting that will allow her to sign with Motown through the latter. A Rick James who then presents her as the "black Marilyn Monroe" and who also produces her first album "Seduction" in 1985. Album which will know its hour of glory with the high-caliber Single "If you should ever be lonely".

Departure from Motown two years later following the conflict between James and the label and arrival at Amherst Records, label with which she will release the album "Private Conversations".

An album with less success and which will force her to put an end to her solo career and to become a simple backing vocalist for a significant number of artists all the same afterwards.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

  • Seduction 1985

  • Mind games 1985

  • If you should ever be lonely 1985

  • Piece of my heart 1985

  • Private conversations 1987

  • Don’t make me wait 1987

  • Stop doing me wrong 1987

90s  Decade :

  • To live and die in L.A. 1996


Tracks :

1985...a particularly successful first Single that augurs well for a most interesting sequel. To be continued as they say...

1985...a sequel of equivalent quality which shows once again that this young singer has real potential. Which will inevitably end up bringing her a major success...

1985...this will be the case from her third title. She will get here the biggest success of her - short - solo career and at the same time obtain a direct ticket for posterity. HU-GE ! addition she will have been good in all areas, from pure and hard Dance to the finest Intimist. A versatility that should have taken her high, very high normally...

1987...unfortunately, the scenario is not going to unroll quite in an ideal way. She returns two years later with this new title, a return that will go somewhat unnoticed...

1987...yet there is quality in all that but the level of inspiration is no longer quite sufficient to manage to stay in contact with the best. Hard law of the trade...

1987...she will always be able to boast of having produced 2 high class albums. And no one can take that away...

1996...we thought the case was definitely over and here she is back alongside Makaveli. A return of the most furtive but we will be satisfied with it without any problem...


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Discography :

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