Falling to pieces...

Faith No More is an American band formed in San Francisco in 1979 and originally composed of Mike Morris, Mike Bordin, Billy Gould and Wade Worthington. Group which will first bear the names of Sharp Young Men then Faith No Man.

Group which released a first single "Quiet in heaven/Song of liberty" four years later in 1983, single which unfortunately went completely under the radar ...

It was the signing with the Mordam Records label two years later in 1985 that would be a game-changer. Label which allows them to release their first album "We care a lot". Album which will only experience a very limited level of success ...

Change of label in 1986 and move to Slash Records, label with which the group released their new album “Introduce yourself” the following year in 1987. An album with minor success but which will still allow them to obtain their first title classified with the single "We care a lot".

They will have to wait another two more years and the year 1989 to see their efforts finally rewarded with the release of the album "The real thing". The album will be a global hit, sell more than 4 million copies worldwide and rocket the group to the forefront of the stage. Notably thanks to the huge single "Epic" and to a lesser extent "Falling to pieces", two titles which will be released in 1990.

A worldwide success that was not denied when their new album "Angel dust" was released in 1992. Album which will know its hour of glory mainly with the two singles "Midlife crisis" and "Easy", the first also coming out in 1992 and the second one year later in 1993. A second single which will remain as the flagship of all their discography .

New album "King for a day…Fool for a lifetime" in 1995, album which allows the group to remain in the front row with obvious ease. Album whose flagship single will be "Digging the grave".

The year 1997 saw the release of the album "Album of the year", album with certain success once again and which would produce one of their biggest titles namely "Ashes to ashes". Title which will unfortunately be their last notorious success because the group will prefer to separate the following year in 1998 following strong internal tensions ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Quiet in heaven 1983

  • Chinese arithmetic 1987

  • We care a lot 1987

  • Anne's song 1988

  • From out of nowhere 1989

  • Epic 1990

  • Falling to pieces 1990

  • Edge of the world 1990

  • Midlife crisis 1992

  • A small victory 1992

  • Everything's ruined 1992

  • Easy 1993

  • Digging the grave 1995

  • Ricochet 1995

  • Evidence 1995

  • Ashes to ashes 1997

  • Last cup of sorrow 1997

  • Stripsearch 1997

  • This town ain't big enough for both of us 1998

  • I started a joke 1998

  • Motherfucker 2014

Clips :

1983 ... beginnings that will be described as confidential. Considering the style of the group, nothing surprising you might say. Must and can do better !

1987 ... we find them again 4 years later with a style that has evolved somewhat. We will not speak of a great metamorphosis but we feel, especially we hear, like a very slight improvement ...

1987 ... things are moving in the right direction. With the key to a first classified title. Paradoxically, success outside the USA. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

1988 ... the group looks for himself, explores several musical paths at the same time and mixes all the styles of the moment. Not easy to follow all this ...

1989 ... not to mention that with such overspeed, their music is unlikely to touch the general public. A daring bet and above all an extremely risky bet ...

1990 ... they had to wait until the following decade to finally reap the fruits of their labor. This time the success becomes global and this despite a sound to say the least stripping !

1990 ... a year 1990 which saw them take off for good. The sound and the style have finally found their point of agreement. So, gone to last ? Good question doctor ...

1990 ... an unclassifiable title which sees them mixing raw strength and extreme finesse. In these cases, the public gets lost because they do not know which Saint to turn to ...

1992 ... it will take them at least 1 year to recover from their emotions and so here they are again in 1992 in a form that we will qualify as certain. Certain form that allows them to catch up with the leading pack !

1992 ... a year 1992 which sees the group perfectly mastering its subject. Even if this title will not have the level of success of its predecessor, it is clear that it holds up !

1992 ... a style which varies little and which is as much their strength as their weakness. Anyway, a group that does not leave you indifferent, that's clear !

1993 ... who would have thought they would be able to cover a Commodores title dating back to 1977 ? Not many people anyway. And the best part is that they will reach the Nirvana with this title and get their biggest record success. Yes Yes, it's possible. Incredible but true !

1995 ... a new breeze in 1994 and a comeback once again in 1995. With a title that borders on the speed of light. Sensible soul to withhold !

1995 ... beating side, it does not get better with this title. It must be said that they had the year 1994 to rest hence a hellish energy ...

1995 ... they changed them to us, it is not possible...! Is it the same group, frankly, there is something to wonder. In any case, another facet of them that feels good !

1997 ... new break during 1996. Decidedly, they have trouble aligning two consecutive years on the singles release side. It takes them well each time because the feedback is always a winner. Once again the proof !

1997 ... unfortunately all good things come to an end. The adventure is not quite over yet but the level of success will seriously erode in the years to come. Hard law of the trade ...

1997 ... and yet, they are far from demerit, the proof with this title. Too bad this title all in 'finesse' did not have the success it deserved ...

1998 ... when 2 at least wacky universes meet, here is the result. The original Sparks title dates back to 1974 and this revisited version of the band by himself is worth its weight in peanuts, to say the least !

1998 ... they will have pushed the delirium to the end with this revisited version of the title of the Bee Gees dating from 1968. If there are 2 groups which do not have much in common, it is these 2 there . You had to dare, they did it !

2014 ... we thought the case had been folded and the group was definitely forgotten. It was bad to know them because there they are again. Too strong little guys !

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