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Heaven knows they are miserable now...

The Smiths are an English band formed in Manchester in 1982 and made up of (Steven) Morrissey, Johnny Marr (real name John Maher), Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce.

Morrissey is originally from the group "The Nosebleeds". The name of the group "The Smiths" would be a reaction of rejection and desire for simplicity compared to all the other groups whose names would be too pompous in their eyes.

The first single "Hand in glove" was released in 1983 but was only very successful.

Shortly followed by the single "This charming man" which will have a very different fate. The disc is a real hit and the notoriety of the group explodes.

Success confirmed with the release in 1984 of "What difference does it make?" ". The group is now becoming essential. The eponymous first album was released immediately and quickly found itself at the top of the Charts.

The hits followed in 1985 with "Heaven knows I’m miserable now" and "William, it was really nothing".

The album "Meat I smurder" was released the same year, an album very politically oriented but which did not prevent the group from taking the top step of the podium on the Charts side.

A year later in 1986, the album "The queen is dead" was released, an album that sold even better than the previous one, especially across the Channel.

Also in the same year, it was the turn of the singles "Panic" and "Ask" to experience their heyday.

In 1987, change of label, the group signed with EMI and released the single “Shoplifters of the world unite”, a single which had a very honorable career in the Charts. Then of "Sheila take a bow" which will walk even harder and will offer the group one of its biggest successes.

But tensions within the group are becoming unbearable and the release of the album "Strangeways here we come", which will be their biggest hit in the USA, will not prevent the group from exploding.

Morissey leaving for a solo career with known results and Marr teaming up with Bernard Sumner, ex New Order, to create the excellent group Electronic.

The adventure will therefore come to an end for this out-of-the-ordinary, outspoken group with a frankly anti-establishment spirit and which deeply marked the 1980s with its blatant anti-conformism.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Hand in glove 1983

  • This charming man 1983

  • What difference does it make ? 1984

  • Heaven knows I’m miserable now 1984

  • William, it was really nothing 1984

  • How soon is now ? 1985

  • Shakespear's sister 1985

  • That joke isn't funny anymore 1985

  • The boy with the thorn in his side 1985

  • Bigmouth strikes again 1986

  • Panic 1986

  • Ask 1986

  • Shoplifters of the world unite 1987

  • Sheila take a bow 1987

  • Girlfriend in a coma 1987

  • I started something I could'nt finish 1987

  • Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me 1987

  • Stop me if you think you've heard this one before 1987

  • There is a light that never goes out 1992


Clips :

1983 ... 1st single and first hit. Certainly minor, but still a hit. It couldn't have started better !

1983 ... THE title that will change everything. A unique sound and style, just like the voice of Morrissey which is revealed as one of the most original voices of the moment. The reputation of the group literally explodes !

1984 ... this title will be even stronger in terms of classification in the Charts. The group becomes the sensation of the moment and now connects the hits at high speed

1984 ... the year of 3 mega hits. After a 1983 break-in year, the group literally walks on water in this year 1984. A dazzling progression, to say the least !

1984 ... the least prestigious hit of the 3. But a good number of groups of the time would have largely been satisfied with less prestigious hits of this type ...

1985 ... the first hit in the USA. This time, the consecration is now global and the fame worldwide. What more !

1985 ... after the year with 3 hits, here comes the one with 4 ! Certainly of a slightly lower quality but it shows once again the full extent of the band's talent

1985 ... probably the most inspired song of the year. The group now masters all the elements of its destiny and it feels ...

1985 ... the hit of the year in the USA for the group will be this title. But it will also be the last. 2 small turns and then go ...

1986 ... after 2 euphoric years, will the group succeed in maintaining such a high qualitative rate...? The answer is...absolutely !

1986 ... which will stay as one of their top ranked titles of all. Of course, the style has changed little for some time, but it is incredibly effective !

1986 ... a truly inimitable style, which very subtly mixes all the best musical influences of the decade. And always that voice that stands out from all the others

1987 ... there was the year with 3 hits, then the year with 4 hits. Here comes the one with 6 hits ! Yes Yes, it's possible. Surely one of the very rare groups of the decade to have achieved this feat !

1987 ... the ultimate consecration with this title which will remain as their best classified. An awesome year which sees them definitively returning to the legend

1987 ... a title apart, smoother than the average of their compositions. A change that feels good !

1987 ... the sweet break being over, we are back in true Smithian style. Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop !

1987 ... a completely separate title, outside of any Smithian standard. Only the voice of Morrissey brings us back to the group ... MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1987 ... the last hit of the year. An incredible year where everything is successful and once again consecrates them as one of the major groups of the decade

1992 ... the group will end up separating during 1987 and several members will leave for other adventures. New adventures which will prove to be for some of the very first order. Regarding this last title, it actually dates from 1986 but only released as a single 6 years later. This will be the band's last notorious hit


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