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Hunters of the night...

Mr. Mister is an American group formed in 1982 in Phoenix and composed of Richard Page, singer and bass player, Steve George, keyboard player, Pat Mastelotto, drummer and Steve Farris on guitar.

Page and George originally came from the Pages group, active from 1978 to 1981.

The first album "I wear the face" was released in 1984 and enjoyed only relative success.

At the same time, we propose to Page the place of singer in the group Toto. Then shortly after a place in the Chicago group. Let him decline one like the other.

It was in 1985 that the group suddenly exploded in the eyes of the whole world with the new album “Welcome to the real world” from which will be extracted in particular the single hit “Kyrie”, “Is it love” but also and above all the huge, superb, fabulous hit "Broken wings".

In 1987 the album "Go on ..." was released, which included the hits "Something real" and "Healing waters", "The border" and "Stand and deliver". Album which will have a certain success but much less than the previous one.

Three years will pass before the realization of the fourth album "Pull" which in the end will not be marketed !

By the same token, the outright explosion of a group made in the USA that will have deeply marked the 80s with very beautiful achievements moreover.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Talk the talk 1984

• Hunters of the night 1984

• Broken wings 1985

• Kyrie 1985

• Is it love 1986

• Black/White 1986

• Something real 1987

• Healing waters 1987

• The border 1988

• Stand and deliver 1988

• Learning to crawl 2010

• Waiting in my dreams 2010

• Lifetime 2010


Clips :

1984 ... a first title which will unfortunately go completely under the radars for this group with obvious potential. Just give them a little time ...

1984 ... the real start. Their first major hit and probably not the last, it's clear. A year 1984 of running in as we say ...

1985 ... then comes the WONDER ! THE title that will change everything and explode One Shot the reputation of the group ! Surely one of the most beautiful songs of the decade, if not of the end of the XXth century. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1985 ... a decidedly exceptional year 1985 with a second mega hit in the process. Rare to chain 2 world class hits at this speed. A real feat !

1986 ... hard to compete with such an incredible previous year. And this despite a title with more than obvious quality !

1986 ... the deceleration is brutal with a level of success which will drop inexorably from this title. And yet they are far from demerit !

1987 ... the last notorious hit. And yes, already ! A group that will only have stayed on top for 3 years. It doesn't matter, it's the quality that counts, not the quantity !

1987 ... even if the group no longer produces mega hits, the talent is still there, the proof ! The level of success has dropped to 0 but the adventure continues, no matter what and who would complain !

1988 ... passed Masters in the Art of ballad of very large caliber, here is one last to end the adventure in style. MA-GIC !

1988 ... this time, it is indeed the end. For a group with more than certain talent. And who left 2 pieces of anthology in the musical history of the 80s. Just that !

2010... when we thought the case was definitely closed, here they are back almost 22 years, who would have thought that possible ? Not many people that's for sure...

2010...a return that unfortunately will go somewhat unnoticed. They took too long to come back and even the basic fans left to look elsewhere...

2010... after, they will have at least tried. Too bad they didn't come back much sooner because everything could have been very different...

Top Bonus : the story of a lifetime...


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