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Do it anyway you wanna...

Few interesting facts about Cashmere except that it is an American group originally composed of Dwight Dukes, McKinley Horton, Daryl Burgee and Keith Steward.

Group that will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "Do it anyway you wanna" which will be released in 1983.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Do it anyway you wanna 1983

  • Try your lovin 1983

  • Let the music turn you on 1983

  • Can I 1984

  • Tracks of my tears 1984

  • We need love 1985

  • Keep me up 1985

  • Someone like you 1985

  • You're all I need 1985


Clips :

1983...all it took was one title, THIS title, for the group to leave a major mark in the musical history of the 80s. One is better than nothing at all !

1983 ... certainly the group will not remain as the most gifted of its generation but what he will have proposed largely holds up. No need to sulk our pleasure as they say... is clear that there were the 'heavyweights' who took everything and left only crumbs for the little ones, including Cashmere...

1984...but the main thing was to participate as they say. Not all bands have the potential to finish No.1 on the Charts, but that doesn't stop them from producing quality all the same...

1984 ... we will be largely satisfied in any case with what they have offered us during these few years of existence. Everyone has their place in the story...

1985...especially since they didn't need much to move up a gear. Time will not have left them the time to do just that...

1985...three short years and then gone, that's what we call a flash career. But there were a lot of like them...

1985...and the purpose of these articles is precisely to highlight these small groups that have gone somewhat unnoticed...

1985... the adventure will not go further than this year 1985 but it will not have been devoid of interest, far from it. And we end gently, what more could you ask for !


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