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In the mood (To groove)...

Not much news about Aurra other than the fact that it's an American band formed in 1979 by Steve Washington, which will be joined by Curt Jones, Starleana Young, Charles Carter and Buddy Hankerson.

A group that will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for the very high-caliber single "You and me tonight" released in 1986.

As such alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • When I come home 1980

  • In the mood (To groove) 1980

  • Make up your mind 1981

  • Are you single 1981

  • Nasty disposition 1981

  • A little love 1982

  • Such a feeling 1982

  • Baby love 1983

  • Happy feeling 1985

  • You and me tonight 1986

  • Like I like it 1986

  • Are you available 1986


Clips :

1980 ... trendy beginnings that show that this band has everything he takes to do great things. Now you just have to wait for THE title that will make all the difference ...

1980 ... a year 1980 which allows above all to break in and show what we are capable of. It is clear that for the moment the level is not yet high enough to hope to compete with the best ...

1981 ... there is talent in this group, that's clear. But the rise in power is slow and it will therefore not be during this year 1981 that the group will explode, it is clear ...

1981 ... anyway, what they offer fits perfectly with the times and there really isn't much missing to see them reach the big leagues. Still a little patience...

1981 ... a year 1981 rich in titles but which saw the group stagnate at an average level that they were unable to improve for the moment. Can and must do better !

1982 ... the years pass and the long awaited improvement still does not arrive. However, it is not for lack of trying but it still lacks that little extra that could make all the difference ...

1982 ... we feel that it will not be during this year 1982 either that the group will finally win the cup. It will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with the minimum union ...

1983 ... a Dance sound which positions the group as one of the sure values of the moment without bringing them glory and consecration. Hard law of the trade ...

1985 ... after an empty year 1984, here they are back in average shape. The break did not really benefit them and their level remains identical to previous years. When it doesn't, it doesn't ...

1986 ... then THIS title comes ! The title that will finally allow them to achieve a semblance of consecration, a consecration after which they have been chasing for years. Of course, they will not reach the first places of the Charts but will obtain their biggest record success with this title, it is already that !

1986 ... the consecration was unfortunately short-lived. The group plunges directly into the depths of the Charts and will never rise to the surface despite all the efforts they may deploy ...

1986 ... they hang on and try to resist as best they can. But the competition is already light years ahead and it is now too late to hope for any miracle. Pity...


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