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Dream kitchen...

Frazier Chorus is an English group formed in 1986 and composed of Tim Freeman, Kate Holmes, Chris Taplin and Michele Allardyce. A group whose very peculiarity was that he did not use guitars, basses, or percussions, which were predominant instruments at that time.

They released their first single "Sloppy heart" in 1987, a single that will go relatively unnoticed. It was only a year later in 1988 that they experienced their first major success with the track "Dream Kitchen", single from the album "Sue" which was released a year later in 1989.

Also in 1989, and taken from the same album, two singles "Typical" and once again "Sloppy heart" were released, which did less well than their predecessor but still achieved good sales scores.

The change of decade will be particularly favorable to them when the single "Cloud 8" was released in 1990, a single which will remain as the biggest success of their entire discography. Followed by a few "Nothing", another single which was released the same year and which also made a good run in the charts.

The album "Ray" from which the 2 tracks were taken was released a year later in 1991. Album with significant success and which produced a 3rd hit the same year with the title "Walking on air".

A last album "Awake" was released in 1995 but without meeting the same level of success as its predecessors.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Dream kitchen 1988

  • Typical ! 1989

  • Sloppy heart 1989

  • Cloud 8 1990

  • Nothing 1990

  • Le change est magnifique 1990

  • Walking on air 1991

  • Driving 1996

  • Wide awake 1996


Clips :

1988 ... when the quality is there, inevitably, at some point, it pays off. The proof with this first classified title which allows the group to enter the big league

1989 ... the rise of the group was confirmed at the end of the decade. The group now has a series of hits, a success that makes him one of the sure values of the moment

1989 ... a very first version came out two years earlier and will go completely unnoticed. This is not the case with this one, far from it ...

1990 ... the consecration. The group reached its best level here and achieved the greatest success of its entire career. A deserved recognition for a group with obvious talent. HU-GE !

1990 ... a BIG year with a second top hit in the wake. And this time on a 100 % Dance track, a musical style that wasn't really their cup of tea until then. Either way, it works !

1990 ... a year 1990 which saw them inspired like never before. They excel in all areas, the proof once again with this finesse title that literally floats in the air. In addition, sung in French, the icing on the cake ...

1991 ... the years that follow one another are not necessarily alike. After an exceptional year 1990, 1991 will unfortunately be the year of the last notorious hit. The group will bow out slowly but surely ...

1996 ... big air hole of 5 years and return in this year 1996 once again in Dance mode. Unfortunately, the gap with the competition is now too great ...

1996 ... the sound which made all the charm of the group is gone. And with it, success. A mixed end of career ...


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