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No smoke without fire...

Tracie Young is an English singer who started her artistic career by being noticed by the leader of the Jam, Paul Weller, who is looking for a singer for the group The Questions.

Rather than getting her started in the band, he used her as a backing vocalist for the Jam title "Beat Surrender" and made her appear on stage alongside the band. Notably during their appearances on the cult show Top of the Pops. We are then in 1982.

From 1983, he took her with him on The Style Council, Weller’s new flagship group. It was the same year that she finally got to stand on her own feet when her debut single "The house that Jack built" was released. And for a first try, it's a masterstroke because the title becomes his first title classified and remains to this day his biggest success. Flagship title followed shortly by the single "Give it some emotion", which, too, will be popular with the public.

A year later in 1984 released her first album "Far from the hurting kind", which in turn was a great success.

The year 1985 saw her leave temporarily with The Style Council.

Solo returned the following year in 1986 with the preparation of the album "No smoke without fire". Album which will unfortunately never see the light of day. Two singles "We should be together" and "(When you) Call me" will be released the same year but will meet with very limited success.

Repeated failures that will put an end to the singer's promising career.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • The house that Jack built 1983

  • Give it some emotion 1983

  • Souls on fire 1984

  • (I Love You) When You Sleep 1984

  • I Can't Leave You Alone 1985

  • Invitation 1985

  • We should be together 1986

  • (When you) Call me 1986

2010s Decade :

  • I think you're lucky 2014

  • Fingers crossed 2014

  • Me and Jimmy Stone 2014

  • No smoke without fire 2014

  • Good for you 2014


Tracks :

1983 ... after playing the luxury choir, young Tracie finally stands on her own feet and the result will far exceed her expectations. First title and first ranked hit. A title that will remain as his best ranked elsewhere. It couldn't have started better !

1983 ... a success which is confirmed with this sequel of certain quality. Admittedly, the level of success will be a notch below compared to the previous one, but the dynamics are in place and this is the main thing !

1984 ... the singer continues on her way without asking too many questions. Nothing exceptional but a good job all the same !

1984 ... the Intimist parenthesis that goes well. Here she delivers a nice track with finesse that just asks to be listened to and simply do us good

1985 ... the last notorious hit. And yes, already. A solo career to say the least ephemeral but which will have all the same made it possible to produce several titles of great caliber. It's already that !

1985 ... well, it's not quite over anyway. Another 1 or 2 titles before the final reverence. So we take advantage ...

1986 ... the basics were good but she couldn't find the style that could have set her apart from the crowd. Pity...

1986...the last official Single. There will be other releases later but mainly titles that remained in the boxes and were released for the occasion...

1986...even if they will not be officially released as Singles, some titles still deserve to be brought into the spotlight at least...

2014...titles which will only be released in 2014 but which date from the 80s. Showing that there was indeed material to make other albums...

2014...there was really quality in all that and we will never understand how this adventure could have ended so quickly... are often undone as quickly as they were made and we shouldn't try too hard to understand. Hard law of the trade... any case let's put what can be brought back into the light because it is only justice in her case. A good thing done as they say...

2014...of course she will never have produced a major hit but her entire discography shows that she largely had her place at the highest level in any case...


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