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Keep on movin’...

Soul II Soul is an English group formed in London in 1988 and originally composed of Jazzie B., Caron Wheeler, Doreen Waddell, Rose Windross, Daddae, Aitch B and Jazzie Q.

Group which had two first major successes with the singles "Fairplay" and "Feel free" which came out the year the group was created.

Success confirmed, and especially considerably amplified a year later in 1989, when the enormous single "Keep on movin" was released, a single that was to make a real worldwide hit and literally explode the group's international reputation. Record that will sell over a million copies in the United States alone!

A decidedly exceptional year for the group in 1989, since the album "Clus classics Vol. One ”which was released in the process will also achieve incredible sales scores with 4 million copies sold worldwide.

Album from which will be extracted another single which will be even stronger than the previous one and which remains to this day the biggest success of all their discography, namely "Back to life (However do you want me)". Single which will be ranked N ° 1 in a good number of planetary charts, a real feat!

A year 1989 which ended in apotheosis with a 3rd mega hit in the wake thanks to the title "Get a life". The group then literally walks on water and becomes one of the biggest global phenomena of the end of the decade.

New album "Vol.II: 1990 - A new decade" a year later in 1990, album which will be almost as strong as its predecessor. Album which will include "Get a life" but also the title "A dream's a dream", single which will give the group a new global mega hit, one more. The singles "People" and "Missing you" will also be extracted, two singles of certain quality but which will not be able to compete with their predecessors.

The album "Volume III Just Right" was released in 1992. It is clear that the level of success of the group decreases from year to year, both in terms of albums and singles, but still remains very Student. Album from which will be extracted mainly the single "Joy", single which allows the group to obtain its 5th mega hit. Mega hit which will unfortunately be the last.

Despite many and many changes of members, the group will never regain its level of excellence of the end of the 1980s and anything that comes out thereafter will have only limited success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Fairplay 1988

  • Feel free 1988

  • Keep on movin’ 1989

  • Back to life (However do you want to me) 1989

  • Get a life 1989

  • A dream’s a dream 1990

  • People 1990

  • Missing you 1990

  • Joy 1992

  • Move me no mountain 1992

  • Just right 1992

  • Wish 1993

  • Love enuff 1995

  • I care 1995

  • Represent 1997


Clips :

1988 ... a smooth start, both literally and figuratively. Anyway, the group gets its first hit, admittedly minor, but it has the merit of launching the machine

1988 ... a year 1988 definitely placed under the sign of softness. An interesting bias but which does not pay more than that, at least for now. Can and must do better !

1989 ... then THIS title comes ! Yet we remain at the same tempo as the previous titles but this one will have a radically different destiny than its predecessors. The group won the game with this title which will remain as one of the biggest global hits of the end of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... but that's without counting on THIS title ! The latter will do even stronger than his predecessor, yes, yes, it is possible. In 2 titles, the group will have reached the Nirvana and will have obtained its direct ticket to posterity. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1989 ... a truly exceptional year 1989 which saw the group achieve the pass of 3 ! 3 mega planetary hits in a single year, few have achieved this feat, it's clear !

1990 ... unbelievably, the year 1990 started again almost on the same bases as the year 1989. A dynamic of incredible success which saw the group literally walk on water. The hardest part in these cases is to stay at such a level for years to come ...

1990 ... a small drop in speed with this new title. We suspected that it would be almost impossible for them to maintain such a pace. Anyway, the level of success is still stratospheric !

1990 ... the year 1989 was exceptional in all respects, the year 1990 will soon follow. In particular thanks to this 3rd top hit which allows the group to stay in the Elite with disconcerting ease !

1992 ... surprisingly, nothing will happen in 1991. The group is back in force in this year 1992 and the least we can say is that they have not lost any of their talent, a talent decidedly above average !

1992 ... but all good things come to an end. The style of the group is starting to tire the public somewhat and the level of success in the Charts suffers the consequences. A beginning of deceleration which seemed inevitable as the level of success was high ...

1992 ... even if the group no longer touches the stars as before, what he continues to produce is more than enough to keep him in the big league !

1993 ... only one small title on the clock for this year 1993. A drop in speed which confirms the basic trend, namely that the group is indeed losing speed and that the end is fast approaching...

1995 ... new air hole in 1994 and return in a form that we will qualify as certain in this year 1995. Like what, nothing is ever finished but it will indeed be the last time that the group will arrive at turn the situation to his advantage

1995 ... and always this unique style which will remain their trademark until the end. An inimitable style that will have made their fortune and their glory !

1997 ... this time, the adventure has come to an end. A magnificent adventure which will have seen them touch the stars on numerous occasions and will have consecrated them as one of the major groups of the end of the 20th century !


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