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New York New York...

Liza Minnelli is an American actress and singer whose parents are none other than actress Judy Garland and director Vincente Minnelli.

It was at the age of 17 that she really began her artistic career by appearing in the musical 'Best Foot Forward'. We are then in 1961.

An artistic career that grew when she was found two years later in 'Flora the red menace', a musical for which she even obtained a Tony Award, an award which made her the youngest artist to have received it to date !

At the same time, she started a career as a solo singer, a parallel career that saw her release several albums including "Liza! Liza !" in 1964," It amazes me" in 1965 and "There’s is a time" in 1966. Albums with limited success and mainly composed of covers.

But she will have to wait for the following decade and the year 1972 to experience her first notorious successes on the song side, in particular thanks to 2 albums which are "Cabaret" on the one hand (album from the soundtrack of the film of the same name) and "Singer” on the other hand.

Soundtracks that bring her luck since she will experience a new notorious success five years later in 1977 with that of the film "New-York, New-York", a film in which she also plays with Robert de Niro.

The consecration, the real one, would come 12 years later when she produced the album "Results" in 1989 under the leadership of the Pet Shop Boys. A fruitful collaboration which sees the singer stick to the latest sounds of the moment and thus obtain the biggest success of her recording career with the enormous "Losing my mind".

Unfortunately, anything that came out later was only relatively successful, relegating the artist to the depths of the Charts.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • You are for loving 1963

  • Day dreaming 1963

  • The travellin’ life 1964

  • A quiet thing 1965

  • I (Who have nothing) 1966

  • Love story 1970

  • (I wonder where my) Easy rider's gone 1971

  • The singer 1972

  • Cabaret 1972

  • Don't let me be lonely tonight 1973

  • More than I like you 1974

  • Theme from New York, New York 1977

  • Losing my mind 1989

  • Don’t drop bombs 1989

  • So sorry I said 1989

  • Love pains 1990

  • Does he love you ? 1996


Clips :

1963 ... the first steps. The talent is certain and the maturity impressive while the young singer is only 17 years old. It promises !

1963 ... she confirms with this new title that she is surely not there to do only some figuration and that we will have to count on her in the years to come ...

1964 ... an obvious style versatility which allows her to navigate between the different musical universes of the moment. Extremely rare at this level of youth !

1965 ... the talent is obvious but so far the result in the Charts is minimal. The esteem success is certain but nothing more ...

1966 ... pretty luxury cover of the title of Ben E. king dating from 1963. This version will not have the same level of success as the original but does not deserve, far from it

1970 ... the end of the sixties when unfortunately not much will happen. So here we are in 1970, a decade of 70 which will finally allow the singer to reach the court of the Great

1972 ... a year 1972 which will radically change the destiny of the singer. Starting with this first classified title ...

1972 ... then THIS title comes ! Fate brings her on a stage this golden role in the musical film Cabaret. A role that will explode her notoriety and finally allow her to be recognized at the height of her talents. MAS-TER-FUL !

1973 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. Despite a title of more than obvious quality, unfortunately success will not follow ...

1974 ... furtive return of success with this title. The level of success fluctuates enormously depending on the years and especially the inspiration of the moment ...

1977 ... which will undoubtedly remain one of his most emblematic titles. Another gold role tailor-made for her in the film which bears the same name and which unfortunately will be a failure commercially. Regardless, the soundtrack is a real success. HU-GE !

1989 ... follows a huge 12 years air gap during which the singer totally disappears from the radar of the music scene. Until Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys had the brilliant idea to adapt this title from 1971 and present in the musical 'Follies'. An extremely revisited version that will offer the singer the biggest record success of her entire career, just that. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1989 ... a sequel just as Dance but which will not really meet the same level of success. Go figure ...

1989 ... a marvel of finesse and softness that will not find its audience either. Rather incomprehensible thing but it is like that. Hard law of the trade ...

1990 ... another luxury cover with this time a revisited version of Yvonne Elliman's Disco title dating from 1979. A version that will pay off given the level of success achieved !

1996 ... she returns 6 years later with this charming duo which unfortunately will not take hold. We could have imagined that the reunion of the 2 stars would produce an exceptional piece. This will not be the case. A failure that will be the last because the singer will do almost nothing later in this area ...


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