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Encouraging words...

Lou Gramm, whose real name is Louis Grammatico, is an American singer-songwriter best known for having been the singer of the group 'Foreigner'.

Artist who really began his career in the mid-1970s in a group called 'Black Sheep', a group that would have its heyday with two albums "Black Sheep" and "Encouraging words". Two albums which will both be released in 1975.

The Foreigner adventure started in 1976 and produced several legendary albums, especially during the 1980s. An adventure that ended in 1990.

The solo career starts from the year 1987, when the artist released a first album "Ready or not", an album which will directly offer him his biggest solo success on the Singles side with the title "Midnight blue".

New album "Long hard look" two years later in 1989, an album with less success but which will manage to come out on top with the very high-caliber Single "Just between you and me".

We will find him again in grouped mode from the year 1991 within the group 'Shadow King', a group with which he will produce a single eponymous album.

Major success which will be the last because what will come out afterwards will only know a level of success after all limited...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Stick around (Black Sheep) 1974

  • Broken promises (Black Sheep) 1975

  • No worry no pain (Black Sheep) 1975

  • Midnight blue 1987

  • Ready or not 1987

  • Lost in the shadow 1987

  • Just between you and me 1989

  • True blue love 1990

  • Hangin’ on my hip 1990

  • One dream 1991

  • What would it take (Shadow King) 1991

  • Don’t even know I’m alive (Shadow King) 1991

  • Redeemer 2009

  • That’s the way god planned it 2009

  • Cold as ice 2021


Clips :

1974...the beginnings in grouped mode, long before the Foreigner adventure. A first experience that will allow the young Louis to do his classes as they say...

1975... it is clear that this group will not stay in history as the most gifted of its generation but it doesn't matter, the main thing is to participate as they say...

1975... nobody imagined at that time that the young Louis would become the singer of one of the most outstanding groups of this end of the 20th century. And yet...

1987...after spending a few years with a small group called 'Foreigner' and writing one of the finest musical pages of the end of the 20th century, here he is now also solo. And it suits him particularly since he will land his first solo planetary top hit here and at the same time afford his biggest personal success. HU-GE !

1987... this title will not be able to compete with the enormous previous title but will come out of it hands down all the same. It's already that...

1987...the singer has reached his full maturity and unrolls with an ease that is impressive to say the least. Everything works out for him as if by magic...

1989...little air hole in 1988 and return in this year 1989 in a form that we will qualify as certain. Certain to the point of landing a new top hit ! is going to get somewhat complicated at the beginning of the new 90s. End of the Foreigner adventure and big deceleration in the solo career in the Charts. Attention danger...

1990... the adventure will certainly continue but it is clear that the best years are now behind...

1991...we find him on the soundtrack of the film 'Highlander 2' but that will not allow him to return to the race unfortunately. Times are getting harder and harder for the singer...

1991 ... we find him in the super group 'Shadow King' in the company of the guitarist of Def Leppard and the bassist of Foreigner. A meeting of talents which will make it possible to produce titles of certain quality but which paradoxically will not pay more than that in the Charts... adventure that was short-lived to say the least and deserved to last a little longer. But fate will have decided otherwise unfortunately...

2009...we thought he had hung up his gloves for good and here he is again almost 20 years later. A return that will go somewhat unnoticed...

2009...a desire to believe in it again and again, which commands respect but which will not be rewarded more than that. Shame...

2021... he will disappear again from the radar for almost 12 years and here he is back again in this year 2021. With him, you have to know, nothing is ever over. When is the next title...?


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