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He or she...?

Sylvester was an American singer whose particularity, apart from an atypical voice, was mainly his flamboyant look but above all androgynous.

He began his musical career by singing in a Goespel choir. Choir that he will have to leave because of persecution linked to his homosexual status.

He then created one of the first transformational groups "The Disquotays" which separated in 1970. Then joined the Drag Queens group "The Cockettes".

He released two albums in 1973 with the group which turned out to be failures.

It was then that he decided to start a solo career.

His first album as such was released in 1977 but was only a modest success.

On the other hand, a second album "Step II" was released in 1978 from which the single "You make me feel" will be extracted. Single which quickly becomes a planetary hit.

Four albums will be released thereafter, but he will only find success with one single, namely "Do ya wanna funk" in 1982.

The artist unfortunately died of AIDS in 1988, halting the career of an alien with a hallucinating look and who marked his time with his excess and eccentricity.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Southern man 1973

• Down, down, down 1977

• Dance (Disco heat) 1978

• You make me feel 1978

• I (Who have nothing) 1979

• Body strong 1979

• Can’t stop dancing 1979

• I need you 1980

• Here is my love 1981

• Magic number 1981

• Do yo wanna funk 1982

• Don’t stop 1982

• Be with you 1982

• Band of gold 1983

• Trouble in paradise 1983

• One night only 1983

• Menergy 1984

• Rock the box 1984

• Take me to heaven 1985

• Someone like you 1986

• Mutual attraction 1987


Clips :

1973 ... a first title with significant quality but which will go completely under the radars. We will qualify this episode as a running-in phase ...

1977 ... there, we can no longer speak of running in. The sound, like the style, is structured. Nothing exceptional for the moment but a good job

1978 ... a continuation which confirms the general tendency observed since the beginning : it will be a career oriented Dance, Dance, Dance. And the huge suite which is on the horizon will prove it vividly !

1978 ... then comes THIS title ! He simply signs here one of the biggest hits of the decade, even of this end of the XXth century, and at the same time offers himself a direct ticket for posterity. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1979 ... this title will not have the same incredible level of success as its predecessor but confirms that the singer has become in a few years one of the biggest phenomena of the moment

1979 ... a concentrate of pure Disco which shows once again that the artist is really among the best references of the moment in this area

1979 ... the beginning of the physical mutation. Monsieur becomes Madame slowly but surely ...

1980 ... DISCO forever. The change of decade is not yet digested and we will have to adapt quickly to new musical trends or risk disappearing body and soul ...

1981 ... his discography lacked an Ultimate Slow worthy of the name. It is now done with this title which will not remain like the slow of the decade but which is far from demerit, it is clear

1981 ... the funk transition. It was time ! We may be the King, sorry the Queen of Disco, there is a moment when you have to know how to evolve

1982 ... ah, there, however, 0 faults ! After having signed one of the biggest Dance hits of the 70s, he signed here one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s. Well done sir ! Uh madam ... Anyway, Bravo M'sieur Dames !

1982 ... the transformation is finished. The advantage is that the voice has not changed a bit. And that is all its strength !

1982 ... he will have taken time to adapt to the 80s version atmosphere but it is now a thing of the past. It's the least we can say !

1983 ... an undeniable quality in each song. All on perfectly adjusted Dance rhythms that will forever remain his trademark

1983 ... a dance expertise at the top for 5 years and which does not seem to weaken in the least. Hope it lasts !

1983 ... new Ultimate Slow of great beauty which confirms the incredible versatility of the artist. What talent !

1984 ... a dynamic that does not weaken from an Iota and that keeps him in the lead with disconcerting ease. But he is worth it !

1984 ... like a hint of Hi-NRG. A slow but certain evolution in music is taking place, normal, we are in the mid 80s ...

1985 ... an evolution which is confirmed with this title. The singer naturally adapts to new trends and anticipates them rather than enduring them

1986 ... the Diva at its best. And physical, and musical ! Nothing, and nobody, seems to be able to stop her. Unfortunately, fate will take care of it ...

1987 ... one last hit as a farewell gift. Before fate decides to play a very bad trick on her ...


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