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Launched in the great bath of music from the age of 15, strongly inspired by soul and funk, Robert Palmer collaborates in his early youth with several groups including the Alan Bown Set. But it was not until 1974 that he took off solo and enjoyed esteem success with "Sneakin 'Sally through the Alley". Arrives the year 1978 and the release of his now planetary tube "Every Kind of People" which will bring him suddenly out of the shadows into the light. The 1980 album "Clues" literally elevated him to international star status with the hit "John and Mary", which would remain one of the flagship titles of the 1980s. A parenthesis will follow from 1984 when he forms with two members of Duran Duran and the drummer of Chic the group Power Station which will produce a few pieces of good quality. We will remember two other key dates in his career with his title "Addicted to love" in 1986 and "Simply irresistible" in 1988 which will allow him to temporarily return to success. And to finish in 1990 where he joined the time of a song with the group UB40 with which he will produce the title "I’ll be your babe tonight". He died prematurely in Paris in 2003 at the age of 53. Discography (among others ...) :

• Get outside 1975

• Give me an inch 1976

• Which one of us is the fool 1976

• Man smart, woman smarter 1976

• Every kind of people 1978

• Bad case of loving you 1979

• John and Mary 1980

• Looking for clues 1980

• Some guys have all the luck 1982

• You are in my system 1983

• Pride 1983

• Some like it hot 1985

• Get it on (Bang a gong) 1985

• Communication 1985

• Discipline of love 1985

• Riptide 1986

• Addicted to love 1986

• I didn't mean to turn you on 1986

• Sweet lies 1988

• Simply irresistible 1988

• Early in the morning 1988

• She makes my day 1988

• Tell me I'm not dreaming 1989

• Change his ways 1989

• Life in detail 1990

• I’ll be your babe tonight 1990

• Mercy mercy me/I want you 1991

• Know by now 1994

• You blow me away 1994


Clips :

1975 ... a smooth start, very soul music oriented. But it won't last ...

1976 ... a much more trendy sound. A healthy development that will quickly bear fruit !

1976 ... certainly, it will not bear fruit immediately but once again the singer confirms through this title all the good that one can think of him

1976 ... his first major hit. A slow but certain rise ...

1978 ... the title of the revelation. A title that literally explodes the notoriety of the singer and which will remain as one of the most emblematic hit of the 70s

1979 ... a title that spins at 200 km/h. Ooh there, Robert, we will have to ease off a's going too quickly !

1980 ... the HUGE interplanetary hit which elevates him definitively to the rank of planetary star. The beginning of the 1980s which literally started off on a high note !

1980 ... he repeats in stride with this title which will be even stronger at the classification level in the Charts. At the top of its possibilities !

1982 ... we find him two years later with a title somewhat wacky but which works my faith very well

1983 ... an undeniable talent which is confirmed year after year. When we think back to the musical style of its beginnings, we see the chasm that separates the 2 eras ...

1983 ... surprisingly, some titles go completely under the radars. This one will be part of it but nothing to worry about, nothing serious doctor !

1985 ... the Power Station parenthesis. When the best artists of the moment come together to make a beef, the result is necessarily up to par !

1985 ... a little beef that will produce no less than 3 mega hits. We expected no less ...

1985 ... a parenthesis of quality which will have produced 3 titles of very large caliber. Good job guys !

1985 ... the Power Station bracket is now closed. No more playing with little friends. Back to serious things !

1986 ... the business resumes but surprisingly with this title that we will qualify as unqualifiable. A sweet parenthesis to which he had not really accustomed us ...

1986 ... a parenthesis 'Power Station' which will not have marginalized it for sure. On the contrary, even. He is, in this year 1986, at the best of his form and proves it in a brilliant way with this new top hit !

1986 ... a luxury takeover of the emblematic title of Cherrelle. Well, it may not be worth the original but it holds up !

1988 ... BIG year with no less than 4 hits. Including this first which is the soundtrack of the film of the same name

1988 ... a rock track, very rock and beating hard. Not necessarily the field that suits him best ...

1988 ... back to the fundamentals in which he excels. Another title with certain quality !

1988 ... rare to see him in the Intimist register. In any case, on this title there, it works wonderfully !

1989 ... another track which, despite a more than obvious musical quality, will go under the radar. Sometimes you shouldn't try to understand ...

1989 ... wow, we go from one extreme to another. Emotions with a completely barred side. Baffling all that ...

1990 ... a new decade 90 which starts on the hats of wheel with this title boosted which will be part of the soundtrack of a small film called ... Pretty Woman !

1990 ... 15 years after its beginnings, still there the guy ! He even allows himself to record one of his biggest hits there ! What talent !

1991 ... the Olympic form. New mega hit with a title that takes the basics of what works best in terms of musical style

1994 ... a decade 90 perfectly mastered and which sees him produce titles of very high class

1994 ... another proof of his immense talent with this particularly inspired title. And which will be his last notorious hit. What a career !

Top Bonus : 1985...the story of a Lifetime I

Top Bonus : 1990...the story of a Lifetime II

Top Bonus : 2003...the last interview I


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