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Miss America 1983...

Vanessa Williams is an American singer who starts her artistic career not as a singer but as… Miss America in 1983. Title that she will lose following the scandal related to the publication in the magazine Penthouse of photos of her particularly naked.

On the music side, she released her first single "The right stuff" in 1988. And for a first title, it was a real masterstroke. The title, taken from his first album of the same name as the single, made a real worldwide hit. The same album will produce three other hits, including "Dreamin" which will become a global mega hit. A shattering start that launched the singer's career in a spectacular fashion.

Paradoxically, the euphoria at the start fell somewhat between 1989 and 1990, two years in which the singer did not release much. But it was better to return to 1991 with the album "The comfort zone", an album that will hit the world and record incredible sales scores. Album which will produce the biggest success of his career with the flagship single "Save the best for last", single which will be one of the biggest successes of the year 1992. Album which will also produce 4 other top hits, just that !

The following album "The sweetest days" was released two years later in 1994. Album which in turn was a hit in levels still lower than its predecessor. “The sweetest days” will be the main success.

New top hit in 1995 with the title "Colors of the wind", title she recorded for the soundtrack of the film Pocahontas. Title which will be his last major hit. The year 1996 will finally see the release of a last hit with the title "Where do we go from here ?".

All that will be released afterwards will not be able to match the level of success of previous games...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The right stuff 1988

  • Dreamin’ 1988

  • (He’s got) The look 1988

  • Darlin' I 1989

  • Running back to you 1991

  • The comfort zone 1991

  • Save the best for last 1992

  • Just for tonight 1992

  • Work to do 1992

  • Love is 1993

  • The sweetest days and more 1994

  • The way that you love 1995

  • Colors of the wind 1995

  • You can't run 1995

  • Where do we go from here ? 1996

  • Do you ear what I ear 1996

  • Happiness 1997

  • Oh how the years go by 1997

  • First thing on your mind 1997

  • Who where you thinkin' 'bout ? 1998

  • Refugio de amor (You ar my home) 1998

  • Silver and gold 2004

  • Merry Christmas darling 2004

  • Midnight blue 2005

  • You are everything 2005

  • Breathless 2009

  • Just friends 2009

  • Close to you 2009

  • The real thing 2009


Clips :

1988 ... who could have imagined that a Miss America would be able to embark on an artistic career with so much ease and brilliance. Nobody and yet ...

1988 ... and to start, it is not 1, nor 2, but 3 titles which will follow one another in this year 1988. Has it already started well ? It is without counting on the continuation !

1988 ... his first global mega hit. And yes, already. It didn't take long for her to break the house and become one of the biggest phenomena of the moment in the USA. HU-GE !

1989 ... big year 1988 but small year 1989 with only one title on the clock. Anyway, there may not be the quantity but the quality is there. MA-GIC !

1991 ... after an empty year 1990, we find her in great shape at the beginning of the 90s. Back in Dance mode, just to get off on the right foot !

1991 ... a year of transition between the end of the 80s which saw her grow and evolve in a very positive way and the 90s which will see her literally explode. Attention, the continuation promises to be super !

1992 ... the title of the consecration. Here she is quite simply signing the biggest success of her entire career. A sumptuous Intimist title which makes her definitively fit into the musical legend of the 80s and which proves in a striking way that one can have a particularly advantageous plastic and have at the same time talent. MAS-TER-FUL !

1992 ... a year 1992 undoubtedly placed under the sign of the register 'With emotions'. And each track has a mind-blowing level of inspiration. The pretty Vanessa really does wonders on each title !

1992 ... she will not have attempted the pass of 3 Intimist titles. We're back in Dance mode for this third and last title of the year. Anyway, at this point, whatever field she's in, it always works !

1993 ... an Intimist domain that she will have nevertheless explored in length, width and across. An area where she feels particularly comfortable, it is undeniable. And when you see the result, you don't doubt it for a second !

1994 ... another single-title year. It is clear that the singer has really slowed down the pace but whatever, she produces little but very good quality, that's the main thing !

1995 ... a BIG year 1995 which promises to be with a first title halfway between Dance and Intimist, story of accelerating smoothly. And to prepare for an upcoming title that promises to be super ...

1995 ... it is still in the Intimist field that she obtains her 2nd biggest hit thanks to this sumptuous title for the soundtrack of the film Pocahontas. We could not ask for a better performer to sublimate the story of this beautiful and wild heroine

1995 ... a third and last title for the year 1995 but which will in no way know the success of the 2 previous ones. And yet, it is not devoid of interests, far from it. Go figure ...

1996 ... yet another title very finesse and smooth and which shows once again that it will be really difficult to get her out of this Intimist domain that she particularly likes. All for the soundtrack of the film 'Eraser' with Arnold Scharwzenegger and in which she also plays. In the oven and in the mill the beautiful Vanessa !

1996 ... rarely an artist will have stayed so much in the Intimist domain at this point. But it's done with so much talent that we want more !

1997 ... her last notorious hit and for once, on Dance. But soft Dance, as always with her. Dance has always been his Achilles heel, but we can't do her again, that's clear ...

1997 ... when Vanessa is once again in the cover. This time with a title by Simon Climie dating from 1993. And as paradoxical as it may seem, this version will be stronger than the original version. Like what...

1997 ... and how do we end...? Gently of course. Sweetness, the key word of a particularly successful career of which the singer can be proud. She, who normally, should have intended exclusively to make laughs in social evenings to assume her title of Miss America ...

1998...we end up with big success in the Charts but not the adventure itself in any case because she still has things to offer. And especially to sing... she is in soundtrack mode for the film 'Dance with me', a film in which she plays herself. The art of being in the oven and at the mill...

2004...we will lose sight of her for almost 6 years and here she is again in a form that we will qualify as certain. Enough in any case to find the way back to the Charts...

2004...she decides to revisit here the title of the Carpenters dating from 1970. A pretty title full of finesse and lightness which is just waiting to be listened to of course...

2005... she is now revisiting a title by Melissa Manchester dating from 1975 and as for the previous title there is nothing else to do but take advantage of this moment when time is as if suspended...

2005... it's the turn of the Stylistics and their title dating from 1971 to have the favors of the singer through this luxury cover. And once again her revisited version is particularly successful...

2009...we find her again 4 years later in a form that we will qualify as certain and above all sufficient so that her return does not go unnoticed. What more...

2009...fine titles with more than certain quality and which will allow this new opus to know a nice course in the Charts...

2009...paradoxically no Single will be classified. It is clear that the albums continue to work thanks to the basic fans but the singer can no longer capture other audiences unfortunately...

2009...will this title be the last ? With her, everything is always possible so it could be that we find her later at one time or another...


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