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My sweet lord...

Georges Harrison was an English singer-songwriter who began his artistic career with a small group called The Quarrymen. A group that he joined in 1958 at the age of 15 after being auditioned by 2 other members of the group, 2 young strangers named...Paul McCartney and Jonh Lennon.

The same group which 2 years later in 1960 takes the name of "The Beatles" and signs a first contract under the EMI label. An adventure that will last ten years, produce an incalculable number of planetary mega hits and make this group one of the most legendary groups of the twentieth century.

An incredible adventure for 4 which did not prevent him at the end of the 1960s from starting to take some distance and compose his first solo albums. A first album "Wonderwall music" was released in 1968 followed in 1969 by "Electronic sound". Two mainly instrumental albums.

With the Beatles adventure closed, the artist's "sung" solo career began in earnest from the year 1970 with the release of what will remain as his biggest personal success, namely the enormous "My Sweet Lord". A title that will undoubtedly remain as one of the most emblematic titles of the decade and oh so revealing of the very special atmosphere of the beginning of the decade.

A track taken from the album "All things must pass", album which was also released in 1970, which will in turn hit the planet and which will produce another mega hit in 1971 with the title "What is life".

1971 was a particularly favorable year for the singer as he signed a new title of very high caliber "Bangla Desh".

After a year 1972 when not much happened surprisingly, he came back in force in 1973 with the album "Living in the material world". Album which will mainly produce the flagship single "Gime me love (Give me peace on earth)".

New album "Dark horse" in 1974. Album which will not even be classified across the Channel and which will produce 2 hits of small scale with the titles "Dark horse" and "Ding dong, ding dong".

At the rate of one album per year, for the year 1975, it will be "Extra texture (Read all about it)". Album that will struggle to produce any major hit except "You" which will more or less perform well.

The year 1976 saw the release of the album "Thirty three & 1/3", album of average success, just like its predecessor. It is clear that this mid-1970s is particularly difficult to negotiate for the singer and that he is no longer able to produce major titles.

A dynamic of success that faltered to the point of seeing the artist disappear from the Charts for 3 years until 1979, when he returned with a new album which simply bears his name. Mixed return because only the title "Blow away" will know the favors of the public and again.

He will have to wait for the year 1981 to finally be able to make a sensational comeback on the front of the stage thanks to the album "Somewhere in England", album which offers him a new planetary success of very big scale and which will produce the mega hit “All those years ago”.

The years go by but are hardly alike. The proof with the album "Gone troppo" which was released a year later in 1982 and which did not know the success of its predecessor. An album that will literally be unable to produce any world class title.

New break of 5 years followed by a new comeback in 1987 with the release of the album "Cloud nine". Huge album which will produce one of his most emblematic titles, namely "Got my mind set on you", title which will remain as the 2nd biggest success of all his discography. Album which will also produce another very high caliber track with "When we was fab".

In 1988, he opened the Traveling Wilburys parenthesis in the company of 4 other mega-names in the music scene, namely Bob Dylan, Jeff Lyne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty, just that ! A great group that will produce no less than 2 mega planetary hits in the same year as "Handle with care" and "End of the line". As well as a top hit in 1990 called "She's my baby".

A planetary consecration that will be the last because the artist will not produce anything of note until his death in November 2001 at the age of 58 from cancer.

He had a last posthumous success with the album "Brainwashed" which was released a year later in 2002, album which produced a single single with the title "Any road".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Here comes the sun 1969

  • My sweet lord 1970

  • What is life 1971

  • Bengla Desh 1971

  • Give me love 1973

  • Ding dong, ding dong 1974

  • You 1975

  • This song 1976

  • Blow away 1979

  • All those years ago 1981

  • Teardrops 1981

  • Wake up my love 1982

  • I don't want to do it 1985

  • Got my mind set on you 1987

  • When we was fab 1988

  • This is love 1988

  • Cheer down 1989


Clips :

1969 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of his best compositions of the Beatles period. A title which prefigures many others of the same level !

1970 ... his Mona Lisa ! For his first solo title, he simply delivers one of the most striking titles of this decade and at the same time offers himself a direct ticket to posterity, a ticket that he owes this time only to himself. MAS-TER-FUL !

1971 ... an obvious know-how which is confirmed with this title. From now on, he owes nothing to anyone and proves in a brilliant way that he was not just a link of the Beatles but a piece as important as the others ...

1971 ... a cry from the musical heart for this country which will deeply mark the spirits and move the mentalities of the time. A daring bet but a winning bet !

1973 ... after a year 1972 empty, here he is back in this year 1973 in brilliant form. A form that allows him to land a new global mega hit and which above all confirms its undeniable status as a phenomenon of the moment !

1974 ... even if the year 1974 will be slightly a notch below the year 1973, the singer maintains a level of success largely sufficient to keep him in the leading pack. What more !

1975 ... a mid-decade that will prove to be slightly more complicated to manage than expected. The singer does not demerit but the stroke of genius that characterized him at the beginning of the 1970s has somewhat faded ...

1976 ... the year 1976 will unfortunately not be better. The style, like the sound, has hardly evolved for some time while the musical world is in full evolution. Hence a gap that grows year after year with the competition ...

1979 ... after a year 1977 without much interest and a year 1978 downright empty, one would have thought that it was over for the singer. It was bad to know him ...

1981 ... when we thought he was absent subscribers, here he begins this new decade of the 80s on the hats of the wheel. With the key to a new mega hit which puts him back in the race. HU-GE !

1982 ... a single-title year which saw him plunge somewhat into the depths of the Charts. But he did not say his last word, far from it !

1985 ... after 2 new years without much interest or empty, he made a timid comeback in this year 1985. Anyway, he never let go and the sequel will prove that he was right to do nothing let go !

1987 ... and the incredible sequel that nobody expected, here it is ! He quite simply signs the 2nd biggest success of his career and proves in a striking way that with such talent, nothing is ever finished. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... a nostalgic song that sees him return to the fabulous years he will have known within one of the greatest groups of all time. The loop is well and truly complete this time ...

1988 ... an excellent Cru this Vintage 1988 with a plethora of titles of more than certain quality. The singer still has some under the pedal and it shows. Especially it can be heard !

1989 ... a truly incredible adventure that ends with this title. Here he signs his last major success and closes the door behind him on a truly incredible career and one of the richest of the end of the 20th century, just that !


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