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Sophisticated boom boom ...

Dead or Alive is an English group from Liverpool formed by Pete Burns in 1980, produced by the legendary Stock-Aitken-Waterman, and originally composed by Pete Burns on vocals, Wayne Hussey on guitar, Mike Percy on bass , Steve Coy on drums and Timothy Lever on various instruments. It was in 1977 that the adventure began when Burns founded "The Mystery Girls" with a few friends, a group that would implode very quickly. He reoffended years later, in 1979, forming the group "Nightmares in Wax", rather Gothico-post punk oriented. In 1980 they released a mini album entitled "Birth of a nation" without much success. The year 1980 arrives, when Burns, with an eccentric and androgynous look, is encouraged by local producers to found a group that looks like him: it will be Dead or Alive. The first single "The stranger", released in 1982, was only very modestly successful. In 1983 the single "Misty circles" was released, which would have to be content with a 100th place in the English charts despite an obvious quality. Their first album "Sophisticated boom boom", released in 1984 and allows them to stand out but nothing more. But everything suddenly accelerates when the same cult planetary hit "You spin me round (like a record)" arrives in the same year, which will smash everything in its path, ranking N ° 1 in England and very well in the United States and in Canada in particular. Taken from the second album "Youthquake" which came out in 1985. Album which also contains other beautiful achievements like "Lover come back to me", "In too deep" and "My heart goes bang". Two years passed before the release of the third album "Mad, bad, and dangerous to know" in 1987, from which the single "Brand new lover" will be released, which will have only limited success. It’s the single “Something in my house” that will have the greatest success, thanks in particular to the provocative-Gothic-decadent aspect of Burns. But the group has already started its downward phase and they will know their last notorious success in 1988 with "Turn around and count 2 ten". Dead or Alive will have deeply marked the spirits, as much by the eccentricity and the progressive decadence of its singer (especially when we see what he was and what he looked like before dying in 2016….) As by the incredibly rich sound and so many 80s singles. A model of its kind, an extraordinary mirror of this era so rich in terms of creativity, and looks, in the best as in the worst…. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• I'm falling 1980

• It's been hours now 1982

• Misty circles 1983

• What I want 1983

• I'l do anything 1984

• That’s the way (I like it) 1984

• You spin me round (like a circle) 1984

• Lover come back to me 1985

• In too deep 1985

• My heart goes bang 1985

• Brand new lover 1986

• Something in my house 1987

• Hooked on love 1987

• I'll save you all my kisses 1987

• Turn around and count 2 ten 1988

• Come home with me baby 1989

• Baby don't say goodbye 1989

• Your sweetness (Is your weakness) 1990

• Gone 2 long 1991

• Rebel rebel 1994

• Nukleopatra 1995

• Unhappy birthday 1995

Sleep with you 1995

• Sex drive 1996

• Hit and run lover 2000

I paralyze 2000

• Just what I always wanted 2000

• Tonight 2021

• U were meant 4 me 2021

• I want 2 B with U 2021


Clips :

1980 ... the very confidential beginnings of a small group that will, in a few years, become one of the biggest musical phenomena in the UK. Well, for now, there's still work, it's clear ...

1982 ... the style is refined but the melodic side remains for the moment quite confused. There is something better, for sure, but it is still somewhat rough ...

1983 ... the title of the revelation, finally. This time, everything is good : incredible sound, extraordinary voice, everything comes together for the big show !

1983 ... a truly extraordinary sound which is refined piece by piece and which positions the group as one of the biggest hopes of the moment

1984 ... some pieces are inspired, this one is a little less, it is clear. Can and must do better !

1984 ... a little coverto warm up before releasing once and for all the horses and returning for good to the big leagues

1984 ... then comes THIS title. A HUGE title which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. The group finally reaches the long-awaited consecration and sees its notoriety literally explode. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1985 ... the year 1984 ended in apotheosis, the year 1985 starts almost on the same bases. New global mega hit !

1985 ... the group is now at cruising speed and continues the hits at an impressive speed. Admittedly, the level of success is somewhat declining but many groups would be content with it !

1985 ... pretty triplet of hits for this year 1985 with 1 mega and 2 tops, just that. The group is at the height of its possibilities and it can be heard !

1986 ... exceptionally, the year 1986 will be a single title year but what a title ! The group confirms once again all the good that one thinks of him and obtains its third mega hit

1987 ... a year 1987 which starts again on the hats of wheel with this title which file at a speed close to the light. The group is on a dynamic that does not weaken from an Iota and produces top hit on top hit. HU-GE !

1987 ... even if the level of success fluctuates significantly between each title, the quality remains at Premium level and allows the group to stay in contact with the best

1987 ... BIG year 1987 year with 3 new hits on the clock and not the least. Admittedly, we still feel that the group is somewhat losing speed but nothing alarming for the moment ...

1988 ... another year with one title. With the menu excess, excess and provocation once again, their usual business, nothing surprising. But when you have the talent they have, you can - almost - afford it !

1989 ... new top hit to end the decade in style. Already six years at the top without the group having aged. The transition to the next decade remains to be seen ...

1989 ... one could fear for the continuation and the fears are confirmed. Despite an obvious title quality, the group unscrews for the first time in the Charts. And that's just the beginning of the end ...

1990 ... a transition to the 1990s which rhymes with outright disappearance of the Charts. The fall is brutal but above all, irreversible ...

1991 ... and yet they are far from being ridiculous. But the outrageous side of the group is shocking more and more and Burns leaves in delusions, especially physical, more than disturbing ...

1994 ... when Burns takes over from Bowie dating from 1974. 2 universes that are not that far apart and that work my faith very well on this title, it is clear !

1995... really a pity that the singer left on this dead end road because the group frankly had enough to continue the adventure at the highest level, that's for sure...

1995 ... anyway we will continue to appreciate what they offer as long as they have things to offer. The rest will take a back seat...

1995...certainly the loss of the leading pack is irremediable but that does not prevent them from continuing the adventure in any case. It is the basic fans who are delighted in any case...

1996 ... the very last 'little' hit. This time, it is indeed the end of the adventure, an extraordinary adventure which will have seen them close to the stars then sink in an irreversible and somewhat pathetic way. Extremity has a price unfortunately ...

2000...oh no, all things considered, the previous title was not the last. We find them at the beginning of the 2000s with this title which will not be classified but which shows once again that this man, or this woman, really had incredible talent. Such a waste...

2000...this new opus will go unnoticed to say the least, but it has the merit of existing. And since it exists, we might as well put the light back on it as much as possible...

2000...this time it is indeed one of the last of the group because other titles will be released later but they actually date from 1992...

2021...titles that will therefore be released 9 years after their original release dates. No matter, any new title - old or recent - is good to take !

2021...a posthumous opus that we take a certain pleasure in discovering and we don't understand why these titles weren't officially released at the time...

2021...go figure, there may still be unreleased titles left in the boxes. It could therefore be that the adventure is not quite over again...

Top Bonus : 1984-..the story of a lifetime I

Top Bonus : 1985...the story of a lifetime II

Top Bonus : 1984-2010...the story of a lifetime III


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