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Forever your girl...

Paula Abdul is an American-Canadian singer and dancer who can boast of having 6 singles rated No.1 in the Billboard Hot 100, which is rare to this day.

Seeing Gene Kelly in the movie "Singing in the Rain" that she has the "revelation", she will be in the show biz or not.

It was first through dance that she began her artistic career, notably by joining the "Pom Pom Girls" of the famous Los Angeles Lakers basketball club. Whose leadership she will take after one year.

And it was just during a game that she got noticed by one of the Jacksons tribe. Which takes her to appear in the music video for the song "Torture". His career has suddenly taken height.

Even if these singing talents remain to be confirmed, her dancing talents ensure the show and so she manages to release a first album "Forever young" in 1988, which will take 64 weeks before reaching the first place on the Billboard 200 album, a record for slowness in the matter !

Flagship album, formidably effective for a first draft, and which will produce an impressive number of hits. In particular, titles like "Cold hearted", "Forever your girl", "Opposites attract but also and above all, the enormous hit" Straight up "which will raise her to the rank of planetary star. The album will sell 12 million copies worldwide.

The next album "Spellbound" was released in 1991 and it was again a hit. Even though it only sold 7 million copies (!), It produced plenty of hits including the massive "Rush, rush" and "Promise of a new day".

Unfortunately, the years go by but are not necessarily the same. The singer went on to experience serious bulimia problems that took her away from the stage for some time, at least until 1995.

Date she returns with the album "Head over heals". A winning return because the single “My love is for real” is doing very well in the Charts. The album will sell more than 3 million copies. Album which will be his last notorious success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Knocked out 1988

  • The way that you love me 1988

  • Straight up 1988

  • Forever your girl 1989

  • Cold hearted 1989

  • Opposites attract 1989

  • Rush rush 1991

  • The promise of a new day 1991

  • Blowing kisses in the wind 1991

  • Vibeology 1992

  • Will you mary me ? 1992

  • My love is for real 1995

  • Crazy cool 1995

  • Dance like there's no tomorrow 2008


Clips :

1988 ... the sensational arrival of little Paula. First title and first hit directly. And the least we can say is that it's going to be boiling hot ...

1988 ... so, shooting star or sure value...? The surge of hits that will follow will prove that she is not there to make up, that's clear !

1988 ... the title of consecration. Here she signs the biggest commercial success of her career. In just one year and in barely 3 titles, she has already reached the top of the Charts. A remarkable feat. And it is far from over !

1989 ... and it starts again in this new year. An incredible dynamic that nothing and no one can stop

1989 ... the year 1988 proved to be an absolutely exceptional year for the singer. 1989 will come closer to it more or less. 3 new hits on the clock, this one is only the 2nd ...

1989 ... a new mega hit to end the year and the decade in style. The pretty Paula literally walks on water !

1991 ... welcome to the new decade. After a 1990 'off' year, we find her in a dazzling form in this year 1991. Here she signs its second biggest hit. We couldn't have asked for a better reboot !

1991 ... another year with 3 mega hits. It's becoming a mania with her. Or simply a question of talent ...

1991 ... a furtive foray into the Intimist register. After a slew of mega hits Dance, we find her very smoothly on this track which also works very well

1992 ... so hit or not hit...?? Well as usual, it will be mega tube. New year but still in good shape !

1992 ... the deceleration begins. More than 2 big hits per year. How many would already be largely satisfied with it ...

1995 ... little air hole of 3 years, just that ... A break which allows her to return once again in great shape

1995 ... another winning comeback but of short duration. This title will be his last notorious hit. Well, between 1988 and 1995, she still lined up 12 mega hits. Who says better ??

2008 ... the phoenix rises from its ashes. Nice gift for these fans that this particularly inspired title and which allows her to return very stealthily to success


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