Wouldn’t change a thing...

Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer and actress who has sold more than 110 million records to date worldwide.

Her artistic career began as an actress in Soaps from the age of 11.

But things suddenly accelerated in 1986 when she got the role of a mechanic (!) In the flagship series "Neighbors". Series that will propel her to the rank of star in Australia.

And it was during a charity gala in the presence of all the actors of the series that she interpreted "The locomotion", in truth a cover of Little Eva which dates from 1964 and which allows her to be noticed by the "Mushroom records" label. Label that signs her in stride.

The single was released in 1987 and it's a real hit.

Building on this success, she went to England with her agent to meet the “Tube makers”, the famous SAW (Stock-Aitken-Waterman). They write her "I should be so lucky" and as soon as it is released, the single will in turn become a planetary hit.

His first album "Kylie" came out in stride, which worked very well in Europe and Asia.

In particular the flagship titles that are "Got to be certain" and "I don't know why".

In 1988, she ended her acting career to devote herself fully to music.

We have to wait a year and the single "Especially for you" in duet with Jason Donovan before she finds the top of the hits. Single which will sell more than a million copies in England alone.

Released his second album "Enjoy yourself" which was a hit again on the European continent but not across the Atlantic. And from which will be extracted the hits "Hand on your heart", "Wouldn’t change a thing" and "Never too late".

Her third album "Rythm of love" was released in 1990 and marked a profound turning point in the singer's career. New sound, new style, she claims her status as a liberated woman.

What will be found in titles like "Better the devil you know", "Shocked" or "Step back in time".

In 1991 the album "Let’s get to it" was released which, despite good reviews, was far from having the same success as previous albums.

This is when the singer will decide to break with the infernal trio (SAW). We are then in 1992.

She will then sign with the label Deconsctruction Records which will open a new important page for her career.

Exceptional career which is still not finished to this day.

But that’s another story we’ll come back to later…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Locomotion 1987

• I should be so lucky 1987

• Got to be certain 1988

• Je ne sais pas pourquoi 1988

• Especially for you 1988

• It's no secret 1988

• Turn it into love 1988

• Hand on your heart 1989

• Wouldn’t change a thing 1989

• Never too late 1989

• Tears on my pillow 1990

• We know the meaning of love1990

• Better the devil you know 1990

• Step back in time 1990

• What do I have to do 1991

• Shocked 1991

• Word is out 1991

• If you were with me now 1991

• Give me just a little more time 1992

• Finer feelings 1992

• What kind of fool (Heard all that before) 1992

• Confide in me 1994

• Put yourself in my place 1994

• Where the wild roses grow 1995

• Some kind of bliss 1997

• Breathe 1998

Clips :

1987 ... a luxury cover of the title of Little Eva and dating from 1962 to launch the career of a little blonde who will become in a few decades one of the biggest stars of this end of the XXth century ...

1987 ... then comes THIS title. From her 2nd single, the pretty Kylie gets her first global mega hit, just that. A dazzling success, smashing and which propels One Shot our pretty blonde of the highest spheres of glory and success. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... now the recipe will be simple : a title released = a mega hit. A truly incredible success that literally crushes the competition !

1988 ... the year 1988 ideally positions her as one of the biggest phenomena of the end of the decade. Then the next. Then again from the next one...incredible but true !

1988 ... which will surely remain as one of the most glamorous duos of the decade. When 2 of the biggest revelations of the moment push the song together, inevitably the result is up to it !

1988 ... the 'little' hit of the year. Even if she is now on an absolutely incredible dynamic, she also happens to have a few titles at the level of ordinary people ...

1988 ... then there, this title there will not even be classified, will understand. And yet everything is there. But no matter, when you see what is on the horizon, there is no reason to worry ...

1989 ... the year 1988 was an exceptional first year for the pretty fair-haired girl, the year 1989 will more or less approach it. Everything she touches, or sings now, immediately turns into gold !

1989 ... even if the year 1989 did not allow her to reach the highest peaks of the Charts, the sales scores on a planetary level remain among the best. A dynamic that is not ready to stop !

1989 ... four titles will be released that year and all, or almost all, will literally ignite the Dancefloor. The singer has become a formidable efficiency tube machine !

1990 ... a new decade that starts off very smoothly with this pretty title with strong accents of the 50s. Normal, it is a cover of the title of Little Anthony and The Imperials and dating from 1958 ...

1990 ... how many B-sides of this quality have gone unnoticed during this blessed decade when they would have largely deserved an A-Side ? A hell of a package, it's me telling you ...

1990 ... after 3 exceptional years, one would have imagined that the transition to the next decade would perhaps be more complicated than expected. No, on the contrary. The singer sign here one of his biggest hits, quite simply. A decade of 90 which is also shaping up to be auspicious !

1990 ... 3 'official' titles in this year 1990 and the 3 will achieve remarkable sales scores once again. The competition had better watch out !

1991 ... a year 1991 which starts on the same basis but which will prove somewhat disappointing. Difficult to stay on top at all times, especially in this 90's when everything is going very fast !

1991 ... the sound, like the style, adapts to the new standards of the decade. Despite this, it is not always enough to stay in the lead. Small temporary drop in speed that will not last ...

1991 ... this title there will not really do better, it must be said that it will be all year 1991 which will be inside. A small empty passage understandable as the pace was sustained until then ...

1991 ... new duo of shock and especially of charm. A nice Intimist interlude that will save the year in terms of sales. It is true that on duets, it works almost perfectly every time ...

1992 ... she will regain color during this year 1992 but she is obviously struggling to regain the exceptional level of success she experienced during the 80s ...

1992 ... the talent of the singer still works wonders and remains one of the best of her generation, that's clear. But the style, like the inspiration, varies enormously from one title to another and the results are felt ...

1992 ... another 4 titles in this year 1992, proving by itself that the level of productivity is still among the best. She clings, she clings !

1994 ... a new era begins ! After an empty year 1993, we find her literally metamorphosed. Everything has changed, the style, the sound, the way of being. The result is immediate : return to mega planetary success. MAS-TER-FUL !

1994 ... the Kylie of the 80s gave way to the Kylie of the 90s and the result is stunning. As if we were not dealing with the same person. An extremely rare and almost unique metamorphosis during this end of the 20th century !

1995 ... a metamorphosis that pays off year after year with this new global mega hit. Once again in good company, she offers us a new Intimist title of any beauty. MA-GIC !

1997 ... new style change with a much more rock-oriented sound. A daring bet, but above all a losing bet, because the fans do not find themselves there. The end of the decade will prove more complicated to manage than expected ...

1998 ... the last notorious hit of the decade. A 'little' hit that limits breakage but questions the singer's ability to move on to the next decade. The following will show that this singer is really a unique phenomenon in its genre given the level of success that she will find during the decade 2000 !

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