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Deep in vogue...

Malcolm McLaren was an English musician and impresario who can almost be said to be at the origin of the English punk movement of the 1970s.

When he started his fashion clothes store in London with his girlfriend Vivienne Westwood, we were in the early 70s.

It was in 1975 that things suddenly took a different turn when he played matchmakers between several musicians and when he created almost from scratch one of the cult groups of the punk wave namely the "Sex Pistols".

In 1977, the group released a title that has since become cult, namely "God save the queen", a very provocative title that earned McLaren some trouble with the police.

They immediately released the album which also became cult, the famous "Never mind the bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols".

Relations between McLaren and the Sex Pistols will always be very complicated, especially with John Lydon. And mainly due to differences over stories of unpaid fees. They will even end up in court to settle them.

McLaren definitely turned the page of "impresario" in 1983 when he decided to embark on a musical career himself.

He produced the album "Duck rock", very Hip Hop oriented, from which the titles "Buffalo gals" and "Double dutch" will be extracted. Two titles that will be a huge success across the Channel and in the USA.

In 1984, return to electronic music with the single "Madame Butterfly" which in turn became a hit.

It took 5 years and the year 1989 before he returned to success with the release of the album "Waltz darling", this time rather disco-funk oriented.

From which the flagship singles "Waltz darling" and "Something's jumpin in your shirt" will be extracted.

Once again, five years will pass before seeing the release of the concept album "Paris", one of the flagship songs of which will be "Paris, Paris" in duet with a certain… Catherine Deneuve. Album which will see its last major success.

The adventure will stop forever for him on April 8, 2010, the date of his death from cancer.

Malcolm McLaren will remain one of the most iconic figures on the English scene of the 1980s.

As much by its rebellious and provocative side as by its innovative side and unearth of exceptional talents.

Discography (among others ...):

• God save the queen (Sex Pistols) 1977

• Buffalo gals 1982

• Soweto 1983

• Double dutch 1983

• Madame butterfly 1984

• Carmen 1985

• Waltz darling 1989

• Something's Jumpin' in Your Shirt 1989

• Deep in vogue 1989

• House of the blue Danube 1990

• Operaa house 1990

• Magic’s back 1991

• Paris paris 1994

• Revenge of the flowers 1995

• The new look 2005

• Chinatown 2005


Adventure Sex Pistols :


Clips :

1977 ... the "offspring" of Malcolm McLaren. A group and a shock wave that will spread over the planet and prepare the musical revolution of the 80s

1982 ... the start of the solo career. An innovative song with a sound hitherto unknown. Guaranteed sound shock and especially planetary tidal wave. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... a decidedly very early World Music career. It's rhythmic and it works my faith very well. The level of success will be slightly lower but the momentum is now in place and that's the main thing !

1983 ... light and carefree. And always against the tones of the moment. The title of consecration for one of the most innovative artists of the moment !

1984 ... the WONDER ! What will surely remain as his most inspired title, a title which definitely elevates him to the rank of planetary star. A well-deserved consecration !

1985 ... a version of Carmen. He again marks its special attraction for the great classics of opera ... Unique at that time !

1989 ... 'Madame Butterfly' was his most inspired title. This will surely remain as its most successful title. An imagination and above all an unlimited inspiration that will have really worked wonders during this decade. HU-GE !

1989 ... the year 1983 was a very great vintage. 1989 will more or less approach it. And always ahead of its time !

1989 ... undoubtedly his most Dance song. Surprisingly, it will only have limited success across the Channel but will allow the artist to obtain the biggest success of his entire career in the USA !

1990 ... decidedly, the world of the Classical inspires him to the highest point. Well, this time, it will not be his greatest success but we will be largely satisfied !

1990 ... and here he is again in Opera-Delirium mode. It is a mania with him. And it's totally wacky, as usual ...

1991 ... straddling 2 eras. But undoubtedly very decade 90. He is now in House mode, a necessary and above all compulsory adaptation to avoid disappearing altogether

1994 ... a magnificent adventure which draws to an end. The only one to dare to push Catherine Deneuve to sing, it could only be him. And the result is sumptuous. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1995 ... an adventure that is not yet entirely over. After Catherine Deneuve, McLaren joins forces with another French icon, namely Françoise Hardy, and the result is also sumptuous. Clearly, France is particularly successful. What more could you ask for to finish this incredible adventure in the best possible way !

2005... when we thought the case was definitely over, here he is back 10 years later. A return that will unfortunately go unnoticed to say the least...

2005...this time, it will indeed be the last time he releases a new opus. The loop is definitely closed...

Top Bonus : 1984...the story of a lifetime

Top Bonus : 1984...the story of a lifetime

Top Bonus : 1984...the story of a lifetime

Top Bonus : 1994...the story of a lifetime II

Top Bonus : 2009...the story of a lifetime III


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