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Hungry for heaven...

Dio is an American group formed in 1982 and originally formed by 2 ex-members of Black Sabbath namely Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice. Which will be quickly joined by Jake E. Lee and Jimmy Bain.

A group that released a first title "Holy Diver" a year later in 1983, a Single that immediately enjoyed significant success and launched the group in the front of the stage in an ideal way. Title taken from the album of the same name released the same year, an album that will not go unnoticed either, far from it. An album that will produce another major hit with the title "Rainbow in the dark".

Success confirmed and amplified a year later with the release in 1984 of the album "The last in line", album which will remain as the highest ranked of all their discography. Album worn at arm's length by the Singles "The last in line" and "Mystery".

It was the turn of the album "Sacred heart" to be released in 1985, an album with less success than its predecessor but a major success all the same. In particular thanks to its two flagship titles, "Rock'N'Roll children" and "Hungry for heaven".

The album "Dream evil" was released in 1987 and confirmed once again that the group was still in the race, even if the level of success decreased from year to year. Especially thanks to the title "I could have been a dreamer".

The transition to the 90s will see the group seriously decelerate in terms of success despite the release of several albums.

He will still manage to come back more or less in the race during the 2000s with the release of 3 albums which will experience significant success...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Holy diver 1983

  • Rainbow in the dark 1983

  • The last in line 1984

  • We rock 1984

  • Mystery 1984

  • Rock ‘N’ Roll children 1985

  • Hungry for heaven 1985

  • King of Rock 'N' Roll 1986

  • I could have been a dreamer 1987

  • All the fools sailed away 1987

  • Hey angel 1990

  • Wild one 1990

  • Born on the sun 1990

  • Strange highways 1993

  • Hollywood black 1993

  • Big sister 1996

  • This is your life 1996

  • Lord of the last day 2000

  • Turn to stone 2000

  • Scream 2002

  • Guilty 2002

  • Master of the moon 2004

  • The man who would be king 2004

  • Electra 2010


Clips :

1983...first title and first big success. It must be said that with a CV of Dio's level, it would have been very surprising if this retraining was not up to par...

1983...a year 1983 which sees the group literally fly over its subject. This first album is a huge success and thus allows the group to impose himself de facto as one of the biggest revelations of the moment... just 2 years the group will have achieved the feat of becoming one of the leaders in its musical field. Alright little guys !

1984 ... a title that will go a little more unnoticed than its predecessor but that will have no impact on the smooth running of the adventure. So far everything is going well... is picking up again with this new title, which shows that the previous slight air gap was nothing to worry about...

1985...which will undoubtedly remain as their best vintage. A year 1985 which will see the group literally fly over its subject and definitely win its direct ticket to posterity !

1985...the group will have been able to make its particularly punchy sound relatively affordable to ordinary mortals, which will have necessarily enabled him to cast a wide net in terms of audience...

1986...surprisingly this title will go under the radar. After an exceptional year 1985 for the group, the awakening behind is painful to say the least...

1987 ... it must be said that the sound of the year 1986 was not really intended for the general public. What the group decides to rectify behind and well takes him considering the success achieved by this title in the Charts...

1987... the group slows down the tempo considerably on this track, but the force prevails too much over the finesse, hence a certain imbalance. With as a consequence a title with success, to say the least, relative...

1990...after an 80s decade which established them as one of the best bands in their field, here they begin the 90s with the desire to do just as well. Not sure if that's the case unfortunately...

1990...the big problem of this 90 decade is that the group will find its basic fundamentals, to say the least punchy. The proof with this title...

1990...even if they're going to make efforts to produce titles that are a little more affordable, the upcoming set is going to be aimed primarily at insiders, to say the least...

1993 ... the sound will become much heavier and therefore difficult to access to the general public. A musical reorientation that will de facto marginalize the group and this in an irremediable way...

1993...this will not prevent the albums produced from being classified, but no single will be any more. The band owes its success only to its core fans...'s hard to understand why the group decided to cut himself off from part of an audience that he had nevertheless managed to capture during the 1980s. A counterproductive strategy, to say the least...

1996...we really wonder if we are dealing here with the same group ! And yet it is the same people who deliver this title with finesse and lightness...

2000...even if the success has been considerably reduced, this in no way prevents the group from continuing its adventure. As long as they enjoy doing what they do, why throw in the towel prematurely... any case, it's the basic fans who are delighted each time a new opus comes out. And there are still some of the basic fans at first sight...

2002...especially since the group's level of productivity remains high, to say the least, which nevertheless makes it possible to retain a minimum of a clientele of insiders...

2002... what will have also weighed down the group is that he will not have known how to reinvent himself as he should have. The competition has managed to do it anyway...

2004... the group continues to believe in it in any case. In principle, we can only give him reason because in music everything is always possible...

2004...unfortunately, and despite an obvious desire not to let go, the adventure will not go further than this year 2004. They will still have reached 20 years of career and just for that, respect as they say !

2010...a more or less posthumous title since it will be released the year of Dio's death. A Dio with an exceptional career and who will undoubtedly remain one of the figureheads of his musical field !


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