Mirror, mirror ...

Original Mirrors is an English group formed in 1979 by Ian Broudie and Steve Allen.

Little known, he produced only 2 albums under the Mercury Records label before disappearing altogether in 1981.

Some members leaving to join the "Lightning Seeds" group and others the "Status Quo" group.

Anyway, they will leave in history 2 particularly interesting albums, with an innovative sound for the time (we are very early 80) and we had to devote an article to them just for these reasons.

Frankly, some good that deserved more recognition !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Could this be heaven ? 1979

• Reflections 1979

• Boys cry 1980

• Flying 1980

• Chains of love 1980

• Dancing with the rebels 1981

• Teenbeat 1981

• Things to come 1981

• When you’re young 1981

Clips :

1979 ... a very promising start for a little group that went almost unnoticed. And who frankly deserved recognition far superior to what it was !

1979 ... it is confirmed, there is talent in this group, it is clear ! An avant-garde inspiration clearly superior to most groups of this end of the decade ...

1980 ... as the group was already ahead of its time, the transition to the 80s is done with obvious ease. All good little guys !

1980 ... each title is a real success. As paradoxical as it may seem, the group will get little recognition from it among the general public ...

1980 ... against the backdrop of rhythmic Ska, a track that spins at 200 km/h and which shows once again that this group had everything to succeed

1981 ... rebels, of course. But only on the sound side. And always on the lookout for new products with bonus titles of more than certain quality

1981 ... another track that spins at the speed of light. They will often have overspeed while avoiding the fatal crash. Talent simply ...

1981 ... the end of the adventure for a 'shooting star' group with more than obvious talent. We would have liked it to have lasted a little longer, but fate would have decided otherwise ...

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