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Come on, let's move it...

Few interesting information about Special Ed, real name Edward K. Archer, except the fact that it is an American artist who will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber album "Youngest in charge", album released in 1989.

Then for the single "Neva go back" which will be released 6 years later in 1995.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to him.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Think about it 1989

  • Club scene 1989

  • I got it made 1989

  • I’m the magnificent 1990

  • The mission 1990

  • Come on, let's move it 1991

  • Lyrics 1995

  • Neva go back 1995

  • Freaky flow 1996

  • Think twice 1997

  • What up love ? 1999

  • Smile 2004


Clips :

1989...first title and already first success. Certainly, success limited to the R&B Charts but which singer at the very beginning of his career would not be satisfied with it...? all started pretty well but the underperformance of this title will somewhat calm the ardor of the young Edward. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to bounce back behind …

1989...and that, to bounce back, he will bounce back. He ended the decade in the best of ways with this title which allowed him to come back into the race in an obvious way...

1990...the end of the 80s allowed him to hatch and start to make people talk about him, but it was the 90s that really lifted him to a level of success he never imagined. At least in his musical field...

1990...a great year 1990 which saw him succeed in everything he did. It now remains to produce THE title that will make him stay in the musical history of the 80s for good... won't be for now unfortunately. But what he continues to produce largely holds up and keeps him at the top of the basket without too much problem...

1995...after 3 euphoric years to say the least, the machine is going to seize up somewhat. He will disappear from the radar for nearly 4 years and return in this year 1995 in a very relative form. At least at the beginning of the year...

1995...because the sequel will be much more favorable to him. So much so that he will win his direct ticket to posterity here with this title which will remain as the biggest success of his entire discography. HU-GE !

1996...unfortunately, the bellows will fall as quickly as it went up. The artist will disappear once again from the Charts and never return this time...

1997...he still believes in it for a little while, but only he believes in it for a minimum. The public has gone elsewhere now and the artist will never get back in the leading pack again...

2004... he will try to move on to the next decade but nothing will work, when it no longer wants, it no longer wants. The end of an original adventure which nevertheless allowed him to produce several high-caliber titles...


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