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An Englishman in New-York...

Sting, whose real name is Gordon Sumner, is an English singer-songwriter best known for having been the charismatic leader of the group Police. Artist who can boast of having won 16 Grammy Awards, 3 Brit Awards, 1 Golden Globe and 1 Emmy to date when he accumulates all the awards he has had, whether within the Police or during his career solo. But who can also boast of having sold no less than 200 million records since the very beginning of his career.

An artistic career that he did not embrace from the start since his first job was to teach. And it's only on weekends that he plays jazz musicians at local Newcastle clubs, especially with bands like the Phoenix Jazzmen. A group that will earn him his nickname of Sting because it is by wearing a sweater with yellow and black stripes in their likeness that he will be nicknamed so (in reference to the wasp).

It was in 1977 that his artistic career took precedence over that of teaching when he moved to London to form the Police group with Stewart Copeland and Henry Padovani (who was quickly replaced by Andy Summers). Group which from 1978 to 1983 produced no less than 5 major albums and a considerable number of top hits. In parallel with the Police adventure, he produced a first solo single "Spread a little happiness" in 1982, single that we see appear in the soundtrack of the film 'Brimstone & Treacle' and which meets a significant success.

But the real starting point of his solo career came in 1985 with the release of the album "The dream of the blues turtles". A first solo album that will shatter everything on a planetary level and raise the artist to a level of notoriety even higher than that which he experienced within his former group.

The album will produce 4 mega hits with "If you love somebody set them free", "Love is the seventh way", "Fortress around your heart", may also, and above all, the enormous "Russians", single which remains to date the 2nd biggest success of all his personal discography.

New album "… nothing like the sun" two years later in 1987, album which will be almost as strong as the previous one. Notably with titles like "We’ll be together" which was released the same year as the album and the sumptuous "Englishman in New-York" which was released a year later in 1988.

We will have to wait 3 years and the year 1991 to see the release of the album "The soul cages", an album which in turn was a hit but at the level of success still lower than the previous two. Album whose flagship single will be "All this time".

In 1992 he signed a new song for a soundtrack and not the least since the title "It’s probably me" which he played with Eric Clapton was to be used on the film 'Lethal weapon 3'. A title that will make a real worldwide hit and which remains to this day one of his most emblematic.

The album "Ten Summoner’s Tales" released in 1993 will go as strong as "The dream of the blues turtles" and hit record sales levels. In particular thanks to 2 titles which are "If I ever lose my faith in you" and the enormous "Fields of gold".

An exceptional year in all respects since he obtained the biggest success of his entire solo discography with the title "All for love" (a title that he actually interprets with two other friends, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart) and that we will find in the soundtrack of the film 'The Three Musketeers'.

An incredible adventure that continued in 1996 with the release of the album "Mercury Falling", an album with less success than the previous one, but still. Album which will mainly produce the mega hit "Let your soul be your pilot".

A decade of 90 which will see the release in 1999 of a new album of very large caliber with the album "Brand new day", album with two flagship singles that are "Brand new day" which will be released the same year but also, and above all , "Desert rose" which will be released a year later in 2000.

There will be other albums, other enormous successes during the following decade for this absolutely extraordinary artist who will have deeply marked his time. To be continued ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Spread a little happiness 1982

  • If you love somebody set them free 1985

  • Love is the seventh wave 1985

  • Fortress around your heart 1985

  • Russians 1985

  • Moon over Bourbon Street 1986

  • We’ll be together 1987

  • Englishman in New-York 1988

  • Fragile 1988

  • They dance alone 1988

  • All this time 1991

  • Mad about you 1991

  • It’s probably me 1992

  • If I ever lose my faith in you 1993

  • Seven days 1993

  • Fields of gold 1993

  • Nothing ‘bout me 1993

  • All for love 1993

  • Demolition man 1993

  • When we dance 1994

  • This cowboy song 1995

  • Let your soul be your pilot 1996

  • I’m so happy I can’t stop crying 1996

  • Brand new day 1999

  • Desert rose 2000

  • After the rain has fallen 2000

  • My funny friend and me 2000

  • Send your love 2003

  • Whenever I say your name 2003

  • Rise & fall 2003

  • Stolen car (Take me dancing) 2004

  • Always on your side 2006

  • Soul cake 2009

  • Deep in the meadow 2012

  • Practical arrangement 2013

  • And yet 2013

  • I can't stop thinking about you 2016

  • Don't mke me wait 2018

  • Gotta get back my baby 2018

  • Just one lifetime 2019

  • Silent night (Christmas is coming) 2019

  • 2 in a million 2019

  • My funny Valentine 2021

  • Rushing water 2021

  • If it's love 2021


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Clips :

1982 ... a solo career that starts with this title. For a first try, it is rather successful given the level of success achieved. Rather reassuring for the rest of the events ...

1985 ... three years pass before the arrival of this new title. Three years which will have allowed the artist to become a full artist and to definitively close the 'Police' adventure. HU-GE !

1985 ... a huge year 1985 with a plethora of titles and Premium quality across the board. Given what he manages to produce today, it is clear that he was indeed the centerpiece of Police ...

1985 ... the 'little' hit of the year. But no need to worry when you see what is on the horizon. The best is to come, that's for sure !

1985 ... and THE best, here it is ! He signs here quite simply one of the most beautiful pieces of his career, all thanks to this revisited version of Lieutenant Kijé from...Prokofiev (and yes, the original is a classic title). A piece that will undoubtedly remain as one of the most striking of the decade, as much for its melody as for the scope of the lyrics. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... after an exceptional year in all respects, 1986 will seem somewhat pale. Only 2 titles on the clock and a level of success in free fall. Mighty reversal of the situation ...

1987 ... business picks up but slowly. Only one title to be eaten in this year 1987. Regardless, massive success is back and that's the main thing !

1988 ... not necessarily its highest ranked title but surely one of the most emblematic. All on a jazzy base particularly daring for the time but which works perfectly anyway. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... a pretty ballad which literally floats in the air but which will not find its audience. It is true that the previous title set the bar a little high ...

1988 ... this title will do a little better but nothing more. A somewhat sluggish end of the decade despite great finds and which will force the singer to necessarily review his copy to approach the following decade ...

1991 ... after two empty years, we find him in an obvious form which allows him to return to success. It's gone for a decade 90 which will see him touch the stars again and again !

1991 ... a title with multi-musical influences which at least has the merit of being original. A subtle blend of eastern and western influences which gives a more than satisfactory result

1992 ... another single-title year, but what a year ! And above all what a title ! A duo of shock for a title which is not less and which will appear in good place in the soundtrack of the film Lethal Weapon 3. HU-GE !

1993 ... the mega hits follow the mega hits. We could have feared that the transition to the 90s would spell the end of the singer's career, but the opposite is happening. What talent !

1993 ... very BIG year 1993 with an impressive number of titles released. This one will rather be part of the 'small' hits but it is certain that it cannot produce Masterpieces permanently ...

1993 ... new huge single which will remain as one of his most emblematic. Already 8 years of familiarity with the stars in solo and let's go to last a few more years !

1993 ... a year 1993 which never ends and which sees the singer in an absolutely dazzling form. But how far will he go ...?

1993 ... a year 1993 which ended in apotheosis with this dream trio ! An incredible cast that will produce one of the biggest hits of the year. But given the profiles, the opposite would have been damn surprising !

1993 ... he even allows himself the luxury of doing soundtrack. And not just any soundtrack since this film will become one of the most iconic films of the decade. All good boy !

1994 ... the years go by but do not necessarily look alike. The proof with this year 1994 which will be very surprisingly single-title, we go from one extreme to another. Regardless, quality is always essential !

1995 ... ditto for the year 1995 with only one title on the clock. But as for 1994, the result in the Charts will not be minimalist, quite the contrary !

1996 ... new year rich in titles. After 2 years of famine, the artist is making a comeback which will prove once again that we will have to count on him for years to come

1996 ... it is clear that the level of success fluctuates more and more between each title. Something to worry about. Not for this title there anyway !

1999 ... slight air gap of 3 years which confirms the fact that the machine is indeed in the process of breaking down slightly. He would return the next decade, of course, but unfortunately the level of success would drop somewhat. But given the whole of his career, who would blame him !

2000 ... the level will drop somewhat, of course, but certainly not on this title in any case. When the Western world meets the Eastern world on a musical level, the least we can say is that the mixture works perfectly !

2000 ... no worries about him for the moment. He managed to stay in the race without too many worries and started the 2000s in the best possible way. What more...

2000 ... he will even be in the special Disney luxury soundtrack in this year 2000. Amazing to see him in this register but why not you tell me ...

2003 ... after 2 years where there will not be much more interesting, here he is back in this year 2003 in a more than certain form. Largely sufficient in any case to keep him afloat ...

2003 ... the beginning of the 2000 decade which saw him continue to produce titles of more than certain quality. Hope it lasts ...

2003 ... and this to last, it lasts. When we see, or rather we hear this kind of song, we tell ourselves that this artist really has something out of the ordinary. Always in the right place at the right time with the right person ...

2004 ... we can't really say that this title closely or remotely resembles the previous one. And yet it also works ...

2006 ... he multiplies the luxury duets but this one will not really have the same level of impact as that which he will have had with Craig David. Too bad because there was still talent on this one ...

2009 ... as the beginning of the decade has been favorable to him, the second part will be much less so. A production of titles in free fall and a qualitative level after all fairly average. Attention danger...

2012 ... he's back in soundtrack mode this time for the movie 'Hunger Games'. An astonishing title since he offers us here a lullaby, a musical field which is not really its usual core target, to say the least ...

2013 ... a decade of 2010 which will prove to be much more complicated to manage than expected. The singer can no longer create the event as before and now does more some figuration than anything else ...

2013 ... the big problem is that his style no longer really sticks to the latest musical developments of the moment. The gap with the competition is therefore becoming more and more obvious de facto ...

2016 ... he will come back in the race a little bit with this title. But it will indeed be the only time in this decade of 2010 where he will manage to do so ...

2018 ... new luxury duo but which will not succeed to him more than that. Definitely, times are getting harder and harder for the gifted ...

2018 ... this one won't get any better. And yet he is far from demerit, it is clear. But difficult to fight when the wind is against ...

2019 ... he puts the cover back with Shaggy but their association will not have really brought them the expected success. Frankly shame ...

2019 ... they will push the delirium to the end but unfortunately nothing will help. Especially when they play them Christmas songs in reggae version ...

2019 ... changing partners will not change the game in any way. No matter how hard he tries all the recipes, almost none will have worked during this decade ...

2021 ... anyway, he continues to believe in it through thick and thin. And here he is in this new decade of 2020, always so motivated. Mental strength, to say the least, incredible !

2021 ... and he is right to continue to believe in it because he could well come back in the race once again. And yes, once again !

2021 ... while we thought that the decade of 2010 may have been one too many, he proves here in a vivid way that he is still alive and motivated like never before. We can therefore imagine that this decade may hold some big surprises in store for us. And good ones !


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