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Kings of wishful thinking...

Go West is an English duo formed in 1982 by Peter Cox and Richard Drummie, a duo that kicked off their career in 1985 with the release of the huge single "We close our eyes". Single which will make a huge planetary success and set fire to all the Dancefloor of the whole world.

An exceptional year 1985 for the group with the release of the album which bears the name of the group and from which 3 other top hits will be extracted : "Call me", "Goodbye girl" and "Don’t look down".

New notorious success two years later in 1987 with the release of the album “Dancing on the couch”, an album which was less successful than its predecessor but which nevertheless produced two large-caliber singles that are “True Colors” and “I want to hear it from you”.

Slightly soft 3 years air hole and back in great shape in 1990 with the single "King of wishful thinking", a song that appeared on the soundtrack of a little movie called… Pretty Woman ! The title is a huge success and thus allows the group to stay in the race.

New album "Indian summer" in 1992, album that will go very well and whose two flagship singles will be "What you won’t do for love" but also, and above all, "Faithful".

Two successes which will unfortunately be the last because everything that will come out subsequently will only experience a modest level of success ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • We close our eyes 1985

  • Call me 1985

  • Goodbye girl 1985

  • Eye to eye 1985

  • Don’t look down – The sequel 1985

  • One way street 1986

  • True colors 1986

  • I want to hear it from you 1987

  • From Baltimore to Paris 1987

  • King of wishful thinking 1990

  • Faithful 1992

  • What you won’t do for love 1992

  • Still in love 1993

  • Tracks of my tears 1993

  • All day all night 2001

  • Only love 2008


Clips :

1985 ... from the first title, the group obtains its direct ticket to posterity ! They sign here quite simply one of the biggest dance hits of the 80s and immediately position themselves as one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... an exceptional year 1985 for the group with a second top hit in the wake. One would have thought that the group would pass like a shooting star and be satisfied with the enormous previous success. They want more, that's clear !

1985 ... the group puts a layer back with this Intimist title of all beauty. They know how to do everything in addition, a success to say the least insolent and which is left to last !

1985 ... they are good in all tempos, an extremely rare thing reserved exclusively for the best of the best. And the year 1985 is not yet over for them, that is to say !

1985 ... for a group that was still totally unknown barely 1 year ago, we are hallucinating ! Already 5 hits on the counters including 3 Tops and 1 Mega hits, just that. But how far will they go ?

1986 ... a beautiful Ultimate Slow that will go almost completely under the radar. Is that possible ? In this case, unfortunately ...

1986 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. The group learns it at his expense with a year 1986 which has nothing to do in terms of success with the year which preceded it. And yet the group is not far from it. But he set the bar so high the year before that it is literally impossible to match her ...

1987 ... the adventure still continues to be beautiful, even if the level of success has somewhat dropped since their sensational entry on the international scene. As they say, the essential is preserved ...

1987 ... an Intimist domain in which they excel but which hardly brings them back. This title will not even be classified while it is far from unworthy. Go figure ...

1990 ... after 2 surprisingly empty years, we find them in this year 1990 in a form that will be described as Olympic, a form which allows them to return to success. And XXL success !

1992 ... new air gap in 1991, which does not prevent the group from staying in contact with the best in this year 1992. Even if the level of success has nothing to do with that of the 80s, the group manages to stay in the big leagues and that's the main thing

1992 ... we are very far from the dance mega hits of yesteryear, that's clear. The group decided to continue the adventure on a different register and my faith is quite successful ...

1993 ... it still happens to some songs to go 'through' as they say. What will be the case of this one unfortunately while it is far from demerit, it is clear

1993 ... well, when the carrots start to get cooked, a good old revival can sometimes turn the tide in surprising ways. Even if this title will have a nice run across the Channel, it will not be enough to stop the decline of the group that nothing, and no one, will be able to prevent in the years that will follow ...

2001 ... they will still attempt the transition to the 2000s and my faith, the result is far from ridiculous. The title will not even be classified but it is clear that they still have some under the pedal ...

2008 ... very few titles produced during this decade and very brief appearances but quality appearances. A talented group that will never be altered, despite the weight of years and especially decades !


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