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The Great Gig In The Sky...

Pink Floyd is an English group formed in 1965 in London by Syd Barrett, Richard Wright, Roger Waters and Nick Masson.

It’s Barrett who puts forward the name "The Pink Floyd", which actually refers to 2 blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

The first two singles "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily play" were released in 1967.

The album "The piper at the gates of Dawn", condensed from folk psyche, was released in the process. Success but success limited to England.

Barrett, who became unable to play due to too strong dependence on LSD, left the group in 1968.

And replaced by David Gilmour who will become over the years one of the emblematic figures of the group with Roger Waters.

Released in 1969 the album "Ummagumma". Then “Atom heart mother” in 1970. Then “Meddle” in 1971.

Their music quickly became progressive rock (long complex pieces divided into several movements).

It was from 1973 that things suddenly accelerated, especially with the release of the now cult album "Dark side of the moon", with the world famous cover (the famous prism).

And which contains the flagship title "Money" which will become a global musical standard that still references today.

This is the third best-selling album of all time.

In 1975 the album "Wish you were here" was released, from which another now-famous track, "Shine on your crazy diamond", was paid, a tribute to Syd Barrett whose mental decline haunts his former friends.

The year 1977 saw the release of the album "Animals", with a distinctly more rock sound, in response to the punk wave which overwhelmed England.

The year of the ultimate consecration will be the year 1979 with the release of the monument "The Wall", intergalactico-cult album which is supposed to represent in a sound way the "wall" separating the artist from his fans ... but also the alienation individuals for the benefit of society.

From which will be extracted a single monument namely "Another brick in the Wall" (Part2).

We had to wait until 1983 for the release of the next album, "The final cut", with very relative success.

The grip of Roger Waters on the rest of the group becomes problematic and generates more and more tensions.

Two more years passed before he made the decision to leave the group thinking of scuttling him.

Bitter failure because David Gilmour and Nick Mason decided to take up the torch in 1986 and the year 1987 saw the release of a resurrection album "A momentary lapse of reason" which contains the flagship titles "Learning to fly" and "On the turning away ”.

Six years passed, notably interspersed with long tours, before "The division bell" came out, symbol of a pink Floyd who was joined together and at his best.

The album finds itself propelled at the top of the American charts and the critics unanimously salute the obvious quality of this opus.

From which will be extracted the excellent "High hopes".

The Pink Floyd adventure is currently on standby, but find out what this group has in store for us, which has always managed to create an event when they weren't expecting it ...

And which will remain in contemporary history as one of the 20 major groups of the 20th century.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Lucy leave1965

Butterfly (The Tea Set) 1965

• Arnold Layne 1967

Candy and a currant bun 1967

• See Emily play 1967

The scarecrow 1967

• Astronomy domine 1967

Paint box 1967

It would be so nice 1968

Julia dream 1968

• Let there be more light 1968

• Point me at the sky 1968

• Cirrus minor 1969

Main theme 1969

• One of these days 1971

• Echoes 1971

• Wot's...Uh the deal 1972

Childhood's end 1972

Stay 1972

• Money 1973

• The great gig in the sky 1973

• Time 1973

• Us and them1973

• Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1975

• Welcome to the machine 1975

• Wish you were here 1975

Sheep 1977

• Another brick in the wall 1979

• Run like hell 1980

• Confortably numb 1980

When the tigers broke free 1982

• The gunner's dream 1983

• Not now John 1983

• Learning to fly 1987

• On the turning away 1987

• One slip 1987

• Take it back 1994

• High hopes 1994

• Keep talking 1994

Things left unsaid 2014

• The endless river 2014

Louder than words 2014

Sorrow 2019


Clips :

1965...they are not yet called Pink Floyd and take their first steps as a group in their own right. Who would imagine the incredible sequel that awaits them in the years and especially the decades to come...

1965...nothing suggests at this stage that this group has totally extraordinary potential. And yet the years that will follow will prove it in a masterful way...

1967... totally crazy, totally vintage, totally psychedelic. The official and surreal beginnings of little young unknow men who will become one of the major groups of the 20th century, just that...

1967...they will have gone from shadow to light at an impressive speed, to say the least. It must be said that with such respective talents, the opposite would have been surprising...

1967...a reputation that is already beginning to spread on both sides of the Atlantic. The rise in power is linear and above all logical...

1967...a particularly prolific year 1967 which above all allowed them to show themselves as much as possible. Because who is seen is necessarily recognized... of the most representative and emblematic pieces of the Sixties. A musical compendium of all the influences of the time. This time the Pink Floyd rocket has indeed just taken off...

1967...a year 1967 which never ends and which really makes them one of the big revelations of the moment. It remains to be seen what the band has in store for us next...

1968...the 60s will above all allow them to make themselves known and to refine their style. At this stage nothing extraordinary but already a more than obvious quality of writing...

1968...for the moment the group plays at the same level as the others and mainly offers sung pieces. We'll have to wait a little longer to see them dare the unthinkable...

1968...a year all the same of transition with a first album as a result, essentially instrumental and which above all shows another face of the group that no one necessarily suspected...

1968...the group explores all musical paths in this year 1968, the most classic as well as the most audacious. Here they are again in standard mode, can we say...

1969 ... the group matures, it's obvious. And produces more and more structured and successful pieces at the end of the 60s. It promises for the future... much as their beginnings stuck to the standards of the time, the group is increasingly shifting towards a style and a sound of its own. And that we had never heard before...

1971...a change of decade that will inspire the band like never before. They deliver here what will become one of the cult songs of the 70s. The legend is now being written...

1971... each new album now becomes an event in itself and raises the group each time a little higher in terms of planetary recognition. And they're only half way up...

1972... here they are again in classic mode to please everyone. A truly extraordinary ability to mix all styles and all possible sounds...

1972...a succession of all-purpose titles before tackling the final ascent to the highest peaks. At this stage, the world is still far from imagining the incredible titles they will offer in the months and years to come...

1972...the group has not yet achieved the incredible feat he will achieve in a few months with the release of "The dark side of the moon". Besides, no one can imagine how much this album will mark the musical history of this end of the 20th century...

1973...the HUGE title that will change their destiny forever ! They will quite simply sign here one of the biggest hits of the decade and of the 20th century. A musical MO-NU-MENT !

1973 ... new cult track for cult album ! "The Dark side of the moon" will have produced 3 legendary titles. We are only on the 2nd ...

1973 ... and here is the 3rd ! A title that will surely remain as one of the most incredible and most inspired of all their discography. MAS-TER-FUL ! exceptional album in every respect and which will remain for a long time one of the most incredible and innovative albums of the end of the 20th century. MAS-TER-PIE-CE !

1975 ... they repeat two years later with another album that is just as HUGE. And that produces a new legendary title !

1975 ... the same album will produce 2 other incredible titles. Including this one, of an unnamed darkness and carried by a clip become legendary

1975 ... as well as this one. A folk ballad, very simple, but inspired by genius, and which alone will ensure the bridge between 2 eras and 2 albums totally out of the ordinary. Because a new musical monument is on the horizon ...

1977... when we thought the group was going to continue to smash everything, this album arrives with less inspiration. Temporary air hole or underlying trend, good question. Only the future will be able to give us the answer...

1979... it was only a slight air hole because here they are back two years later and in what way ! New amazing album, new exceptional titles that will raise them to the rank of living legends ! Purely and simply !

1980 ... the album will produce a triplet of extraordinary tracks. This one is surely the one who beats the strongest !

1980 ... surely one of the greatest electric guitar solos of the whole of the 80s, or even of the 20th century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982...after reaching all that was possible in terms of glory and success during the 70s, here they are in this new 80s. To do what exactly, good question already seen everything they have proposed before...

1983...a phase of transition between 2 eras where the group was looking for himself and above all had to reinvent himself. Because the new musical standards of this new decade will inevitably force them to evolve...

1983... what is certain is that they will not find the solution right away. It will take them a few more years to adapt...

1987 ... 20 years ago, the group experienced its first notorious success. One would have thought that the inspiration would disappear over the years, like the others ... Damn, we are dealing with real aliens, there are no other words !

1987 ... and it continues, and it continues, and it continues ... They will have succeeded in imposing their unique and visionary style over 3 decades in a row without ever being out of fashion. We can count on the fingers of the hand the groups to have performed the same feat ...

1987 ... an astonishing piece which does not resemble anything what they usually offer. Suddenly, fans and the general public will not follow despite an obvious title quality

1994 ... never short of ideas, and above all of inspiration, here they are again ready to start their 4th decade. And again, it works !

1994 ... they will have marked each decade with legendary titles absolutely extraordinary. For the 1990s, this will be it. While delivering a new HUGE guitar solo ! And knowing them, the adventure is far from over ...

1994 ... come on, a little last for the road. After four decades among the elite, the group is preparing to bow out. But what an adventure was beautiful and above all glorious !

2014...come on, it's not quite over. We thought they had put the gloves away for good but here they are back 20 years later. Who would've believed that... album in the form of a musical testament. The level of success achieved in the Charts will be more anecdotal than anything else because the main thing for them is to show that they still exist, quite simply...

2014... it is clear that this album will not remain as their best opus but it is far from deserving it is clear. Good job once again...

2019...this title will be released for the first time in 1987. But this remixed version is really worth the detour and it would have been a shame to hide it. The question now is whether we will find them later. Only time will tell...

Top Bonus: 1988...the band at its best


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