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Few interesting info about Car Crash Set except the fact that it is a New Zealand group founded by Nigel Russell, who will be joined by Dave Bulog and Trevor Reekie.

Group which will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "Imagination" which will be released in 1983.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Fall from grace 1983

  • Outsider 1983

  • Imagination 1983

  • Those days 1983

  • No accident 1984

  • Sax appeal 1984

  • Justice 1984

  • Your eyes 1984

  • Breakdown 1984

  • Another day 1986

  • Talk to me 1986

  • The more you win 1986

  • East and West 1986


Clips :

1983... a perfectly trendy style and sound from the first title. Rather auspicious for the rest of the events as they say...

1983...after that unfortunately isn't everything. They will have to succeed in standing out from the crowd by producing THE title that goes well...

1983...and THE title that will set them apart from the crowd, here it is. We are not talking about global success, of course, but about success all the same. The main thing is done !

1983...this one isn't bad either. The group proves title after title that he has the potential required to make quality, it is clear...

1984 ... the only regrettable thing is that the group will not succeed in exporting as they say. The success will therefore remain local, to say the least...

1984...after that, local success is better than nothing. It is true that many groups from the southern hemisphere will have had difficulty in making themselves known outside their natural borders... is also the purpose of these articles to bring these bands up to date. Because they existed at some point and it would have been a shame to hide them...

1984...certainly they will not remain as the most gifted of their generation but they have nothing to be ashamed of what they have produced, far from it...

1984...their career will have been very short but they will at least have had the merit of offering something that holds up. Isn't that the main thing...?

1986 ... we will largely be satisfied with the little produced in any case. We would have liked the adventure to last a little longer but fate decided otherwise...

1986... they will have respected all the musical codes of the time which normally should have taken them a little further than expected. Hard law of the trade...

1986...but it is clear that competition on a planetary level is such that existing at the highest level is a real feat. Something they failed to achieve...

1986...a last title that comes to close a most ephemeral adventure but of significant interest. At least they will have tried...


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