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Nellie the Elephant...

Toy Dolls it's an English group formed in 1979 and originally composed of Pete Robson, Michael Algar, Colin Scott and Phillip Dugdale.

The group released their first single "Tommy Kowey's car" in 1980, a single which would be a great success. Single that makes talk about the group but without making it take off.

The first album "Dig that groove baby" arrives only three years later in 1983, album which still does not allow the group to take off more than that unfortunately.

They will have to wait for 1984 and the re-release of the single "Nellie the elephant" to finally see their efforts rewarded. A single released two years earlier in 1982 that had gone completely under the radar. Single which is actually an adaptation of a children's song !

New album "A far out disc" in 1985, album which in its turn knows a nice course in the Charts. This success will unfortunately be the last of its kind for the group because anything that will come out afterwards will have very limited success after all.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Tommy Kowey’s car 1980

  • Everybody Jitterbug 1981

  • Alfie from the Bronx 1983

  • We’re mad 1984

  • Nellie the Elephant 1984

  • She goes to Finos 1985

  • Geordie’s gone to jail 1986

  • Lazy Sunday afternoon 1995


Clips :

1980 ... well, with them, no surprise, the trend is given from the start : they are totally off ! And this is only the beginning !

1981 ... it is clear that with such an offbeat style, it will be particularly difficult for them to finish at the top of the Charts. But hey, with them, everything is possible ...

1983 ... the years pass and nothing changes concerning them. It's permanent boost mode and completely offbeat style. In short, real aliens ...

1984 ... only the English were able to produce such wacky bands. The magic of the 80s and all its excess in action !

1984 ... what we thought was totally unthinkable is about to come true : here they get their first classified title and not the least ! All on a revisited version of a children's song from 1956. Unbelievable but true, they did !

1985 ... the group manages to take advantage of the enormous air intake created by the previous title and here obtains a new classified title. Admittedly, on a smaller scale, but it's always better than nothing as they say ...

1986 ... we suspected that the success obtained previously was a pure and simple miracle. The rest will therefore prove to be much less favorable to the group with an outright disappearance of radars. Hard law of the trade ...

1995 ... and the transition to the next decade will not change anything. What did not work during the 1980s is unlikely to work during the 1990s ...


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