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He had so much to give...

Barry White, whose real name is Barrence Carter, was an American singer whose particularity, apart from his extraordinary physique (1.92 m for about 150 kg ...), his bewitching voice of Bass-Baritone, his 20 singles certified Gold and his 10 Platinum certified singles, was to have been a member of a gang during his teenage years !

At 17, he was even jailed for 4 months for theft and that was when he realized the absurdity of his behavior. This is how he decides to devote himself to music to do something positive. His brother will not have the same luck and will die in a settling of scores between rival gangs.

The 60s came, a period when he made his debut as a singer, without much success. He then begins to write and arrange for others.

It wasn't until 1972 that he finally emerged from the shadows when he successfully produced the female trio "Love Unlimited", a trio he discovered and in which he met his wife Gloden James. Trio originally formed to compete with The Supremes.

His first success as a singer was in 1973 when he released the album "I’ve got so much to give" from which the flagship single "I’m gonna love you just a little more baby" was to be extracted. Single which will be a real hit.

The same year, he created the group "The Love Unlimited Orchestra", an orchestra of about forty musicians with which he produced the single "Love's theme", a purely instrumental title which was to cause real success. Cult title considered one of the precursors of the Disco wave.

The group released an album "Rhapsody in white" in 1974 and enjoyed other successes such as "Satin soul", "Forever in love", "Midnight groove" among others.

At the same time, he continues at his level the major hits with titles like "Never, never gonna give ya up" in 1973 and the now cult "You're the first, the last, my everything" and "Can't get enough of your love baby” in 1974. Followed a year later in 1975 by “Let's the music play”. The singer's notoriety was then at its zenith.

He ended the decade in style with the hit “Just the way you are” which came out in 1978. Magnificent ballad where his deep voice works wonders.

The '80s are going to be more difficult to negotiate as Barrymania is weakening and the singer begins to be' has-been '.

He will still have some success but that will have nothing to do with the previous ones. We note in particular "Change" in 1982 and "Sho’ you right "in 1987.

But these will be his last major successes. He died prematurely in 2003 at the age of 58 from chronic problems related to his overweight.

Death which will put an end to the career of this exceptional artist, some of whose titles have become musical monuments of the 80s and which delight an incredible number of Saturday night dancers, whatever the country and whatever the color of skin.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Tracy (All I have is you) 1963

  • All in the run of a day 1967

  • I’m gonna love you just a little more baby 1973

  • I've got so much to give 1973

  • Never, never gonna give ya up 1973

  • Honey please, can't ya see 1974

  • Can’t get enough of your love baby 1974

  • You’re the first, the last, my everything 1974

  • What am I gonna do with you 1975

  • I'll do for you anything you want me too 1975

  • Let the music play 1975

  • All because of you 1975

  • You see the trouble with me 1976

  • Baby, we better try to get it together 1976

  • Don't make me wait too long 1976

  • It's ecstasy when you lay down next to me 1977

  • Oh what a night for dancing 1978

  • Just the way you are 1978

  • Any fool could see (You were meant for me) 1979

  • Love makin music 1980

  • I believe in love 1980

  • Didn't we make it happen baby 1981

  • I want you 1981

  • You're the only one for me 1981

  • Beware 1981

  • Change 1982

  • Passion 1982

  • America 1983

  • Sho’ you right 1987

  • For your love (I'll do most anything) 1987

  • Super lover 1989

  • I Wanna Do It Good to Ya 1990

  • The secret garden 1990

  • When will I see you again 1990

  • Put me in your mix 1991

  • Dark and lovely (You over there) 1992

  • Practice what you preach 1994

  • Come on 1995

  • I only want to be with you 1995

  • Staying power 1999


Clips :

1963 ... the very Sixties' first steps of a future HUGE star. An extraordinary voice, an extraordinary size, an extraordinary style. What will not be extraordinary about him ...?

1967 ... we find him a few years later with a voice that has changed slightly. And who will become the one who will make his legend ...

1973 ... his first ranked hit. After a few short trials, the time has come for recognition and affirmation. It's only a beginning...

1973 ... he slowly but surely imposes an inimitable electric guitar/violin style which will become his trademark. A trademark recognizable among all and which will allow him to produce exceptional pieces ...

1973 ... an exceptional first year for him and which saw him produce no less than 3 mega hits. The obvious confirmation of incredible talent and musical style ...

1974 ... 1973 was the year of the official take-off ... 1974 will be the year of planetary consecration with no less than 3 new mega hits including 2 legendary titles !

1974 ... including this one ! A 1st interplanetary mega hit that will remain as one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and of the end of the twentieth century period

1974 ... but it was without counting on THIS title ! One of the biggest dance hits of all time, which definitely establishes the artist as one of the greatest singers of the 20th century. HU-GE ! From all points of view !!

1975 ... difficult to compete with a previous year of such caliber ! 1975 will also produce 3 top hits but will not have the same planetary resonance except for 1 title ...

1975 ... another title of certain quality, but everything is starting to look the same. He will have to be a little more inventive ...

1975 ... here it is, THE new legendary title ! Another track with extraordinary inspiration and which will also remain as one of the biggest dance hits of the decade

1975 ... after the mega hits Dance, a sweet interlude, a field in which his absolutely incredible voice really does wonders !

1976 ... back in force on Dance. A title that will work particularly well across the Channel, a little less elsewhere. A year more difficult to negotiate than expected ...

1976 ... it is far from unworthy, but its characteristic style finds much less echo in this year 1976 than in previous years. An alert not to be underestimated ...

1976 ... we still end the year on a high note with this fast-paced and inspired title. The essential is preserved as they say !

1977 ... return of success in the USA. And paradoxically, a title which will receive a mixed reception on the Old Continent. Decidedly, all that complicated ...

1978 ... the year of the phew Ultimate Slow. Starting with this first. But it is another who will win the Palme d'Or ...

1978 ... the Palme d'Or of the year, that's it. One of his most emblematic pieces thanks to a sumptuous cover of the legendary title of Billy Joel released a year earlier. MA-GIC !

1979 ... a freewheeling end of the decade, with songs of certain quality. But without the stroke of genius that characterized those of the beginning and half of the decade

1980 ... its highest ranked title of the year. A change of decade that is under the sign of gentleness, an area that brings him rather luck ...

1980 ... may not be the top-ranked of the year, but an inspired title that largely holds up. And above all, which shows an obvious sound evolution !

1981 ... Barry as a duo...incredible but true ! In addition, on the Ultimate Slow of very large caliber. MA-GIC !

1981 ... always in the company of Glodean White, a tandem who walks by the fire of God. This time on a rhythmic track at will !

1981 ... we think this 3rd title will do as well as its predecessors. Unfortunately, the exact opposite will happen. Not even classified in the Charts ...

1981 ... solo return on a beautiful new Ultimate Slow. Always so good the Barrence and whatever the decade !

1982 ... change of vintage which rhymes with a return to Dance. A winning comeback because with this track he recorded one of his biggest hits of the decade

1982 ... a year 1982 decidedly very Dance. And even if he no longer trusts the first places of hits, he still manages to provide titles of certain quality

1987 ... after a few years of crossing the desert, he comes back in force with this HUGE hit which will remain as his last global hit. 20 years after its debut, always and still there !

1987 ... a year of resurrection with a second hit that is reminiscent of its typical 70s fetish sound

1989 ... he will have crossed the decade of the 60s, then the 70s, then the 80s. And is about to start the next while still being in the game. What incredible talent !

1990 ... it had been a long time since we had seen him in Intimist mode. A return to his roots that allowed him to quietly start the 1990s

1990 ... a hell of a lot of stars on a very smooth track that literally floats in the air. We suspected that with so many stars the result would necessarily be up to par. And he is !

1990 ... a radically trendy sound to put Barrence back in the race. But not sure that this is enough to get him back on the podiums ...

1991 ... unstoppable the guy ! He signs here a new title of very very high class. Really enough to impress the youngsters of the moment !

1992 ... listen to this ! When 2 legends form an ephemeral duo, the result is necessarily breathtaking !

1994 ... new global hit. But how does he manage to last so long without ever going out of style ?

1995 ... well, this time, we're getting closer to the end. His latest notorious hit. But he hasn't said his last word yet ...

1995 ... I told you he still had some under his feet. And it holds up. Still not finished Barry !

1999 ... his last hit. Which ends the absolutely incredible career of an absolutely incredible singer ! Everything will have been incredible in this story. Up to its weight !

Top Bonus : 1973, which will go down as one of its purest gems. Surely one of the greatest songs of the decade and of the twentieth century altogether. MAS-TER-FUL, MA-GIC, MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

Top Bonus : 1978...the story of a lifetime I

Top Bonus : the story of a lifetime II

Top Bonus : the story of a lifetime III

Top Bonus : the story of a lifetime IV


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