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Here’s where the story ends...

The Sundays is an English group formed in Boston in 1985 and originally composed of Harriet Wheeler, David Gavurin, Paul Brindley and Patrick Hannan.

Group who signed with the label 'Rough Trade Records', label with which they released a first single "Can't be sure" in 1989. And for a first try, it is rather successful since the group manages to get a first classified title straight away.

First album "Reading, writing and Arithmetic" a year later in 1990, album which confirms the rise of the group and which above all allows them to obtain their first global success. Album from which will be extracted mainly the single "Here’s the story ends".

Change of label in 1992 following the financial difficulties of 'Rough Trade' and move to 'Parlophone', new label with which they released their new album "Blind". Album with less success than its predecessor but which nevertheless produced a large-caliber single with the title "Goodbye".

While we thought they were seriously losing momentum, the successful release in 1997 of the album "Static & Silence" will seriously set the record straight, especially with the production of the biggest single of all their discography with the title "Summertime".

Short-lived return to grace because the group will not release anything afterwards and will end up disappearing quite simply ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Can’t be sure 1989

  • Here’s where the story ends 1990

  • My finest hour 1990

  • Love 1992

  • Goodbye 1992

  • On earth 1992

  • My finest hour 1993

  • Summertime 1997

  • Cry 1997

  • Monochrome 1997


Clips :

1989 ... first title and already first success. A start on the wheel hats which ideally positions the group for the rest of the events ...

1990 ... the group confirms with this second title all the good that one could think of him. He delivers here a title all in finesse and lightness which proves that this group is certainly not there by chance !

1990 ... every title produced is inspired and works flawlessly. In just 2 years the group will have become one of the musical phenomena of the moment, let's hope it lasts ...

1992 ... nothing in 1991 and back in this year 1992 in a certain form but not sufficient to regain their stature of sure value of the moment. Slight slack or underlying trend ? This is the following title that will tell us ...

1992 ... the group manages to come back to the race thanks to this title. The worst is avoided and we can hope that he does not stop suddenly in such a good way ...

1992 ... even if this title will not be classified, it would have been a shame to miss it. A nice title which literally floats in the air and which simply feels good ...

1997 ... then they will disappear from the radar for almost 5 years and we say to ourselves that the mass is said for them but it is very bad to know them. The proof with this shattering comeback in 1997, a comeback that allowed them to land the biggest success of their - short - career. HU-GE !

1997 ... their last major title, and yes, already. They will not have exceeded 10 years of existence but the game will have been well worth the candle, that's clear !

1997 ... a last title full of finesse to end the adventure in the best possible way. Even if the group will not remain as the most talented of its generation, he does not have to be ashamed of its discography, that's for sure !


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