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Midnight lovers...

Almost no information about Passion except that it is an American group that will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "You can't hide it" which will be released in 1984.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Don’t bring back memories 1980

  • In New-York 1980

  • Midnight lovers 1980

  • Dancing and romancing 1980

  • Don’t stop my love 1982

  • You can’t hide it 1984


Clips :

1980... beginnings straddling 2 musical eras and this is evident in the style and sound. They will have to choose one or the other at some point...

1980...the dominance of 'Disco' is obvious but no longer really meets the expectations of young audiences at the very beginning of the 80s. Beware, danger...

1980... here they are attacking directly in Ultimate Slow mode and the result is far from unworthy. Like everything they've produced since their debut...

1980...back in Dance mode on the same bases as before. It is clear that nothing more will happen in terms of sound evolution during this year 1980...

1982...the long-awaited evolution finally arrives, so it was enough to be a little patient. Paradoxically, it will not bring them more than that...

1984...which will undoubtedly remain as their most accomplished title. This will not be enough anyway to allow them to continue the adventure a little further unfortunately...


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