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Caught up in the magic...

Little interesting information regarding Tuesday Knight, at least on the musical career side, apart from the fact that she is an American singer and actress who will mainly remain in the musical history of the end of the 20th century for the high-profile single " Nightmare” which will be released in 1988.

For this reason alone we had to dedicate this article to her.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Do you want my love 1985

  • Everything I need 1985

  • Winner 1985

  • Don't talk back 1986

  • Hot love 1986

  • Caught up in the magic 1986

  • Forever in your eyes 1986

  • Out of control 1987

  • Temporary obsession 1987

  • The harder you love 1987

  • Nightmare 1988

2000s Decade :

  • 25 cent girl 2000

  • Is it all my head 2000

  • Here it comes 2000

2010s Decade :

  • Just like that 2017

  • Sweet girl 2017

  • I said 2017


Tracks :

1985...a rather successful debut with a first title of certain quality. It now remains to be confirmed over time...

1985...a sequel which indeed confirms that the singer has potential. Now it remains to exploit it to the best of its ability...

1985...for the big takeoff we will have to wait a little longer but what is certain is that the adventure is off to a good start...

1986...we'll just have to give her time to gain momentum and above all to produce THE title that will allow her to move from the shadows to the light...

1986...title after title she shows with certainty that she did not arrive there by chance. This is bound to end with the production of a headline... won't be for this year 1986 either but we are obviously getting closer. So let's be a little more patient...

1986...her best title to date. Things are really moving in the right direction and all this will inevitably pay off in the end...

1987...everything is now ready for the singer to finally reach this level that she has been struggling with since her beginnings. It's just a matter of time... won't necessarily be for this year 1987 either but the end of the tunnel is not very far away, it is clear...

1987...come on, just a little more patience and the next title might be the right one. As it turns out, everything happens one day or another... is THIS title which will allow her to leave a mark in the musical history of the end of the 20th century and at the same time obtain a direct ticket for posterity. HU-GE !

2000...we will lose sight of her for almost 12 years, a period where she will no longer devote herself to cinema and television. But here she is again...

2000...of course she will never be able to repeat the feat achieved in 1988 but what she now offers is far from unworthy, that's clear...

2000...we will be largely satisfied with it in any case. Hoping that this new opus is not indeed the last this time...

2017...we actually thought we would never see her again unfortunately but here she is again in an unexpected way to say the least... took her 17 years to decide but she is indeed back, once again to the delight of her core fans..., last title or not ? We now know that with her everything is always possible so it could be that she has a nice surprise in store for us in the years to come...


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