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In tribute to Alan...

The Blue Nile is a Scottish band formed in 1981 and composed of Paul Buchanan, Robert Bell and Paul Joseph Moore. The name of the band is said to be a reference to the book by Austalian writer Alan Moorehead.

Their first single "I love this life" came out the year of their formation but the label RSO Records which was to release the record goes bankrupt, thus preventing its release.

As paradoxical as it may seem, the group's beginnings are without a drummer. The basis of their sound is therefore exclusively electronic.

It was not until 1984 that they released their first album "A walk across the rooftops". An album financed not by a label but by a company called Linn Products and specialized in Hi-Fi equipment ...

The album is a notorious success, in particular thanks to the particularly rave reviews of the specialized press. Two singles will be extracted, “Stay” and “Tinseltown in the rain”.

The sequel gets more complicated with tremendous pressure from Linn to complete the next album too quickly. This creates strong tensions between the group and the company, thus blocking the production of an album on time. Company which ultimately sells the group to Virgin Records.

The second album "Hats" did not come out until 1989. The five years of making the latter paid off in the end because the album was a hit. This time, it is three singles which will know the favors of the public with first the magnificent "The downton lights". Followed by a few "Headlights on the parade". And finally "Saturday night" which will remain as their highest ranked single of all their discography.

Seven years will separate "Hats" from "Peace at last" which was released in 1996. Obvious change in tone with this album which gives pride of place to acoustics. Something that doesn’t seem to destabilize the fans since the album once again achieves significant sales scores. On the other hand, the only single taken from the album "Happiness" will achieve only a rather modest journey.

This time around, we'll have to wait 8 years before seeing the release of the album "High" in 2004. Flagship album of the group because it will remain as the highest ranked of all, just like the single "I would never" which will be the only single from the album.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I love this life 1981

  • Stay 1984

  • Tinseltown in the rain 1984

  • The downton lights 1989

  • Headlights on the parade 1990

  • Saturday night 1991

  • Happiness 1996

  • Tomorrow morning 1996

  • I would never 2004

  • Stay close 2004


Clips :

1981 ... the promising beginnings of a small group which will reveal its full potential thereafter. And he has, that's clear !

1984 ... the title of the revelation. A title that will make them go from shadow to light and radically change their destiny. A well-deserved recognition !

1984 ... a sequel of the same caliber. The confirmation of an obvious talent and a style really apart, 2 not insignificant qualities to be among the Elite !

1989 ... surely one of their most beautiful titles. A very high level inspiration which produces a title which is no less. MA-GIC !

1990 ... and what about that one ! While being very electronic, this song literally floats in the air. A know-how in the field of 'With emotions' which commands respect ...

1991 ... in Ultimate Slow mode. A slowness which sublimates this highly inspired title and which shows all their versatility once again. What talent ! obvious change in tone with this switch to acoustic mode. And it works perfectly too !

1996 ... already 15 years of presence and not a wrinkle on the clock. Admittedly, the group maintains a style of its own and which does not really stick to the standards of the moment. But the inspiration, her, is of certain quality and that is the main thing !

2004 ... their second highest ranked track. We had to wait for the 2000s ... It just goes to show that everything happens to those who know how to wait !

2004 ... what better way to end this magnificent adventure than to end it gently. They deliver here a new title with a certain lyricism which allows them to leave by the very large Door !


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