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Early in the morning...

The Gap Band is an American group formed in 1967 in Tulsa by brothers Charlie, Ronnie and Robert Wilson. Group whose name is in truth a reference to streets in the native district of the 3 brothers, namely Greenwood, Archer and Pine (G.. A.. P..).

A group that made a remarkable first appearance by participating in 1974 in the album "Stop all that Jazz" by another native of Oklahoma, namely Leon Russell.

A year 1974 which also sees the release of their first real album "Magicians holiday", an album which will go somewhat unnoticed. Just like the second "The Gap Band" which will be released 3 years later in 1977.

It was the signing with the Mercury Records label that would allow them to achieve their first success on the album side in 1979 with the album which is also called "The Gap Band".

Success confirmed and amplified the same year with the release of a new album "The Gap Band II", album which will produce their first Single of great caliber with the title "Oops up side your head", Single which will be released as for him the next year in 1980.

A success that is undeniable, quite the contrary, with the release of the album "The Gap Band III" also in 1980. Album carried at arm's length by the Single "Burn rubber on me (Why you wanna hurt me) ".

The consecration, the real one, comes in 1982 with the release of the album "The Gap Band IV", album which will remain as the highest ranked of all and which will produce the two biggest Singles of all their discography namely "Early in the morning” and “Outstanding”.

A large number of albums and Singles will be released thereafter but none will be able to match the success achieved by those released during this exceptional year 1982 for the group.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s  Decade :

  • Backbone 1974

  • Out of the blue (Can you feel it) 1977

  • Shake 1979

  • Open up your mind (Wide) 1979

  • Steppin' (Out) 1979

80s  Decade :

  • Oops upside your head 1980

  • Party lights 1980

  • Burn rubber on me (Why you wanna hurt me) 1980

  • Humpin' 1981

  • Yearning for your love 1981

  • Early in the morning 1982

  • You dropped a bomb on me 1982

  • Oustanding 1982

  • Party train 1983

  • Jam the motha 1983

  • Someday 1984

  • I'm ready (If you're ready) 1984

  • Jammin' in America 1984

  • Beep a freak 1984

  • I found my baby 1985

  • Disrespect 1985

  • Desire 1985

  • Going in circles 1986

  • Automatic brain 1986

  • Big fun 1986

  • Bob B Da B Da Da (How music came about) 1987

  • Zible, zible (Get the money) 1987

  • Sweeter than candy 1987

  • Straight for the heart 1988

  • I’m gonna git you sucka 1988

  • All of my love 1989

90s  Decade :

  • Addicted to your love 1990

  • We can make it alright 1990

  • Testimony 1994

  • Come into my love life 1994

  • First lover 1995

  • Got it goin' on 1995

  • Baby I remember your face 1999

  • Good old fashion lovin' 1999


Tracks : least confidential beginnings. The group will have to work a little more if he wants to compete with the best, it is clear...

1977...a work that finally begins to bear fruit 3 years later with this title. The group lands a first hit that will call many others...

1979... the rise in power is evident year after year and the group inevitably reaps the fruits as it goes. It's just reward...

1979...certainly we are not talking about a mega hit but better a little hit than nothing at all. The group is largely satisfied with it at least for the moment...

1979...a title that comes to close a decade that will have seen them hatch and then achieve their first successes. It only remains for them to demonstrate that they have quite the level to play in the big leagues...

1980... they will demonstrate it in a brilliant way with THIS title. At least at least in England because this title there will remain as the best ranked of all there...

1980...a year 1980 which still sees them drastically accelerating to the point of starting to compete with the best. We suspected that it would happen one day...

1980...everything succeeded in an insolent way during this year 1980 with the obtaining of a second top hit thanks to this title. When it wants, it wants !

1981...we start again on more or less the same bases in terms of success in this new year 1981. The group now has complete control of its destiny and it shows, above all it can be heard !

1981...and as so often with the best R&B groups, versatility is essential. They give us here a high-class Intimist title that is just waiting to be listened to...

1982...then comes the BIG year ! It is this year 1982 which will definitively consecrate them as one of the leading groups in their musical field and at the same time offer them their direct ticket to posterity. HU-GE !

1982 ... they will release 3 titles during this year 1982 and the 3 will break the ceiling. A success that they owe to one thing only : their talent !

1982...three titles and three different tempos, there will be something for everyone as they say. All good little guys !

1983...paradoxically, it is THIS title that will stay in history as their best known, although it will not remain as the best ranked. Regardless of its ranking, this title is their best. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983...after 3 years at the top of their game, the group will begin to cut back somewhat. We are not talking about complete unscrewing but about strong deceleration in any case...

1984... the adventure will certainly continue but the level of success will drop sharply from this year 1984. This even happens to the best...

1984... that does not discourage them in any way. For them the main thing is to participate and if there is success, so much the better if not too bad... does not affect their level of productivity, it is clear. They still have things to offer and especially to sing !

1984...four titles just for this year 1984, a record ! Like what their level of motivation remains at the very least high at this stage...

1985...they manage at least to maintain themselves in the R&B Charts, which allows them to continue to be visible as they say. Hope it lasts... long as success is still in order, there is no reason for them to throw in the towel prematurely. And in principle they are absolutely right...

1985...four titles for the year 1984, three titles for the year 1985, for the moment no red lights on the productivity side. They believe it, they believe it !

1986...a new year 1986 which started with finesse, who would complain ? Everything is good to take when the quality is in order !

1986...the art of moving from one extreme to another tempo side. Once again, this makes it possible to satisfy all of the customers...

1986 ... a level of productivity that still does not weaken and this to the delight of the basic fans. And there are still some of the core fans !

1987...even if the competition has taken a few steps ahead for some time, the group tries to stay afloat against all odds. Nice resistance as they say...

1987...the mid-1980s saw them struggle somewhat, but business might pick up again at the end of the decade. Like what, in music, nothing is ever finished... noticeable improvement to be expected during this year but it could be that the year 1988 will allow them to make talking about them again...

1988...not necessarily on this title but rather on the next one. What is certain is that they don't give up and they will continue the adventure as far as they can...'s this title that will allow them to remind anyone who will listen that they are far from finished. In music there is always hope...

1989... only one title for this year 1989 but which confirms that the group is indeed back on the front of the stage. Hope it lasts...

1990...they begin here their 3rd decade of career with the firm intention of showing the whole world that they still have some under the pedal. We can only encourage them in this direction...

1990...especially since they continue to be ranked in the R&B Charts, which can only reinforce their desire to move forward at all costs...

1994...unfortunately, on the Charts side, the great adventure will stop there but that absolutely does not mean that the adventure will stop altogether...

1994... it is clear that the group is doing more some figuration than anything else now but he still continues its merry way slowly but surely...

1995...and since they have already managed to come back unexpectedly, they tell themselves that it can always happen again. Who would blame them...

1995... there will be no return to favor unfortunately but they will have at least pushed as far as they could...

1999 ... when we thought the case was definitely folded, they will still attempt the improbable comeback. Comeback that will not give anything concrete...

1999...but as with them, everything is always possible, who knows if this title will really be the last. Only time will tell...


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